My child!

It’s an immense pleasure to have you here with me, in a meeting that has nothing to

do with chance but is filled with divine purpose.

Imagine that the universe conspired so that at this exact moment, I could share something

extraordinary with you.

Look, I know the road may have its sharp turns and challenges; there are moments when it

seems like we’re battling giants, feeling a void, as if we’re walking through a swamp

of uncertainties.

But I want you to hold on to a simple thought you are not walking alone.

There is a force, a divine affection, that surrounds you, as close as the air that envelops

you and gives you life.

If you believe, type I trust in God and the path He has prepared for me!

This force knows every whisper of your heart, every tear you’ve hidden, every dream you


There is a route designed for you, meticulously laid plans that go beyond anything you’ve

ever dreamed.

And sweetest of all, you have never been forgotten or left behind.

Behind the scenes of life, there are movements being orchestrated in your favor.

Unexpected routes are opening, doors are unlocking, and every stone on the path is being arranged.

Maybe you don’t see it now, but a renewal is on the way, a transformation overflowing

with abundance, beauty, and joy.

If you accept, declare My heart is open to receive divine blessings!

Let me tell you loud and clear God is writing your name in the sky, defending your cause,

and already celebrating your upcoming victories.

Every wound will find healing, and where there is emptiness, I promise you will overflow.

Oh, my dear, the love hovering over you is eternal and unconditional.

It doesn’t want you perfect; it wants you whole, and with every step, you are covered

in grace and strength.

Be aware that you are part of an immeasurable grandiosity, so do not falter.

Say firmly God is my strength and support!

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Stay firm, bold, and confident.

If today you take care of small things, believe me, you are being prepared for great achievements.

Gratitude will open doors to incalculable wealth, and your generosity will return to

you in waves of prosperity.

Put your faith into action, rely on the unfading strength, and the hope that never fades.

And so, in every word, every gesture, every thought, may you feel and know you are blessed,

loved, and infinitely appreciated.

If you trust, comment At every step, I am an instrument of His divine light.

MY DEAR Children!

I want to invite you to dive into the serenity that comes from fully trusting the promises

of someone who never fails.

Imagine relying on a wisdom that never errs and resting in a peace that knows no turmoil.

Fixate on that love, so firm and unshakeable that it will never disappoint or leave you


He is capable, my dear ones, of overflowing into your lives far beyond the prayers you

murmur or the wonders you dare to dream.

All of this, driven by a surprising force that resides within each of you.

If you believe in this power, if you joyfully accept this truth, if you eagerly await these

daily miracles, if you proclaim your victory and exalt that name above all,

write with conviction “I believe and am grateful, Lord!”

Allow me now, if possible, to pause for an intimate moment of gratitude.

Dear God, our hearts overflow at the thought of this new day you give us, this opportunity

to drink from your word and be bathed in your blessings.

Thank you for the love that surrounds us, your grace that renews us, your mercy that

restores us, and this incredible power that flows in and through us.

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I ask, dear Father, to touch all who hear these words.

May your peace, joy, hope, and faith saturate every part of their being.

May there be complete restoration—physically, mentally, emotionally, and in relationships.

May you fulfill their longings, dreams, and deepest desires.

If you believe, comment with faith I trust that Your plans for me are greater than my


We pray for protection against all evil and liberation from all fear.

May the chains that limit be broken, may every challenge turn into a step to reach higher.

May all discover and fulfill the intrinsic purpose, may they shine, bless, and testify.

Draw us, O God, closer to you.

Increase our hunger and thirst for your presence.

Reveal yourself, guide and lead every step.

And in your immeasurable love, bless us more than we can comprehend.

We lift these prayers knowing that in Jesus, we find our healer, provider, and friend.

Say Amen, amen, and amen.

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Expressing in words what He means to your life can be as uplifting to the heart as a

silent prayer.

Certainly, there is a path to follow, full of possibilities and new beginnings.

Each step, then, becomes part of a larger journey, a journey where we learn, grow, and

approach our destiny.

In every moment of learning, we gain more than just knowledge; we gain experience, the

true currency of wisdom.

declare; God In every challenge, I envision victory through His wisdom.

Let’s face, together, the trials of our existence with courage, knowing that each obstacle overcome

is a tale of triumph we will be proud to tell.

And even when we stumble, because it happens to everyone, we have the opportunity to rise

with more strength than before, choosing not only to continue but also to evolve.

Remember that each choice shapes tomorrow, and every act of kindness is an echo in time,

impacting lives in ways we sometimes don’t even realize.

Let us then be architects of better days, building with patience and compassion, brick

by brick, a fairer and more loving reality for ourselves and others.

Express your gratitude by stating; Lord!

I am thankful for Your constant presence and guidance in my life!.

Being part of this magnificent tapestry of life is an incredible privilege.

Each of us, with our unique talents and perspectives, contributes to the beauty of this world.

So, let us walk with the lightness of those who value this gift called life and with the

determination of those who wish to leave a positive mark, so that when we look back,

we can say, “I lived, loved, and made a difference.”

Always remember the constant presence and loving guidance in your life.

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