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said my dear son throughout your journey

you will undoubtedly encounter a series

of challenges and

adversities these situations will range

from minor annoyances to Monumental

challenges but I want you to know that I

am by your side every step of the way I

wish to dispel the darkness and help you

understand that you don’t have to carry

the burden alone firstly it’s crucial to

understand that life is a roller coaster

full of ups and downs and these

challenges are an integral part of your

journey these problems are not a sign

that I am absent or indifferent on the

contrary they are opportunities to grow

learn and strengthen your faith right

thank you God as a sign of gratitude

often the problems you face are valuable

lessons that Empower you to face future

challenges with more wisdom and

confidence so understand that it is not

always my desire to remove all problems

but rather that you face these

situations with my help and Grace

secondly it’s important to know that

even if not all problems are removed

from your life I am with you in each of

them my presence is your greatest

comfort and strength in times of

difficulty when you feel overwhelmed

remember that you can seek refuge in me

find solace in my presence and receive

guidance in your decisions don’t

hesitate to come to me with your

problems for I am willing to listen and

help in every situation thirdly

understand that even though I may not

always remove the problems I often work

through them for your good the challenge

es you face are part of the process of

maturing and spiritual growth when I

allow problems into your life it is to

change your character strengthen your

faith and prepare you for your purpose

even when it seems like problems are out

of control there is a divine plan at

work fourth I want you to know that your

suffering does not go unnoticed by me I

see every tear know every concern and

feel every pain you face I I am not

indifferent to your suffering I am the

god who cares deeply for you believe

that in moments of greatest difficulty I

am close to you holding your hand and

carrying you when you can no longer go

on remember that even in the darkest

situations hope in me remains fifth I

want you to know that the answer to your

prayers is not always the immediate

removal of problems but the empowerment

to face them with courage and faith in

in many cases my grace is sufficient for

you to go through challenges and

problems when You Face difficult

situations pray for strength wisdom and

discernment seek my guidance and trust

that I Am with You empowering you to

overcome what seems unbearable my grace

is your strength in moments of weakness

sixth I want you to understand that

problems do not Define your identity you

are much more than the challenges you


you are a beloved child created in my

image endowed with immeasurable value

and purpose do not let problems Define

you instead let my truth about who you

are strengthen you you are a Victor in

me capable of facing and overcoming any

challenge that arises in your path

seventh I want you to trust in my

sovereignty and wisdom in all situations

you may not always fully understand why

you face certain problems but you can

trust that I am in control I have a

greater plan in action and my thoughts

are higher than yours when you trust in

me you allow me to guide your steps and

work all things for your good even when

you don’t fully understand eighth hold

firm to your faith even when

circumstances seem unfavorable do not

underestimate the power of your faith it

is the key that opens the doors to my

divine intervention in your life when

you maintain faith in me you become

capable of moving mountains overcoming

obstacles and facing any challenge with

confidence ninth do not face problems

with fear but with courage remember that

you are not alone on your journey I Am

with You strengthening you and

empowering you to face whatever comes

when fear tries to dominate your heart

remember that I did not give you a

spirit of fear but of power love and

self-control you are stronger than you

imagine because you have my power within

you th know that your suffering is not

in vain even when you don’t fully

understand your suffering can be used

for good for the growth of your

character and for my glory all things

work together for the good of those who

love me including the problems and

challenges you face trust that I am

working all things for your good and

that your suffering will not be in vain

P dear child I don’t seek to remove all

your problems but to be with you in each

one trust in me seek my guidance leave a

message for God in the comments I am

working for your good and my plan in

your life move forward with courage

knowing I turn difficulties into growth

and Abundant Blessings with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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