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said my dear son in this moment as you

face illness I want you to know that I

am with you in every breath in every

discomfort you are not unknown to me and

your pain does not escap ESC ape my

compassionate gaze I Am The God Who

deeply understands human suffering for

in Jesus I experience the Frailty of

Flesh as it is written in Isaiah

and surely he took up our pain

and bore our suffering yet we considered

him punished by God stricken by him and

Afflicted but he was pierced for our

transgressions he was crushed for our

our iniquities the punishment that

brought us peace was on him and by his

wounds we are healed physical pain is a

difficult Journey but know that I am by

your side sustaining you with my love

and grace trust in me for I am your

refuge and strength The God Who

fortifies You amidst adversity let my

presence be your comfort and my promise

of healing be your hope even in the

darkest moments remember that you are

loved beyond measure and that my light

never Fades entrust your worries to me

for I am ready to carry you when your

burdens seem unbearable in your weakness

my strength is perfected and in your

pain my love is revealed rest in my

peace and allow my grace to sustain you

for I am the Lord who heals and restores

you today and always know that you are

not alone in your journey of pain P I am

with you at every step holding your hand

with tenderness and unconditional love

when you feel weak let me be your

strength when the pain seems unbearable

let me unfold you with my healing love

remember that suffering is not in vain

for through it you may find a deeper

intimacy with me and your faith may be

strengthened trust in my Providence and

my ability to turn even the most

difficult moments into opportunities for

growth and renewal fear not for I am

with you be not dismayed for I am your

God rise up then with renewed hope for I

have plans for good and not for harm for

you to give you a future and a hope

allow me to be your comfort your guide

and your healing for in me you will find

rest for your soul and restoration for

your body a road that offers seems

arduous and endless where every movement

becomes a battle where even rest is

invaded by pain I understand your

Affliction I am here to be your comfort

your safe Refuge as you face the

challenges of the body entrusted to you

do not forget that I am the god who

heals my healing power transcends human

and medical

limitations circumstances may seem Bleak

but my light never fad states there is a

hope that transcends medical analysis

and Earthly

prognosis as it is written in Jeremiah

for I will restore Health to you

and your wounds I will heal declares the

Lord when you surrender to me you open

the door to my Supernatural intervention

your pain is not in vain in times of

suffering you often ask why I am

understand your doubts and questions and

though I may not always reveal the

reasons I ask you to trust in my


plan sometimes the purpose of pain is

not to punish but to redeem restore and

teach profound spiritual lessons pain is

not a sign of my absence it is an

opportunity for you to experience my

presence in a deeper way when human

strength fails my grace is magnified IED

I want to be your sustenance when all

else falters allow me to be your refuge

and strength a very present help and

trouble in your physical weakness you

find my strength as it says in second


my grace is sufficient for you for

my power is made perfect in

weakness demonstrate your faith and

tread on Satan’s head declaring my life

belongs to God it is natural to desire

immediate relief but that is not always

the path I choose for you sometimes it

is through your vulnerability that my

glory is revealed just as in the case of

the Apostle Paul my grace is sufficient

for you as you wait you develop a

perseverance that strengthens your

character patience is not merely the

absence of suffering it is the art of of

maintaining Faith and Hope even when the

days are hard when you’re feeling

discouraged remember that you are more

than your body you are an eternal Soul a

part of my eternal plan your identity is

not rooted in physical limitations but

in my image that you carry your

spiritual strength is a beacon in the

darkness of physical pain as you face

illness surround yourself with love and

support fellowship with others is a gift

that strengthens and

sustains together you can confront

challenges with courage and hope knowing

that I am with you every step of the way

also remember the words of Isaiah

fear not for I am with you be not

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

even in the toughest times trust in my

constant presence and my power to

strengthen you trust that your suffering

is not in vain but part of my plan to

lead you to a full and Abundant Life

keep your faith strong and know that I

am with you in every challenge ready to

lift you up and guide you to victory

even when the path seems dark and the

challenge is insurmountable remember

that your strength lies in your

connection with me I am your refuge in

the storms your unshakable rock fear not

for even when you feel weak my grace

sustains you as you walk through shadowy

valleys You are not alone my light will

guide your steps and my hand will hold

you fast trust in my love and

faithfulness for I promise to be with

you in every moment strengthening you

and leading you to the fullness of my

promise do not let un certainty and fear

divert you from the path of Hope keep

your eyes fixed on me the author and

perfector of your faith even when you do

not understand my plans trust in my

wisdom that surpasses all human

understanding your suffering is not in

vain it is a valuable part of your

spiritual journey believe that every

tear shed is a seed of transformation

and growth when you feel weak lift your

voice in prayer and entr trust your

concerns to me I am always present ready

to comfort and strengthen you trust in

my unconditional love and my ability to

make all things work together for your

good in the midst of your pain seek Joy

it may seem contradictory but it is in

complete trust in me that true Joy is

found your present pain cannot compare

to the glory that will be revealed in

you continue to trust to wait and to

seek my face your journey of pain is not

the end of your story it is a chapter

that leads to Redemption and Eternity

with me my beloved Son my beloved

daughter I understand that in many

moments of your life hope may seem like

a fragile flame flickering in the

turbulent Winds of uncertainty and

adversity however I want you to

understand that the hope I offer trans

transcends Earthly circumstances for it

is rooted in my eternal nature and my

unfailing love for you the hope I offer

is not based on the stability of the

world but on the solidity of my promise

it is like an anchor for your soul firm

and secure even in the stormy seas of

life I want you to know that your hope

does not depend on the passing changes

around you but on the constancy of my

character and the faithfulness of my

promises I replace doubt with self

assurance and negativity with positivity

believe in your ability to overcome

adversity for I Am with You

strengthening you every step of the way

fear not the unknown for I am your light

and your guide leading you with love and

care through life storms in moments of

weakness remember that you are

unconditionally loved by me there is no

limit to my love love for you I will

sustain you and strengthen you even when

you feel incapable trust in me and

surrender to my loving care with me by

your side there is no challenge you

cannot face and no pain you cannot

overcome I am always with you now and

forever guiding you with love and grace

along the path of life with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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