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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son today I wish to open my

heart to you expressing the love I feel

for you in a way that I hope touches you

deeply you are the most precious

treasure to me an essential part of my

creation sh aped with love and care in

the most intimate details since the

moment I breathed life into you I have

been with you every step of your journey

celebrating your victories and sharing

your burdens your smile is the light

that brightens my heart and your

happiness is my greatest joy may my love

for you give you strength and courage to

face the challenges of life knowing that

I am always by your side ready to uphold

and guide you

from the beginning I have been with you

every step of the way sharing your Joys

and your Sorrows I want you to feel my

constant Presence by your side guiding

and protecting you in every Journey as

your heavenly father my love for you is

unconditional and eternal may you find

comfort and strength in the certainty of

my care and in faith in my guidance I

will always be with you offering my love

and support in every moment remember the

words of Psalm

even though I walk through the

valley of the shadow of death I will

fear no evil for you are with me your

rod and your staff they comfort me in

the highs and lows of life I am always

present ready to strengthen you in

moments of weakness and to guide you in

The Crossroads of existence my love for

you is unconditional and eternal a

constant light even in the darkest of

times do not hesitate to seek me when

you feel lost for I extend my hands to

welcome you and Lead You Back to the

safety of my love in the Journey of life

I understand that you will face

challenges and moments of uncertainty

but I want you to know that you are

loved beyond measure when difficulties

seem insurmountable remember that I am

by your side sustaining you with my my

Divine strength trust in me for I am

your loving father always ready to

welcome you into the arms of my grace

you are my most precious creation shaped

with love and care from the moment I

breathe life into you every step of your

journey I have been by your side

celebrating your victories and sharing

your burdens You Are Not Alone your

burden is mine too in moments of Doubt

remember remember that I am here ready

to uphold you with my unwavering

strength there is no secret you can hide

from me for I am your loving father who

understands all your Joys and

Sorrows for I am the Lord your God who

takes hold of your right hand and says

to you do not fear I will help you


feel the calm that surrounds your

being for I am here hold in your right

hand ready to guide you through the

uncertainties of Life do not fear for I

am with you every step of the way in

times of doubt and challenge it is

natural for you to seek security and

guidance and that is what I am here for

my love for you is unconditional and my

commitment to you is eternal when You

Face adversities remember my words do

not fear I will help you they are

reminder of my constant care and

protection over you allow this truth to

fill your heart with courage and hope as

you delve into my word you will find not

only comfort but also guidance for the

challenges you face surrender yourself

to me with confidence knowing that I am

always by your side ready to uphold and

strengthen you in your darkest hours

when you feel that fear threatens to

overcome you remember my promise do not

fear I will help you in those moments I

invite you to close your eyes and feel

my presence around you let my peace fill

your being and my gentle voice comfort

you trust in me for I am your safe

Refuge amidst the storm together we can

face any challenge that arises on your

path for nothing is impossible when you

trust in me in the midst of Life storms

there is a sacred promise that what we

lack now will be abundantly supplied in

the future This Promise Is Not Just an

Illusion but a solid certainty destined

for those who wait with faith and

patience within the fabric of the

universe there is a precise

understanding of the needs of each

individual and their families each

challenge face today is an opportunity

for strengthening and spiritual growth

for there is a a grand plan being laid

out for each of us there is no need to

fear the current difficulties for they

are but a transient part of the journey

holding fast to Divine promises is what

sustains us enabling us to respond to

Life’s obstacles with unwavering Hope

and Faith instead of being consumed by

anger or negativity we are called to

embrace the confidence that even in the

darkest hours there is a light that

guides our way let this knowledge

Empower us to face each challenge with

courage knowing that we are carefully

guided towards a destiny of abundance

and fulfillment the Divine voice assures

us that we are not punished for our

mistakes but rather invited to

repentance and

transformation the burden of past

choices may have been heavy but it is

not imposed by a Relentless judge

instead it is an opper opportunity for

Learning and growth each pain endured is

a step towards Redemption for divine

love and mercy are infinite there is no

room for accusations or resentments for

the hand that guides us is the same that

was stretched out on the cross in

sacrifice for us thus when we turn with

sincere repentance we are welcomed with

open arms ready to be forgiven and

restored May life’s journey journey be

marked not by guilt or fear but by trust

in the promise of a future filled with

hope and Abundant Blessings May the

light of the Holy Spirit dispel the fog

of confusion and guide us to the peace

and wholeness that can only be found in

the divine presence my plan for you is

woven with threads of love and purpose

each event each obstacle shaping your

journey towards wholeness do not let

sadness take hold of you for even in the

darkest moments I am by your side

holding you with unwavering love there

is no room in my heart for resentment or

disappointment I see beyond your flaws

and weaknesses seeing the beauty of your

soul my desire is not to see you suffer

but to see you grow and Thrive at dawn

when the first rays of light paint the

Horizon I will reveal my glory to you

enveloping you in a hug of warmth and

security feel my presence penetrate

every fiber of your being dissipating

all doubts and fears you are my beloved

Son my precious daughter and my love for

you is eternal and unchanging under my

protective Wings you will find refuge

and peace day and night do not let

uncertainty about me take hold of you I

am not a distant God indifferent to your

suffering on the contrary I am here by

your side ready to hear your prayers and

guide your steps I am your judge yes but

I am also your Redeemer ready to forgive

and restore in life’s difficulties you

may face the consequences of your

choices but know that I am by your side

ready to help you rise my desire is for

you to learn and grow with each

challenge finding strength and wisdom in

the midst of Trials When you pray for

those you love do so with unwavering

faith knowing that my blessings are on

the way trust in me even when the

answers are not as you expected for I

always reserve the best for you write I

believe Lord and let your words be an

expression of your trust in my love and

care for you never doubt my love for you

for it is eternal and infinite and

within my embrace you will always find

comfort and security believe in my

promises for they are true and faithful

you are loved beyond words now and

forever with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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