god message my beloved child, pay attention, there is an insistent voice that is trying

to reach you in the midst of the turmoil of your daily life.

A crucial message is being delivered directly to you, right now.

I see the worry in your eyes, I feel the hesitation in your step, and I’m here to offer you the

solidity and support you’re looking for.

I’ve never been distant; on the contrary, I’m closer than anyone else, just waiting

for a nod from you to offer you the comfort and guidance you need.

It’s time to let go of indecision; come on, get up, I’m here to walk alongside you, to

share the challenges and find solutions together.

Let’s, step by step, confront and overcome the obstacles that have caused you so much


Declare it with faith God knows my struggle.

god’s message to us today my son!

The memories of your childhood, filled with a bright light of expectation for the future,

and the innocent smile you offered the world may have been shaken by the storms of life.

Betrayals may have taken your hope away, but don’t lose faith.

Just as I know the name of every star, I understand every challenge you face.

I share your language and know exactly what will bring you relief and peace.

Hold out your hand, let’s walk together towards a place where you are immensely valued, where

your presence is honored and celebrated.

Type with faith I am valued by the Creator.

Imagine yourself wearing the robes of royalty, in a place where your every step is watched

with love and adoration, no matter what time of day it is.

It is in this welcoming space that your essence is nourished and strengthened.

You are the living image of the Creator, and your place in the depths of my being is sacred

and permanent.

Even in moments of doubt, know that you can approach me.

Your life has been redeemed in a sublime way, and here, in my heart, you will always find


Comment with hope My sacred place is reserved.

god says remember, regardless of the obstacles, you have a space that no one can take away

from you.

Whether in joy or sorrow, know that you are my beloved child.

Blessings are on the way, the reign of grace is about to flood your life forever.

Don’t compare your struggles with what I can offer you, because what comes from me is incomparable

to anything in this world.

Declare My blessing is imminent.

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Stick around; the next word may light your way.

god says I give you a solid purpose, providing peace of mind and turning the most daunting

challenges into beautiful vistas.

I can guide you along an airy path and bring you to refreshing springs.

Be open to receiving the grace that is destined for you, which can arrive in a gentle and

seemingly small way.

The value is in simplicity, in simple gestures and choices, in kind and strong hearts.

Be alert and keep your eyes open moments of pure magic are on their way.

Comment with faith Wonderful things will unfold.

god’s message today reveals Be inspired by the truth that resides in my word and see

how to recognize every blessing in disguise.

Look for a sincere and humble heart, for it is there that my spirit desires to dwell.

I have chosen you, trust in your path, it has been mapped out since the beginning of


The time is now for you to realize what has been carefully planned for your journey.

Declare with hope My path is divinely laid out.

God says Come to me, lay your plans before me and let’s talk about everything.

Confess your doubts, receive forgiveness, and prepare yourself for the victory that

is coming.

The plans I have for you are great, and many miracles are in store for us to work together,

side by side, with my unconditional support and love.

Type with love I am prepared for the miracles to come.

In the midst of the constant noise that clouds the peace of your mind, focus on my calm voice

and the power of my eternal love for you.

Know how loved you are, and be clear that no adversity can take you away from me.

Today is a day of revival and renewal of your love for life, because the love I feel for

you is unshakeable and true.

Declare with strength I am loved and I renew my love for life today.

Understand, I am always ready to support, guide and protect you.

When you stumble or fall apart, my love remains constant.

Block out negativity, keep your emotions aligned with faith and don’t allow discouragement

to take away your strength and hope, because you are part of me and I will always be by

your side.

Stand firm, even in the face of challenges, and face each one with courage.

Say with conviction I am brave, God is with me.

Leave calmly and with a firm heart, because I want you to know I will not leave you,

I will never abandon you.

I won’t reject you; I’m always here, available to listen, to understand, to forgive and forget

your faults, and to bless you far beyond your imagination.

That is my eternal promise, my commitment of endless love.

Your future is about to change, your current context will be transformed for the better.

I will intervene in an extraordinary way in your life and you will soon witness tangible

changes in your tribulations.

Type with faith Solutions are on the way.

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Don’t align yourself with the pessimists or those voices that only see the spiritual desert.

The fact that you can hear or read my words shows that I have empowered you with intelligence

and maturity.

Be prepared because the door to new possibilities is about to open.

Get to know me truly, not as a limited being, but as what I really am.

Have unwavering confidence in my word.

Comment with hope I am ready for new doors to open.

Whenever you find yourself in difficulty, remember that I have come to your rescue.

Carry with you the love with which I have enveloped you.

Even if the past was full of turbulence, since I rescued you, your present and future are


Let the enthusiasm I have planted in your heart grow; it will become a refuge and provision

for you and those you love.

Declare with joy My life is fertile ground for dreams.

The life you have been given is a mosaic of joy and fulfillment.

Separate yourself from sadness, because the plans I have for you will invigorate your


You will understand the depth of what I have prepared, so even

if you have stumbled, I have always been by your side, ready to forgive and lift you up.

New days are approaching and with them your melancholy will fade, and your heart will

vibrate with the happiness of the miracles to come, which you will witness with your

own eyes.

Comment with conviction Unlimited happiness is my next vision.

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