God Says➤ This is Your Last Lifeline; Don’t Skip | God Message Today |

my beloved child I am now here and yours

in a world full of lies and fabrications

your heart longs for something solid

something true being careful and

protecting your heart from the

disappointments and betrayals that seem

to be a normal part of life is normal

but I want you to trust someone who has

gone through the whole of Heaven and

Earth to be with you save you and love

you no matter what think about how big a

trust is that is built not with words

but with actions you should think about

the journey I started for you which

began in the simplest of places in a

Manger Under the Stars you have no idea

how much I love you it’s as big as the

sky and as personal as the Breath You

Take I walked among you felt your pain

shared your joy and stayed without sin

in order to offer you a love so deep and

a sacrifice so complete that it would

forever close the gap that sin had made

I felt the same way you do for years

but I didn’t sin do not underestimate

how important this truth is I stood firm

and resisted every time I felt hungry

alone or doubt tried to take over my

mind not for my own benefit but for

yours so that when it was time for me to

die it would be a perfect sacrifice a

way to forgive your sins and a way to

enter eternal life you are healed by my

stripes made whole by my suffering given

Life by my death and re verse the

victory of the Grave by my

resurrection you will live forever if

you trust me these gifts will be yours

they are not based on what you have done

or what you have not done I give them to

you freely because I love you so much as

your Risen Lord I want you to trust me

completely and without any Holds Barred

not only as your savior but also as your

best friend your closest Confidant and

the God who loves every part of your

life this is the most loving thing

anyone has ever done to show they can

trust me let that promise sink deep into

your heart I am a safe place for you to

lay down your worries and a person who

will listen to your biggest hopes and

worst fears talk to me let our

conversation be as natural as the sun

rising and as steady as the tides

nothing is too small or too big for me

to handle every worry every hope every

happiness and every pain should be cast

on me because I will always care for you

please understand that I am not a farway

God who doesn’t care about what you do

in your daily life no I am deeply

connected to the workings of your mind

and heart the worries that make you sad

affect my own the dreams that light up

your soul light up my own the tears you

shed are precious to me and the laughter

that comes from inside you can be heard

in the halls of Heaven I will make your

faith stronger and give you the power to

receive and handle the blessings that

are coming your way without a doubt I

will turn your suffering into a blessing

your sadness into strength and My

Endless Love Will Heal Your

Heart even though you’re busy and there

are a lot of people around I want you to

feel this soft Embrace where you are

take a moment and receive this gift

through faith it will bring calm to your

soul and peace to your

mind I see the link between every

Victory every struggle every quiet hope

and every heartache and because I know

you so well I know just how to make your

days happy do not let your eyes wander

too far back or forward out of worry

please stay with me in the present

because that’s where I am that’s where I

meet you tell you I love you make you

happy and share this day that I made

with you you don’t have to Rejoice

instead I want you to I want you to live

a full life one that is full of my joy

and where every moment is a chance to

see my hand at work as you wander

through the valleys and climb over the

mountains of your life remember this I

am the architect of your path and the

joy I set before you is ever abundant

unceasing in its

flow you were sculpted from the clay of

the Earth with a purpose woven together

in your mother’s womb with threads of

Joy intended to dance in the rhythm of

my eternal Delight for I am the Alpha

and Omega the inexhaustible Fountain of

joy that shall never run dry in your

journey there will be moments when other

Pleasures seek to ens snare your heart

promising sweetness yet delivering only

a fleeting taste these worldly Delights

are but Shadows compared to the

brilliant light of my presence they may

charm you for a time but as with all

things finite their Allure will fade

their Sparkle will dull but not so with

me for I am infinite my joy does not

diminish with Indulgence it multiplies

consider the flowers of the field how

they turn their faces to the sun basking

in its warmth and light they do not toil

nor spin yet are arrayed in splendor in

the same way I invite you to turn your

face to me the Eternal son allowing my

life to infuse your spirit guiding your

steps and warming your soul therein lies

the peace that surpasses all

understanding a joy that does not wne

with the setting of The Sun nor wither

with the changing of seasons in the Qui

moments of reflection whisper my name

Jehovah Elohim ABA and feel my nearness

share with me the burdens that weigh

heavily upon your shoulders for I am the

bearer of all loads the Healer of all

wounds in your gratitude remember to

utter thanks for the bounties I have

laid at your feet the affection of

family the sanctuary of home the

nourishment of bread the beauty of

creation that surrounds you in Myriad

Expressions each one is a testament to

my love for you a token of my desire to

see you flourish do not clutch these

gifts with a grip of desperation fearing

their loss hold them gently with an open

hand so that you may fully Savor their

sweetness without the fear of scarcity

for In Me There Is No Lack I am the

Wellspring of all provision the more you

seek me the more you find and the more

you find the greater your joy will be

the peace you seek in possessions or

Earthly achievements pales in comparison

to the Serene confidence found in my

promises let your gaze be steadfast upon

me as the world unfolds its Splendor and

Chaos before your eyes amidst the

cacophony of life’s parade find your

solace in my constancy my name is a

stronghold a tower of strength that you

can run to and be safe it is the whisper

in the storm the anchor in the tumult

the steady pulse of Love beneath the

surface of your life’s trials and

triumphs and in your seeking pursue not

only my blessings but my will desire not

only the gifts but the giver yearn not

just for my hand but for my face for in

my countenance you will discover the

depths of love and the heights of Joy it

is in alignment with my will that you

will find the strength you need the

grace sufficient for each day and the

joy that comes not from circumstances

but from the very core of my Divine

Essence Hebrews in encourages you

to look unto Jesus the founder and

perfector of your faith who for the joy

set before him endured the cross

despising its shame and is seated at the

right hand of the Throne of God consider

his example how he focused not on the

transient pain but on the Everlasting

joy that would result from his sacrifice

in the same way I call you to look

Beyond temporary hardships to the

Eternal joy that I have prepared for you

my joy is made complete in you when you

abide in my love as John speaks of

it’s a love that invites you to remain

to dwell to make your home with me in my

love you will find the fullness of joy a

joy that the world cannot give and

cannot take away this Joy transcends

circumstances for it is rooted in the

unshakable reality of my kingdom in the

unchangeable truth of my word in the

Grandeur of my Creation in the simple

beauty of a quiet morning in the complex

Melodies of relationships and


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