God said: “Don’t Jump! THIS IS URGENT! God’s Advice Today.

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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said my dear Child In This Moment allow

my voice to reach the depths of your

being penetrating every corner of your

soul know that my message is written in

the most intimate spaces of you like

Divine letter letters inscribed in the

tapestry of time as you contemplate the

firmament realize that each star is a

whispered promise a testimony of my

unwavering faithfulness I long for you

to trust in my Providence understanding

the seasons of life as chapters in a

story that I am telling with you with

each Sunrise I invite you to witness the

renewal of my Mercy painting the dawn as

a canvas filled with colors that caress

the horizon I awaken the light as an

Embrace reminding you that each new day

is a gift a present I offer May

gratitude flourish in the soil of your

heart transforming it into a garden of

joy and

appreciation if you believe in God’s

blessing comment I believe in Dark Hours

when the clouds of uncertainty obscure

your vision I want to be your Guiding

Light I who carved mountains and

sculpted valleys can transform form the

adversities of your journey into Paths

of Discovery your faith is the lamp that

illuminates the steps of your existence

and I ask you to keep it burning fear

not the deserts that stretch before you

for in the midst of aridity I am the

source that never runs dry remember that

loneliness is but an illusion for the

Creator walks with you through life’s

vast territories at each step know that

you are supported by the invisible wings

of my Grace life is like a tapestry

woven by Divine hands where threads of

Joy intertwine with threads of Sorrow

forming a perfect picture that will only

be revealed in eternity I invite you to

embrace the weavings of your story

accepting that each experience each knot

and each pattern has a purpose inscribed

in the Divine Design when pain visits

you remember that even in tears there is

a transcendental Beauty each drop is a

testimony of your Humanity a link that

binds the broken fragments of existence

I am the comforter who wipes away tears

and transforms sadness into hope the pet

of your life is rich in colors and I am

the artist who uses each shade to create

an incomparable Masterpiece do not lose

yourself in the shadows of yesterday for

each New Dawn is a blank canvas an

opportunity to paint a future full of

possib abilities I am the author of your

story and in me each chapter has a

purpose resilience is the melody that

plays in the hearts of those who trust

in me even when the Winds of adversity

blow fiercely let your faith be like the

deep roots of a sturdy tree do not break

but be like the willow by the Brook

flexible in the face of storms for in

every storm I am with you if you believe

in my presence amidst Storms Come

comment I believe the Quest for wisdom

is like searching for pearls in the

ocean of understanding I am the

boundless source of all knowledge the

light that illuminates the darkest

corners of ignorance open the book of

your mind and let the pages be filled

with the ink of divine wisdom in moments

of Stillness you will find my presence

like a gentle breeze caressing your

spirit meditation is the portal to the

sacred a place where your soul can dance

to The Melody of the Divine in silence

hear my gentle voice echoing in

meditation guiding you to a deeper

understanding the peace that surpasses

understanding is the gift I offer when

the weight of responsibility seems

overwhelming look to me for I am the

support that carries the heaviest

burdens what is insurmountable for you

is an opportunity for my grace to

manifest entrust me with your concerns

and I will will turn your yoke into

Wings of Freedom if you trust in my

transformative power comment I believe

in Divine

transformation fear not the unexpected

deviations in life for even in apparent

confusion I am orchestrating a plot that

surpasses your understanding setbacks

are mere interludes in the Symphony of

your existence forgiveness is the key

that unlocks the chains of resentment

and sets the soul free just as I the

Lord forgive I invite you to extend the

hand of

reconciliation do not let the shackles

of the past bind you but open your heart

to the transformative power of

forgiveness in the grace of forgetting

you will find Freedom if you are willing

to forgive and seek reconciliation

comment I choose the path of

forgiveness gratitude is the perfume

that elevates your existence to an altar

of Praise thank not only for what you

have but for who I am with love I hope

this message has been an inspiration to

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