God Says➤ Watch To Save Jesus From Satan | God Message Today

I love you my child I have never let you

down and I will not delay I am here

ready to extend my hand and rescue you

tell me with all your heart who loves

you more than I do do not doubt it I am

with you do not falter now for victory

is within your grasp I am filling you

with courage and Faith removing

obstacles defeating your enemies and

healing your emotions so that fear no

longer holds you captive I have chosen

you for victory in all things

and I am opening the gates of Heaven and

the doors of opportunity for you stop

underestimating yourself this is not a

suggestion it is a command erase those

doubts about your worth and the

Magnificent things you can achieve with

my help and power hear me when I say

that you are not alone and I have proven

this to you countless times I have

equipped you with all the necessary

abilities for victory trust in me and

have faith for I D within you endowing

you with wisdom filling you with

strength and intelligence to overcome

any challenge no matter how daunting it

may seem even when adversaries gather to

defeat you you will not fall I will

deliver you believe this truth and cast

aside your worries release all doubts

and fears and face these challenges

headon you will not Journey alone my

mighty hand leads the way defeating the

Giants that block your path my love for

you is a Beacon of Hope guiding you

through the darkest of nights right

where you stand in this very moment I

want you to feel it the overwhelming

emotion that fills your heart with joy

casting away the shadows of Sorrow feel

the weight lifting from your shoulders

replaced by a newfound strength and

lightness that Empower you to rise

giving up is not an option for you stand

on the precipice of Triumph yet yes

storms may rage fiercely wines May

Buffet you and waves May crash

relentlessly but under the shelter of my

wings you are protected and within my

grasp you are safe I understand your

pain the feeling when those you trusted

turn into adversaries piercing your soul

with the nails of hatred and lashing

your back with the whip of

mercilessness I comprehend the depth of

love the willingness to give your heart

even when it’s met with

disdain I know precisely what you’re

going through know this my dear one you

matter when tears flow like a spring and

your soul is heavy with sadness and

anxiety I don’t judge you for your

moments of weakness you must understand

that only I can truly help when danger

looms cast aside thoughts of defeat and

deth the Darkness has departed and you

can now walk with unwavering

confidence on this day hey I have

renewed your joy strengthened your faith

and it should Promises of trust upon

your heart I have given you a new vision

a fresh desire built upon my word don’t

waste precious time trying to convince

those who seek to discourage you their

hearts may be closed to your perspective

and faith and they may mock you once

more but you don’t need their approval

on this path for you are moving towards

Victory while they March towards defeat

they have already ch Chen their Destiny

if loneliness surrounds you if you yearn

for support remember that you have me

trust and be patient for I will send the

right people into your life you are not

insignificant to me you are of great

interest I cherish you care for you and

love you deeply in just a few days

Victory will be yours to hold I am never

late I arrive precisely when you need me

the most I understand the weight of

waiting and the burden of end less

pondering about the future that can

unsettle your soul that’s why I implore

you to release that heavy load that

weighs you down living in constant fear

of the unknown is not the life I have

destined for you do not lower your gaze

or be consumed by worries and anxieties

I have promised to work miracles for you

to open doors I am always with you and

my word is unwavering the days and

nights are under my Dominion I see you

when sleep eludes you when your mind

races with concern concerns that I

already hold in my hands when anxiety

assails you speak boldly to it and

declare that there is no fear in your

heart because you trust in your dearest

friend your God your Lord watch as your

fears scatter never to return and your

soul basks in the liberating light of my

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