God said: This is your LAST DOOR OF SALVATION. You are seeing this message for a great reason.

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signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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said my dear child May Grace and peace

be with you flowing like rivers of

blessings that always emanate from my

heart to yours today I wish to speak

with you not only as the Creator who

sculpted you with Divine love but as

your compassionate father who has known

you since before the foundations of the

world were laid as I open these

Celestial lines I want you to feel the

pulsating rhythm of my love for you

unwavering Eternal and as profound as

the mysteries of the heavens that

twinkle over Creation in the Silence of

Green Pastures remember Psalm where

the Poetry of the verses intertwines

with the gentle Melody of it eternity

picture yourself in Green Pastures under

the Tranquil shade of ancient trees

whose Roots delve into the essence of

life it is I who makes you rest and my

gentle voice Echoes through the Serene

breezes I will guide your steps leading

you to Waters that reflect the calmness

of my presence believe my child that

nothing will be lacking for you are the

Masterpiece of my paternal care fear not

for I am with you in every moment caring

for you with a love that surpasses any

human understanding in the light that

dispels Shadows when you encounter the

Shadows that life casts upon your path

remember Psalm I am your light and

salvation the flame that burns

inexhaustibly in the corridors of

Darkness fear not for my presence is the

Fortress of your life a Guiding Light

for the steps of your days even if

armies have challenged is encamp around

you do not let your heart be overtaken

by fear trust for I am with you and in

life’s battles maintain confidence for I

am your refuge and Fortress when the

weight of guilt afflicts if ever the

burden of sin becomes too heavy recall

Psalm in this Psalm of repentance and

supplication cry out for my Mercy for in

my benevolence I erase your

transgressions like the sun dis

dispersing the darkness of night

hesitate not to ask for forgiveness for

restoration begins in the fertile ground

of sincere repentance allow me with

skillful hands of divine love to create

in you a pure heart renewing your spirit

fear not to reveal your mistakes for in

your humility you find the door open to

my restorative Grace the celebration of

gratitude in celebrating Psalm lift

your soul to my throne of grace

acknowledge my benefits in your life for

every breath every ray of sunshine is a

gift that I bestow with joy forget not

all the blessings that surround you

daily for gratitude is the key that

opens the doors to a strengthened Faith

remember my child that everything you

have is a gift from my generosity a

reflection of the love I have had for

you since eternity deeply known and

loved reflect on Psalm where the

intimacy of our relationship is revealed

in each verse to Fathom and know you as

part of my infinite love like an artisan

who knows every stroke of their

Masterpiece there is no thought of yours

that is strange to me nor movement of

yours that I do not comprehend from afar

I understand your thoughts and up close

I am present in Every Beat of your heart

examine yourself before me for in mutual

recognition we find a deeper and truer

connection a journey of restoration in

this letter inscribed in the stars and

written in the winds that whisper

messages of love my intention is to lead

you on a journey of trust repentance and

Restoration in each Psalm I reveal the

foundations of the relationship we share

trust for I am the father who cares the

light that guides the Redeemer who

forgives and The Giver of all blessings

descending like Mana from above in the

Green Pastures of trust find rest Like a

Shepherd guarding his flock diligently

in the light that dispels Shadows find

courage to face the mysteries of the

journey in sincere repentance find

forgiveness a purifying river that

restores the purity of your essence in

gratitude find Joy a song that sings The

Melody of your soul and in profound

knowledge find unconditional acceptance

for you are my beloved child shaped by

my creative hand I want you to feel the

depth of my love with every word of this

letter a testimony Written in the Stars

read by angels and echoed by the winds

remember that you are my beloved child

and in me you find the answer to all

your needs continue the journey my dear

child trusting that in your faith

repentance and gratitude you find

complete restoration I am with you today

and always for you are my precious

treasure worthy of all love and grace

with love God I hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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