God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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video as it is a message from God’s

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said my dear child remember that success

is within your reach in all your

endeavors have faith and

persistence this is not just an

aspiration but a solemn promise I make

to you I am determined to make it happen

in your life do not let anxiety

overwhelm you for my mighty hand is

always there to protect comfort and

guide you as it is written in

Philippians verse I can do all

things through Christ who strengthens me

trust in the strength that comes from

God and know that he is by your side in


circumstance so do not fear or be be

discouraged for I am here to lead your

way let me have the first word and share

what is in your heart I am by your side

every step of the way ready to support

you and help you reach your full

potential I wish for each morning to be

a moment of communion with me where you

open your heart to my words sing songs

of praise and dedicate yourself to

prayer finding strength in the Psalms

and when night approaches and you retire

may your heart overflow with gratitude

for all the blessings received even for

the trials faced during the day as you

rest your head on the pillow wet with

tears allow the joy I have deposited in

your heart to become a sweet melody of

Thanksgiving know that I love you deeply

and that my love is infinitely greater

than any experience you may have lived

there have been times when you stumbled

but know that I have always always been

by your side reaching out my hand to

lift you up tenderly even in the face of

your faults and errors my forgiveness is

eternal and my Mercy is renewed every

morning as it is written in

Lamentations and through the

Lord’s mercies we are not consumed

because his compassions fail not they

are new every morning great is your

faithfulness there therefore do not fear

returning to me in Repentance for I am

always ready to forgive and restore you

my grace is sufficient for you and my

power is made perfect in your weakness

since before the foundation of the world

I have known and loved you your name and

Destiny have been recorded in the book

of life and my Providence has

accompanied every step of your journey

trust in my guidance for the plans I

have for you are plans of prosperity and

hope as promised in Jeremiah

for I know the thoughts that I

think toward you says the Lord thoughts

of peace and not of evil to give you a

future and a hope let yourself be

enveloped by my love for it is eternal


unshakable may your life be permeated by

the awareness of my constant presence

and my immeasurable love for you I will

never leave you nor forsake you that is

why I encourage you in the moments when

you seek me come to me with full

confidence for I know you will not ask

foolish things I know your heart I

understand your thoughts before you even

think them therefore when you enter my

presence do so with reverence and Zeal

bring that simple confidence like a

small seed the faith you bring will be

sown in the land of the miraculous and

watered by your tears your dreams will

come true your desires will be granted

and you will personally witness the

Miracles you thought were impossible do

not fear do not be anxious your problems

are significant but I have the ability

to solve them I am not telling you to

ignore everything and become careless

nor that you should neglect your

responsibilities I am merely encouraging

you not to allow irrational fears to

dominate your mind and soul no

difficulty or struggle in this world has

the power to shake you or overcome you

permanently facing challenges is a

normal part of life but know that in

every situation I will perform even more

incredible miracles in your life I

understand your weaknesses and sometimes

you feel Unworthy of my blessings commit

yourself today tell me you will trust

receive my forgiveness cling firmly to

this incredible love and from today

onwards wake up every morning confident

of who you are a child of the almighty

sheltered under my wings your Defender

your God your friend promise me this and

ask me now for everything you need with

this wonderful and extraordinary Faith

beloved he’d only only my voice be still

as tears of Peace Gather in your eyes

these simple yet powerful words echo in

your heart listen to me ignore the many

disturbing sounds that confuse your

thoughts and cause you worry I

understand how you feel I see your

difficulty and for your distress I have

a blessing reserved today you will rise

once more today you will begin to

embrace life with renewed enthusias M

today you will be reborn today you will

understand the immense love and genuine

care I have for you you will realize how

deeply loved you are and that no enemy

can ever separate you from my presence

release your grip on the past I want

your hands unencumbered to accept the

blessings that are about to come your

way I know that sometimes it’s hard to

let go of what we know even if it’s

painful or detrimental but remember that

the new can only enter when the old is

released trust me to guide you through

life’s changes and

transitions know that my plan for you is

one of Hope and prosperity and that I am

always working in your favor even when

you don’t realize it as it is written in

Isaiah and forget the former

things do not dwell on the past see I am

doing a new thing now it Springs up do

you not perceive it I am making a way in

the wilderness and streams in the

Wasteland trust me as we walk together

on this new path I am preparing for you

always remember my unwavering love and


faithfulness I am bestowing upon you

tremendous gifts remarkable talents

ideas and aspirations new abilities and

even those you have yet to discover all

of this is real I have given you the

ability to succeed with wisdom to rise

up knock on doors that will open for you

no one can shut the doors that I open

for you I don’t want to find you sitting

lost in thoughts of a life filled with

unrealized dreams these hopes are not

aligned with my plan I want you to move

forward with confidence toward

guaranteed success of course the path

won’t be easy you will have to fight but

do not be afraid for Celestial angels

will surround you in the battle my word

will be your blade your faith your armor

my spirit your banner your zest for life

and action the power that propels you

forward do not hesitate or fear for

despite your faults and flaws nothing

and no one can separate you from my love

if you simply believe

rise and if you rise then walk and if

you walk do not pause or look back for I

am waiting for you at the end of your

path with your blessings in my hands my

strong arm is always ready to assist you

even when you feel distant or

disheartened because I understand and

continue to love protect and cherish you

pay no attention to negative voices

remember my guidance to remain strong

and not allow your emotions to dictate

your thoughts Behavior or actions do not

let life’s disappointments weaken your

faith for I have always been by your

side even in your most fragile and

distant moments I urge you to hold on to

your faith no matter how small it may

seem my beloved child I want you to know

that I am always with you no matter the

challenges or difficulties you face

my love for you is unconditional and

eternal I created you with a unique

purpose and Destiny and I have great

plans for your life when you feel

overwhelmed or discouraged remember that

I am your strength and your Refuge I

will guide you through every storm and

lead you to a place of peace and rest

you are not defined by your past

mistakes or failures I see you as a new

creation washed clean by my grace and

mercy I have forgiven you and called you

mine I have given you gifts and talents

that are meant to be used for my glory

and the good of others do not be afraid

to pursue the dreams I have placed in

your heart trust that I will provide

what you need to succeed when you face

opposition remember that others opinions

do not define you you are precious in my

sight I am your provider and protector

I will meet all your needs according to

my abundant riches I will fight for you

and defend you you can rest in my love

and goodness I have called you to be a

light in this dark world with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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