God Says ➨ I am Warning You Don’t Ignore Me Again

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child I know the

storms of life often rage around you the

winds howl the rain falls heavy and

waves threaten to overtake your soul

dark clouds surround you and you feel

lost in an Endless Night Desperately

Seeking the first rays of Dawn when the

storms come precious one do not lose

hope or give way to fear I am with you

in the Tempest I will never leave you to

weather life storms alone turn your eyes

to me your faithful and loving father

find your peace in my presence and my

promises which stand

unshaken I am the Lord who stilled the

wind and waves with a word I am the sure

Foundation who will never be

moved I am your rock of strength when

all else around you shifts and Shakes

anchor your soul in me alone and I will

carry you through the fiercest storms

into the calm Harbor of my

presence the world will constantly

change and disappoint you but I remain

constant forever I know you grow weary

in the battle take heart dear one the

testing of your faith produces

perseverance and maturity the trials you

face are only for a season type Amen in

the comments and don’t forget to share

this message with up to three people so

that God can help you I will restore and

redeem every hardship you endure the

storm has an appointed end my purpose

remains Joy comes in the morning Victory

lies ahead do not lose hope in me as The

gales rage against you I wield the wind

and waves according to my perfect plan

though the enemy intends destruction I

will use every storm to strengthen you

and refine you into the image of Christ

when you feel you can’t take another

step my grace is sufficient and my power

is made perfect in weakness cast your

cares upon me I will sustain you and

bring you through cry out to me in the

storm I will answer you seek me with all

your heart you will find me draw near to

me and Trust I will draw near to you

worship me in the trial I will lift your

head and give you hope pray boldly

believe unwaveringly that I will never

fail you my timing is Flawless my ways

higher than yours I know the good plan I

have for you just endure patiently and

you will see my

faithfulness The Tempest rages so that

streams may rise in the

Wasteland great Darkness descends so the

light of my love and power May shine

brighter in your

weakness my strength is

revealed as you come to the end of

yourself you find the beginning of my

sufficiency so do not fear the storm

beloved where I

am there is

peace when The gales howl and scream all

around you come rest in the shelter of

my wing hide yourself in the shadow of

my presence I will guard you cover you

keep you as you abide under my care the

storm cannot touch you there release

each anxious thought to me as it

comes entrust every care and burden into

my hands

I know what you need before you ask only

ask believe wait patiently on my timing

watch expectantly for my hand to move

and you will see my

faithfulness I will give you all you

need to endure the storm strength for

each day if you believe in God then like

the video and leave a heartfelt Amen in

the comments wisdom for each

challenge comfort for each sorrow help

in each trial if I ordained the

storm certainly I know how to carry you

through you need only trust me take each

moment as it comes follow where I lead

and soon this storm will pass I am

working in you a far greater glory than

if the storm had never come hope in this

unshakable promise I will take the

enemy’s attacks and use them for your

good his intended evil and I will turn

it to Joy the storm and I will transform

it into blessing no weapon formed

against you can hinder my purposes when

the winds cease and dark clouds part you

will see my Redemption shine so do not

lose hope in the Tempest

beloved in the eye of the storm there is

perfect peace for I am there the waves

are held back Fury is hushed in my

presence keep your eyes fixed on me

alone and you will remain

unshaken anchor deep in my love let my

peace rule your heart no matter what

storms may rage I will will guide you

through the deepest Darkness I will

deliver you from every evil attack I

will lift your head and give you

strength for each new

day take refuge in me trust in my

perfect plan rest in my unfailing love

have hope in my power and

Promises the testing of your faith will

produce endurance and maturity until the

day of Christ’s return keep walking

forward in confident hope do not look at

the storm but keep your eyes fixed on me

the author and finisher of your faith I

know the way through to blessing

breakthrough and the

dawn the storm will pass my victory will

be revealed until then be still and know

I am God I am fighting for you beloved

child peace and hope are found in my

presence Alone come to me and your soul

will be renewed the storm is temporary

but my love is Everlasting

I will never leave you to sink beneath

the waves I will sustain you the winds

and waves still know my

voice I am mighty to save strong to

deliver if you want God’s grace always

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have faith in my power and purpose you

will see my glory revealed as I turn

this storm to your good in my perfect

timing so do not lose hope lift your

eyes to me

your refuge and

strength take each moment as it comes

trusting I’m am Sovereign over all rest

in the truth that I will not allow even

one storm struggle or trial unless I

know the good it will

produce what Waits on the other side is

worth enduring every storm keep standing

strong the dawn will surely come and

beloved while you pass through storms in

this world remember you were created for

Glory in

eternity your real real home is in

heaven reserved for you imperishable

undefiled and

unfading the trials on Earth are just

for a moment but the hope of Heaven is

Everlasting keep walking forward in

faith dear one fight the good fight

finish your race keep believing keep

trusting keep hoping in what I have said

you are surrounded by a great cloud of

witnesses cheering you on endure to the

end and you will receive the Crown of

Life reserved for all who love me the

storms will give way to the calm shores

of heaven where you will rest in the

Everlasting peace of my presence for now

abide close by my side as you pass

through storms and shadows stay near to

me listen to my voice Follow My Lead

step by step I will bring you through to

blessing no wind

wave or storm can thwart my good plan

hope in me dear child Joy comes with the

morning weeping endures for the night

but joy comes with the Morning Light I

am the voice that commands the storm I

am the presence that brings peace in

life’s Fury I am the Redeemer that turns

trials to Triumph fix your eyes on me

alone as you journey through stormy seas

I will be your Lifeline your comfort and

strength soon you will sing of my

faithfulness look back in awe at my

goodness and Proclaim my praise to

Generations to come it was my hand that

carried you through so take heart and

renew your hope in me beloved

child I know the storms that surround

you I hear every Cry of your heart I am

with you in the dark night my grace is

enough My Love Never Fails my purpose

remains S I will smooth the Raging seas

and silence the howling winds according

to my perfect timing until then trust me

hope in

me wait patiently on me the dawn will

surely come if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

and you will shine all the brighter

having walked through the storm with me

by your side be still and know I am God

I am declaring Promises of life and hope

over you you I am committed to your good

I am working miracles in your life the

storm will soon pass but my Love Remains

forever rest in this

unshakable Everlasting truth I will

never leave you or forsake you I love

you with an everlasting love the storms

of life are no match for my great love

and Sovereign power operating in and

through you so lift your eyes child of

God renew your hope in me trust in my

mighty hand to guide you lean into my

presence and power to sustain you the

storm has an end but you have an eternal

home in my heart now and forever

more amen my child click on the join

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