God Says➤ It’s Time To Say Goodbye If You Skip | God Message Today

you thanked me for another day of life

what are you waiting for it cost you

nothing to open your lips and express

your gratitude I already know your needs

even before you speak them just trust me

come to me and spend a peaceful moment

find a moment of silence and reflect on

all the things you can be thankful for

today your life your family your health

the air you breathe the food on your

table the shelter over your head and my

Supernatural protection around your home

my warrior angel stand guard watching

over your dreams and ready to fight for

you there are countless reasons to feel

blessed so many beautiful reasons to

hold on to life Ponder these daily so

that your mind is filled with positive

thoughts and your eyes always see my

goodness in your life rest assured that

your destiny is in my hands I dwell in a

grateful heart that acknowledges its

need for me and seeks me with Faith and

Hope because it knows it is is greatly

blessed I understand that sometimes you

worry about the things happening around

you but that’s natural don’t worry

excessively I know you bear the weight

of responsibilities you desire

everything to go smoothly to have

provision in your home health for your

family and nothing and no one to steal

your peace and stability but on those

dark days when you forget to be grateful

the enemy Whispers lies into your mind

turning your concern turns into fear

surrounding you with falsehoods and

transforming fear into dread and

despair I’m here waiting for you to lift

your arms high and speak the words that

will make the enemy flee give thanks to

me for your life your family your health

and for everything you are and have your

sincere faith and grateful heart act as

Shields that keep you strengthened in

times of trial yet here when you walk

through the fire on the day of distress

know that I will be there tomorrow by

your side waiting for you to open your

eyes I want to hear your first words of

the day words that emanate from the

depths of your thankful Soul thank you

thank you for life Heaven has blessings

with your name on them I know why I do

things trust me with all your heart

things are aligning in your favor both

in heaven and on Earth many situations

are being orchestrated for your benefit

I’ve given a steadfast command for you

to receive abundant provision freedom

from debt Supernatural wisdom and

blessings prepared especially for you

and your family your Divine inheritance

you are not a product of chance I loved

you before you were born I’ve prepared

numerous beautiful things for you the

most significant one is my eternal love

I loved you when you were distant and I

continued to love you when you returned

to me and if you think that that because

you sometimes fail I get angry and

distance myself from you you are

mistaken your mistakes don’t scare me I

won’t discard you for your sins you

always come to me full of pain and

repentance speaking the truth I know you

love me and if you stumble I understand

your heart and your reasons I cherish

your sincerity no one can deceive me

others wear masks of perfection and

Holiness coming into my presence to

accuse those who are different or don’t

believe as they do but you are not like

them you don’t criticize everyone and

you don’t think you are so good your

spirit is gentle your attitude is kind

your thoughts are pure and when you fall

you will rise with confidence and faith

never allow anyone to point fingers at

you no one in this world has the right

to do so if you maintain this attitude

of faith if you come into my presence

every day with a humble heart eager to

listen and learn I will reward your

efforts with blessings

overflowing I know material possessions

don’t interest you you only seek

blessings and protection for your family

but I will give you that and much more I

will prepare you to be ready when doors

open don’t be afraid to

enter right now as you listen

Supernatural Miracles are unfolding in

the world new people are entering your

life new opportunities are arising

situations that may appear problematic

will with your faith and PA patience

transform into blessings and sources of

Peace for your home and provision the

most important and beautiful things are

already yours you have my sincere love

tell me that you believe in me have

faith and rest in my arms I have control

over your life don’t be afraid I am

protecting you watching over you at all

times I’m with you every day when you

wake up and I want you to feel my

presence every morning when you open

your eyes don’t allow distractions to

consume those Precious first moments of

your day come and listen to my word hear

how my spirit speaks to you share this

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