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said my dear son as written in John

peace I leave with you my peace I

give you I do not give to you as the

world gives do not not let your hearts

be troubled and do not be afraid amidst

nights of tears and days of Affliction

remember that my peace is always

available to you do not be disturbed by

what the world offers for my peace is

different enduring and

comforting understand that I am by your

side at all times guiding and protecting

you with my infinite love allow me to

remove your deepest pains and wash you

with the purific ification of my Holy

Spirit trust in my promise of peace and

a future filled with hope for my love

for you is eternal rest in my presence

and know that I am always with you

bringing Solace and security to your

soul you are a person of unparalleled

kindness dedicated to your family

respectful to all and possessing an

innocent and honest Soul however it is

important to be aware that not every one

shares these Noble values there are

wicked individuals who take advantage of

your generosity disrespecting my

teachings living at the expense of

others and acting with malice they are

Masters at feigning Purity and

friendship manipulating your feelings

with deceitful words they burden you

with unjust guilt making you feel bad if

you do not dedicate your life and time

to them but know that I am by your side

to protect and guide you trust in me to

discern true friends from those who only

seek to take advantage of you remain

faithful to your principles and I will

strengthen you against any adversity I

am here to rescue you from any evil

influence today every spell and

deception that held your soul captive is

broken by the power of my blood as

written in Corinthians verse now

the Lord is the spirit and where the

spirit of the Lord is there is freedom

your heart is now free my Holy Spirit

fills you with my sacred and divine Joy

I am giving you strength to distance

yourself from Bad Company to discern the

false Praises of those who claim to love

you but have malicious

intentions they seek to steal your peace

cause pain and destruction pay pay

attention to the signs I am sending for

I am always by your side guiding and

protecting you trust in me to discern

what is true and just know that you are

loved and precious in my eyes and I am

here to empower you to live a full and

Abundant Life far from the clutches of

evil let my love and my Holy Spirit be

your light and shield leading you to

True freedom in me when you feel sad and

troubled do not interpret it as my doing

do not be swayed by the idea that your

conflicts are punishments I send in

truth I offered my life on the cross

shed my blood unto death and resurrected

in power to provide you with abundant

and eternal life I am not here to

torment you or cause pain without reason

my love for you is deep and unwavering

each challenge you face is an

opportunity to grow and strengthen your

your faith trust in me in difficult

times and remember that I am by your

side ready to comfort and guide you

accept my grace and peace for I am

working all things for your good even

when you do not understand do not fear

for my plan for you is one of Hope and a

prosperous future maintain your trust in

me and I will lead you through every

storm my purposes are for good and

prosperity not for sadness or guilt I

came to save not to condemn as written

in John verse for God did not send

his son into the world to condemn the

world but to save the world through him

my love will envelop you feel my

Celestial presence cling to this truth I

want to bless you I long for your

well-being for every night you cried and

every tear shed I will reward you with

peace provision health and happiness I

will be with you in difficult times when

you need it most in the distressing

moments when problems surround you and

you feel your faith and spirit fading

trust in me for I am your refuge and

strength always ready to help you my

love for you is unconditional and

eternal and my presence will never leave

you receive my blessings and allow me to

to be your source of comfort and

strength in every moment of your life I

will always be there to lift you up when

you feel down to reignite your faith and

to blow away any fear that tries to hold

you back I know you like no one else

could understanding your weaknesses and

fears I am by your side to strengthen

you giving you the courage to face

moments of weakness I listen attentively

when you ask for help to overcome sudden

problems son daughter I do not judge you

I come to help you emerge Victorious

from all this each time you cry out for

help in the face of sudden problems I am

attentive ready to support and guide you


adversities my child I do not come to

judge you but to offer you Aid and

encouragement so you may emerge

Victorious from all the battles you face

trust in my unconditional love and

wisdom for I desire only your well-being

and Success With Me by your side there

is no challenge you cannot overcome

allow me to be your strength your guide

and your Refuge at every step of your

journey because of my love for you and

the talents I have bestowed upon you

have more confidence in yourself more

faith in me and you will not be afraid

to face life’s

challenges I will always be by your side

controlling the situations around you

more than you can imagine I love you so

much I am delighted to know you set

aside time for me that you pray daily

that you consider me in every detail

that you prioritize me your dedication

moves me and strengthens our bond

continue seeking me and you will find

peace your efforts do not go unnoticed

and I am ready to repay with love and

guidance on your journey trust in me for

together we will overcome any adversity

I will honor your faith provide timely

assistance protection and

encouragement I will show you the way to

go Leading The Way by opening the doors

that need to be opened keep praying keep

believing hold my hand for with me by

your side the enemy will never be able

to touch you or even come near here

their attacks will not harm you I will

place Victory after victory in your

hands and I will do this because you are

very precious to me I love you and feel

the need to tell you this in this way

because I realize how busy you always

are yes you live immersed in so many

important activities this is undeniable

But realize that your spirit is like a

flower that lacking the Divine water

it’s so desperate needs is slowly

withering away that is why I am here

taking the lead to ask for some of your

time because I yearn for you to hear

repeatedly how much I love you I promise

on this day to tell you in countless

ways you will hear me no matter where

you are because I will constantly be by

your side speaking directly to your mind

even when it seems like the world is

against you know that I am always by

your side listening to your innermost

thoughts and feeling every beat of your

heart whether in the midst of the crowd

or in the Silence of solitude my love

for you never wavers do not fear the

rejection or indifference of others for

you are precious in my eyes let my words

of comfort resonate in your soul

reminding you that loneliness will not

dwell in your heart for I am always

present enveloping you with my

uncondition love do not worry about

others opinions for what truly matters

is our connection grounded in Eternal

and unwavering love move forward with

confidence for I am guiding your steps

and caring for every detail of your life

trust in me for my love for you is

eternal and my care for you is infinite

with all my love God I hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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