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world God said my dear son may these

words resonate in the deepest recesses

of your being penetrating the layers of

our Eternal connection as the creator of

all things it is with a love that

transcends any measure and a purpose

that surpasses any understanding that I

Turn to You throughout the Ian I have

contemplated with Indescribable Joy the

uniqueness of your existence for you are

the sublime manifestation of the

Masterpiece resulting from my creativity

even before creating the Universe I

already knew the unique essence you

carried within every detail of your

being was shaped with care and love by

my hand the trajectory of your life is

intricately connected to the Eternal

purpose I designed for you now is the

time to share the truth about your

origin narrate the journey that brought

you here and envision together the

future that awaits you in the beginning

as Darkness gave way to light I

envisioned Your Existence you were

created uniquely specially and

beautifully in my likeness the Book of

Genesis recounting creation highlights

how my love for you is unconditional

from the dust of the earth I formed you

and in doing so I breathed into you the

essence of my own life establishing a

singular connection between us as you

gazed upon Eden the perfect garden I

prepared for you your joy became my own

happiness however when Disobedience

entered Paradise the vision you had of

my presence became obscured even in your

distancing my heart remained full of

love eagerly anticip ating the day you

would return to My Embrace Your Earthly

journey is a narrative filled with highs

and lows an epic unfolding between the

laughter of joy and the tears of sadness

in challenging times as you faced life

storms I have been with you a constant

presence in the fabric of your existence

looking back do you remember Abraham a

man whose Faith led him to make Grand

sacrifices in Devotion to me just like a

Abraham your journey is punctuated by

moments that tested your faith and

determination in challenges

uncertainties and even in the darkest

Shadows I remained as the light guiding

your way every chapter of your story is

a testimony to our unbreakable

connection and my constant love even

when the path seemed Steep and arduous

remember the days of Joy those moments

when your heart overflowed with

gratitude and contentment I was present

celebrating each Victory with you as

your happiness is an expression of my

love manifesting in your life in periods

of prosperity you felt my proximity

reminding you that Joy is a gift we

share however on the journey there were

also moments of sadness challenges

testing your resilience and Faith

remember that even in the tears that

fell from your eyes I was there holding

you and wiping away every drop sorrow is

not a road traveled alone for my love is

a Beacon of Hope that shines even in the

darkest nights Abraham an example of

faith and obedience faced the painful

Prospect of sacrificing his son this Act

of Faith though difficult to comprehend

reveals the depth of devotion and Trust

he placed in me just like Abraham your

journey may also require sacrifices

moments when trust in me will be crucial

in these moments remember that I

understand the pain of sacrifice and am

by your side sustaining you with my

unconditional love in your Earthly

pilgrimage there are precious lessons to

be learned every challenge every

obstacle is an opportunity for your

spiritual growth your journey is not

just a sucession of events but a sacred

narrative where I am the author and

perfector of your faith in in

adversities you find opportunities for

your faith to flourish and your

character to be refined like gold in the

fire remember that you are loved beyond

measure the Supreme sacrifice of my son

Jesus Christ was the ultimate expression

of this love he bore your sins and

suffered so that you could find

Redemption on the cross the Pinnacle of

my love for you was manifested and this

Grace offering is a gift that continues

to resonate throughout your journey as

you contemplate your past and glimpse

into the future be courageous your

journey still has Unwritten chapters and

I am there guiding every page of the

book of your life your dreams hopes and

challenges are integral parts of the

fabric of your existence and I am

present in every detail aligning each

fragment for the good of those who love

me your journey is unique a story only

you can tell and and in every word in

every turn of the page I am there

writing with you the story of my love

may my abundant grace be your guide at

life’s Crossroads as your Earthly

Journey concludes the promise of Eternal

joy in my presence awaits you where

tears pain and sorrow will cease at the

Zenith of your life I sent Jesus to

illuminate darkness and show the way of

Salvation John to embodies my

love for God so loved the world that he

gave his one and only son that whoever

believes in him shall not perish but

have eternal life Jesus cross not only

atones but restores communion in

suffering hope arises in death eternal

life is gained through this sacrifice

the path of reconciliation was paved and

the love from the cross is eternal just

as I said sent Jesus I send you with a

Divine Mission the Great Commission

proclaim the gospel make disciples

witness my love you are my Earthly

representative a living witness to my

love Beyond Redemption and Mission my

constant presence is Promised through

the Holy Spirit allow the spirit to

guide you empowering you for a life

aligned with my purpose look to the

Future the New Jerusalem promises and

existence without pain tears and death


describes a glorious future he will

wipe every tear from their eyes there

will be no more death or Mourning or

crying or pain for the old Order of

Things has passed away as I invited

disciples to the Lord’s Supper I invite

you to a communion and renewal banquet

here blessings flow abundantly and your

soul finds rest in the presence of the

most high beloved child these words

manifest my eternal love outlining your

story and purpose receive them openly

each word Echoes my love Beyond human

understanding with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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