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said my dear son answer me without fear

for regardless of your response my love

for you will never cease I will continue

to support and guide you in your good

works just as I promised I will always

be by your side blessing and protecting

you remember even when others hesitate

to seek me I am here ready to hear your

words perhaps you do not yet fully

understand the plan I have for you but

remember the words of Jeremiah chap

for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you

hope and a future trust in me my child

for I have the best reserved for you

allow me to calm the fears that haunt

your mind and strengthen your

convictions and your faith the burning

fire of my holy spirit is upon you ready

to guide your steps and work wonders in

your life since the beginning of time I

have planned a great Destiny for you

full of purpose and meaning just like a

bright star in the night sky you were

created to radiate my light and spread

my love wherever you go in this time of

trial I call upon you to rise with

courage and

determination in the face of the

adversities you face ask yourself will

you march as a brave Soldier advancing

with unwavering Faith or will you

cowardly Retreat before the challenges

remember remember the inspiring words of

Joshua have I not commanded you be

strong and courageous do not be afraid

do not be discouraged for the Lord your

God will be with you wherever you go

nothing and no one can overcome the

strength that emanates from you when you

are aligned with my purpose even if the

enemy disguises himself with Robes of

power and his threats Echo like thunder

no know that I am by your side ready to

strengthen and protect you just as David

faced Goliath with only a stone and a

sling you too can face your Giants with

the confidence that I am with you ready

to Grant you victory in this challenge

of Life choose to trust in my promise

that I will never leave you nor forsake

you Hebrews chap

let my word be a lamp to your feet

and a light to your path Psalm

guiding you through the darkness to

the safety of my presence just as Moses

led the Israelites through the Red Sea I

will lead you through the turbulent

Waters of Life bringing you to dry land

you are my beloved child endowed with

strength and courage and I will Empower

you to overcome every obstacle that

arises in your path do not fear for the

AL Mighty God is with you and together

we will achieve great Deeds may my peace

which surpasses all understanding fill

your heart and Empower you to face each

challenge with confidence and hope who

are these Wicked ones who defy you they

are mere Whispers of fear trying to seow

doubt understand if you nurture your

faith acknowledge the authority I grant

you not to humiliate or harm arm but to

serve with humility my power only

manifests in those with Humble Hearts

where my presence resides in peace you

will conquer not by strength but by the

right attitude even in weaknesses know

that you are strong even when evil tries

to whisper remember your dignity the

love I offer you you are my son my

daughter and my blessing accompanies you

do not lose Lo faith for there is an

inheritance awaiting you I will continue

to speak to you for I desire to see you

and your family Prosper I am ready to

bless you even more believe in this good

news is reserved for you before you lies

the long awaited blessing the days to

come will be ones of joy and happiness

for you and your family I am dispelling

the discouragement that troubles you

removing all consequences and curses of

your sins there will be no more

obstacles to the Wonders I desire to

deliver to you for I myself have canell

the debt of guilt and remorse that your

enemy tried to collect while the world

is filled with fear and insecurity you

have direct access to my heavenly Throne

while people seek refuge in their own

means be filled with confidence for my

hope will never abandon you trust trust

in the Lord with all your heart and lean

not on your own understanding in all

your ways submit to him and he will make

your path straight Proverbs and

it is necessary to believe and trust

strengthen yourself in this Grace be

unwavering in your loyalty you can stand

in the midst of Storms and command them

with a firm voice to stop and they will

obey do not be AF afraid try and you

will see when conflict tries to entangle

you with its tricks lift your arms in

Victory while your heart cries out to me

the walls blocking you will turn to dust

and the armies challenging you will be

paralyzed rise up and walk take this

good news to all who need to hear it my

power accompanies you and when you speak

and share these words Miracles will

happen say with all your soul that you

believe I ask that you understand that

you will always need me even if you are

doing very well and surrounded by

Prosperity you cannot forget this do not

let your guard down for the enemy is

lurking seeking an opening to destroy

your faith ruin your plans and hurt your

soul please my son my daughter if you

have come this far it is not by chance

say that you believe in in me that you

will continue to fight despite

everything and that you will always love

me try again rise up with faith no

matter if you have fallen the only ones

who want to see you on the ground are

your enemies but my will is for you to

rise things will change soon do not be

discouraged by the circumstances you see

my power manifests in an attitude of

strength you may feel fear or have doubt

but it is your attitude that counts show

your faith walk with firm steps do not

bend your back do not let a look of

defeat show give me a few minutes alone

in your room with the doors closed that

we will begin the battle against your

enemies alone and in private but in

public you will receive your Victory the

Triumph achieved did not fail you will

need to continue working continue

planning ing fighting against the enemy

and fighting for what you dream of I

will return to you multiplied everything

that the enemy stole I will take off the

garments of shame that were imposed on

you and I will cover you with royal

robes in front of all those who doubted

you today you have become much wiser and

your faith has increased you have

learned from your mistakes and will not

make them again your dreams are

extremely important and you will not

give up if you give up you will stand

still in time and I will have to give

your dreams to another who has the

courage to fight for them I believe that

you love me and will obey me but do not

forget where your strength comes from

for if you forget you may get lost I

want my word to always be open before

your eyes in your mind and in your heart

may you keep my Commandments as the most

precious goal

come back to me now I am here knocking

at the door of your heart asking to come

in my arms are open with love God I hope

this message has been an inspiration to

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