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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

dearest child have you ever pondered the

reason this video has crossed your path

it’s a testament to the boundless love I

hold for you in this very moment

Envision me cradling you in my arms

enveloping you in an everlasting tender

EMB overflowing with love allow my words

to wash over you releasing the burdens

that weigh heavy on your heart as you

listen feel the gentle healing touch as

sadness dissipates making way for joy

and peace to Reign within you know that

my Vigilant gaze never wavers our bond

strengthens with each passing

moment I am your guardian your

nurturer eager to impart the wisdom and

guidance contained within my daily

messages I stand ready to reshape your

thoughts and beliefs but the key lies in

your willingness to embrace this

transformation for my Divine love holds

the power to transmute your very being

Embrace this Truth for your willingness

to receive is Paramount type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you take this day as an

opportunity to Grant yourself the gift

of belief to affirm with unwavering

conviction that the Divine has the power

to reach shape your existence

eradicating loneliness and sorrow and

illuminating your path with the radiant

flame of Love

Eternal rise up and affirm once more

with conviction ringing in your voice

today I can change stand firm in the

Embrace of your heavenly Father’s Love

speak it aloud and feel the gentle yet

powerful presence of my Holy Spirit

permeating every corner of your being

with Divine Authority I am uprooting the

weeds of bad habits and vices

eradicating the poisonous tendrils of

unhealthy thoughts and wielding my

Celestial might to banish the shadows of

depression that have plagued you as I

cleanse the depths of your soul I am

breathing new life into your emotions

infusing your heart with a radiant

warmth that dispels all

Darkness today is not a mere coincidence

it is a Divine appointment orchestrated

by my boundless love for you open your

heart and you will feel my love coursing

through your veins visible in every

Sunrise tangible in every gentle

breeze Embrace this Divine Touch for I

am here arms open wide ready to welcome

you with unending

affection my desire is for you to live

fully to reclaim the dreams that once

seemed lost to the passage of time I

bestow upon you the strength to Grant


forgiveness releasing the burdens that

have weighed heavily upon your soul I

see the chains that bind you restricting

your potential and I am empowering you

to Break Free with renewed confidence

seek out the true companions who will

walk alongside you on your journey of

growth and

fulfillment those who seek to harm you

who disguise their intentions with false

affection will be removed from your path

replaced by genuine connections rooted

in love and sincerity know that my

heavenly host surrounds you a fortress

of protection against the forces of


yet remember it is also your choice to

turn away from the Shadows of the past

do not dwell on those who seek to

oppress you instead seek out the company

of those who Lift You Higher who inspire

you to reach for the stars with

unwavering Faith step boldly into the

future I have prepared for you leave

behind the shackles of doubt and fear

for I Am With You Always guiding you

towards a life filled with purpose and


trust in my love and together we will

illuminate the path ahead a Beacon of

Hope in a world yearning for light if

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this message took us a lot of effort my

beloved in the tapestry of existence

woven with threads of joy and sorrow

there lies a pivotal moment a crossroad

where Faith meets forgiveness and the

promise of a new dawn

emerges if you hold steadfast to Faith

and embrace the promises I bestow upon

you then heed my call to forge ahead

leaving behind the weight of the past

shedding the memories that burden your

soul with guilt know this my child I

have already forgiven your

transgressions wash them away with the

pure Waters of my

Mercy now I implore you to extend that

same Grace to those who who have wronged

you though the path to forgiveness may

be fraught with challenges yet fear not

for I’m with you always offering my

unwavering support as you navigate the

tumultuous Waters of

reconciliation should there be those who

refuse to Grant you the Forgiveness you

seek clinging stubbornly to the shadows

of your past then do not hesitate to

step away from their presence March

boldly into the Embrace of your future

casting aside the shackles of bygone

days for I shall intervene touching the

Stony hearts of those who have caused

you pain in time they shall be moved to

repentance compelled to acknowledge the

harm they have inflicted upon you but

let not your gaze be fixed upon the

trials of yest years instead lift your

eyes to the boundless Horizon stretching

forth before you it is I who shall Lead

You onward guiding your steps along a

path illuminated by the radiance of my

blessings dispel the notion that age is

a barrier here for in my eyes there is

no limitation to the opportunities that

await you reject The Whispers of doubt

that seek to confine you within the

confines of your perceived

limitations for I your father your God

possess a power that transcends mortal

comprehension a power to Breathe new

life into weary bones to ignite the

fires of inspiration within your spirit

yet heed this solemn truth this special

blessing is reserved for those who dare

to embrace Faith who stand firm amidst

the clamor of disbelief if you want

God’s message to guide you further like

the video and share it as much as

possible those who choose to wander

among the shadows of negativity shunning

the light of my word forfeit their claim

to the Abundant and eternal life I offer

so my beloved let your faith be your

guide and let the light of my love

illuminate your path as you Journey

forth into the radiant Dawn of a new


today marks the dawn of a new chapter in

your life rise up with unwavering

courage and

determination for I am here to breathe

life into your weary soul and restore

all that the enemy has maliciously

stolen from you as you partake in the

nourishment of these sacred words they

shall take root in the fertile soil of

your heart growing stronger with each

passing moment allow yourself to be

enveloped by the sweet honey of divine

wisdom infusing your being with renewed

Vigor and vitality

let the Divine weat of Truth nourish

your mind filling it with the most

beautiful and Noble desires imaginable

henceforth awaken each morning with a

fervent hunger for this transformative

word let it saturate your being infusing

every fiber of your being with its

Divine Essence bring your prayers to me

spend precious moments in my presence

and then Venture forth into the world

ready to embrace the multitude of

opportunities blessed

blessings and open doors that await you

know that this encounter is no mere

coincidence it is a Divine appointment

orchestrated by my hand receive this

message with utmost

attentiveness inscribing it upon the

very depths of your heart for this word

possesses the power to radically

transform your life ushering in a new

era of

abundance joy and

fulfillment rest assured my child that

your thoughts are not unheard nor are

your cries in vain they resonate deeply

within the chambers of my Throne

stirring my heart with compassion and

love amen if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

if you do not believe feel free to leave

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