God said: You will regret ignoring me now! My final warning✝️! God’s advice today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

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said my dear child listen to The Gentle

voice echoing in the winds and

resonating in the leaves of the trees it

is I your heavenly father calling you to

a Journey of Faith Triumph and

uncondition love from the first steps

you took my hand was there to steady you

guiding you through the darkest valleys

and Shadow places even When Storms rage

around you and clouds obscure your

vision remember that I am the unwavering

Beacon Lighting your path throughout

this year you are filled with promises

and unique blessings a journey where

Prosperity awaits along with respect and

praise but this path requires more than

just your steps it requires your whole

heart firmly placed in my eternal

promise do not allow yourself to be

entangled by feelings of unworthiness

for my love erases all condemnation you

have been chosen to shine brightly for

your family a vessel overflowing with

blessings to pour upon them free

yourself from the chains of defeat for I

Am by your side to bring success in all

areas of your life come to me daily to

be renewed red clear your thoughts of

Despair and discouragement replacing

them with courageous Faith Let My Words

Be ass sword and shield against the

battles you face Adorn yourself with

humility and patience and witness your

life flourishing with blessings upon

blessings enjoy your successes marked by

wisdom and modesty as they were forged

through sacrifices on the sacred ground

of Calvary where your Redemption was

sealed by the shedding of blood blood on

a cruel cross claim now the glory born

from the power of Resurrection freely

given to you the Lord is my shepherd I

shall not want Psalm

I promise to remain by your side in

good and bad times your constant

guardian and provider you are never

alone with me as your constant companion

when assailed by negative emotions or

cornered in defeat do not succumb to the

downward spiral of Despair that eclipses

The Joy meant to fill your days my words

are not empty but unshakable promises

made and fulfilled defeat has no power

in my presence make your heart a

sanctuary where my assurances reside in

a Sacred Space reserved only for me

reject all Notions of I can’t I don’t

have or I am not replacing lies with my

empowering truth face every adversity

with courage knowing that I walk beside

you my provision never lacks so look to

me as your Source obeying my Guidance

with confidence trust in the Lord with

all your heart and do not lean on your

own understanding in all your ways

acknowledge Him and He will make

straight your paths Proverbs

– do not lower your eyes but lift your

head high allowing me to lead you safely

I am your loyal friend always faithful

accepting you as you are I celebrate

your victories with you and lift you up

during defeats extending help when you

need it I am always present closer than

a brother do not fear for I am your

friend pay no attention to those

expecting your downfall follow the path

I have set for you for your loved ones

but primarily to repay my great love for

you remember the painful journey I

endured severe blows and mockery that

led to a cruel cross I did it willingly

out of love for you bringing complete

reconciliation and healing I pav the way

for your release and salvation when

surrounded by challenges remember that I

am with you together we will overcome

commit to perseverance and my strength

will imbue you with peace joy and

confidence lift your eyes to the Future

and your wildest dreams defying the

doubts that plague your mind These Are

Not Mere fantasies but true callings

planted deep in your soul by me but they

who wait for the Lord shall renew their

strength they shall Mount up with wings

like eagles they shall run and not be

weary they shall walk and not faint


brush away all traces of disbelief

from your heart even in scarcity and

Injustice remember that this ground has

already already been traversed in

Victory you will indeed face

tribulations in this world but take

courage for I have already overcome let

this promise Kindle flames of joy and

anticipation for Triumph within you you

are of immeasurable value a precious

treasure for I am sure that neither

death nor life nor angels nor rulers nor

things present nor things to come nor

powers nor height nor depth nor anything

anything else in all creation will be

able to separate us from the love of God

in Christ Jesus our lord Romans

– your heart reflects pure beauty

your soul exudes light and your

sincerity mirrors my nature know deeply

that you were created in my image a

unique facet of my infinite being my

dear son I breathe life into you for you

belong to me your intelligence diligence

and fearless Spirit testify to the

Divine Heritage I have placed within you

for I formed you in the womb of your

mother I formed you and brought you to

myself Isaiah

you are more precious to me than

words can express and I Proclaim this

truth throughout the heavens you are

immersed in my blessings and love and be

aware that you are feared by the enemies

of your soul my presence is your strong

defense and in me you lack nothing

always remember my son that you were not

destined for failure on the contrary you

were called by me to accomplish great

things I desire for you to be a shining

Beacon of Faith extending your hands to

the oppressed and facing Giants with the

authority I have bestowed upon you take

possession of the valuable self-esteem

that I see in you my beloved Son my love

for you transcends time is UN

conditional and endless draw near to me

open your heart and express what you

feel communicate your sorrows and joys

free yourself from fears and secret

pains your soul is precious beyond

measure to me and I want you to know

without a shadow of Doubt how deeply and

intensely you are loved with love God I

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