When dawn breaks and you leave the comfortable protection of your home, pause for a moment

and entrust me with your thoughts.

Before you start your day, engage in a sincere exchange with me.

Tell me your innermost desires, plans and hopes, using words that overflow with affection

and truth.

Don’t start your day without first expressing gratitude for the countless blessings that

have already been bestowed upon you.

I know that life presents invisible obstacles that try to blur the memory of the generosity

around you, but from now on, take a moment in the morning to have this conversation together.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, find a break to let off steam with me.

Share the vicissitudes of your existence – your family, your work, what makes you unique.

Remember that you are very valuable to me, as is every person in your inner circle.

There is a special place in our hearts that should not be filled by someone else.

If you are looking for joy, strength and victory, embrace my words and let them guide you.

Declare firmly I am guided by divine light in every step I take.

If uncertainty arises and storms cloud your sky, know that I am your refuge.

Face each challenge with unflinching courage, for I grant you power, discernment and uninterrupted


My light will illuminate your days, and any darkness will be dispelled.

Know that you are never unaccompanied, even when difficulty strikes unexpectedly.

Let me be the melody in your chest, the surprising answer that reveals your purpose and the place

you occupy in the grand scheme of the universe.

My strength dwells in you, giving you the ability to stand firm, even when surrounded

by shadows.

Heed my voice, trust the promises that, although hidden, are genuine.

There is more to this world than meets the eye, and my protection and love embrace everyone,

even the skeptics.

write with conviction My heart opens to the mission that has been assigned to me.

This is your moment to shine; your age and circumstances are irrelevant.

Believe, have conviction in my promises, because in you there is the courage to persist, ignoring

distractions, concentrating on the path I have designed for you.

With gratitude, receive my abundant blessings, for you are worthy.

Reach out, let off steam and know that I am always attentive and ready to listen.

My doors are wide open, awaiting your arrival to absorb your every word.

Ready to show you perspectives never before imagined, your faith is like a burning torch.

Allow it to consume your doubts and resentments, purifying your soul with the flame of true


Fill your heart with gratitude as I pour love over you with every word you utter.

Call out to me and you will hear my answer; I am the Lord, your loving Father, and I long

for your trust.

Your moments of prayer in the midst of adversity are precious to me, like fragrant incense,

and the consistency of your faith is proof of your deep understanding of my unconditional


I am here to offer you guidance, serenity and to meet your needs.

Your fervent prayers have enormous power, touching not only the earth, but also the

heavens, where my hand covers them with unspeakable affection.

Let your prayers resound with the echoes of a triumphant amen.

Follow your path with confidence because the angels accompany your steps and my love surrounds

you on all sides.

Trust, for I have given you courage and honor.

Don’t be silent in the face of failure or succumb to darkness.

Know that it is I who speaks to you now.

write with confidence Divine strength is my unwavering defender.

Feel the divine energy flowing through these words and let your like be the catalyst for


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You, who have felt lost, are not helpless; I am here to offer comfort, to inject hope,

to help lead your struggles against isolation and pain.

Your struggles will be overcome.

By admitting your need for support, you have found my support.

Today is the day you will realize that only I can heal your wounds and restore your soul.

Let my love bind you together, let you feel that you are valued, listened to, and that

the conquest will definitely be yours.

I gave my all, taking your sins on a cross and giving my life to dispel the shadows and

bring you into my light.

In the resurrection, I triumphed over the clutches of death and it is this eternal and

powerful life that I wish to offer you now.

As soon as you recognize your need, the celestial celebrations begin while your adversaries

squirm, aware of their shortening time.

An intrepid champion awakens within you, a flame of courage that cannot be extinguished.

Say right now I surrender my fears and worries into your hands, Father.

You possess innate worth and dignity, and fear will no longer keep you imprisoned.

Hurtful words and contempt hurled in your direction will no longer affect you.

Those who hurt you will be consigned to the place where only affliction exists, while

I place upon you the crown of Eternal Life.

Rise up, my champion, defend your loved ones.

The divisions that once harmed your family will soon dissolve as my Holy Spirit fills

your space and opens new doors of opportunity.

You will be promoted to a spiritual plane where victory is the fruit of a clean and

humble heart.

In the kingdom where I dwell, there is no place for pride, nor for those who proclaim

virtue while blaming others.

Those who cause unrest will be left behind, where there is only sadness and pain.

I am here to present you with the Crown of Life.

Declare with fervor My spirit is ready to embrace the greatness designated by God.

Your time has come, my warrior.

Rise up and protect your family.

The cracks that once damaged your home will be no more.

My Sacred Spirit will take care of your home, opening up new paths that bring opportunities.

You will ascend to a spiritual sphere where success emanates from a pure and humble heart.

In such a place, arrogance and false justice find no refuge; only true humility is honored.

In the kingdom of wonders, where I dwell, there is no shelter for the arrogant or refuge

for those who display a facade of virtue while pointing a judgmental finger.

You may have stumbled before, but it’s different now.

I’m right by your side.

Give yourself to me, keep my teaching in your heart and allow these words to intertwine

with your dreams.

In this way, countless blessings will come to you and every battle you face will be drenched

in grace.

say i trust in god’s plans!

Come closer when you recognize your shortcomings and share your deepest longings.

Now is the time to seek me out, ask your questions and receive renewed faith and trust.

No challenge will bring you down, for you have surrendered your life to me, and I will

hold you with love and boundless power.

Woe betide those who stand against you if they don’t heed these truths.

Carve these words into your soul, they will be the light that guides your steps in uncertainty.

Type with hope The light of the Lord illuminates the path of my life.

If uncertainty strikes and you lose your way, remember that failure is human, but insistence,

loyalty and devotion are the foundations of a firm faith.

Make a covenant with me today and commit to fighting to the end, knowing that you are

loved by your Heavenly Father.

Use this determination not only for yourself, but to help others.

Stay virtuous, for it gladdens my heart.

Repeat this message, and the profound revelation that will transform your life will become


Listen and prepare for triumph, for my love for you is eternal.

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How can I convince you of my unceasing care?

I will take your hand, gently kiss your forehead, showing my affection in a way that will surely

touch you deeply.

You will feel the essence of this divine love, a fragrance that soothes your worries.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful, everlasting sensation of eternal healing, a presence that

will always be by your side.

As the new day dawns, you will feel a difference love.

If you’ve never experienced something so great, get ready, because I’m filling your heart

with vitality.

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This sincere and tender affection will blossom with each passing moment.

Your inner peace and tranquillity will expand, bringing positive changes to the world.

People long for peace and freedom, they want to escape disillusionment and loneliness.

They often turn away, rejecting the embrace of this powerful love that has the potential

to transform their lives.

I offer you the courage and strength to pursue your dreams, rekindling your passion for existence.

When you feel you are going astray, remember to return to your true home with me.

Let go of grudges and resentments.

Feed on my word and connect with my teachings.

Even in a world full of pain, eternal peace, divine serenity and boundless joy are found

in my presence.

I want to assure you once again I love you.

Today, enchanting provisions will spring up on your path.

Open your senses, savor, absorb, perceive and experience once again the sweet sensation

of an eternal love that surrounds you.

This is a force that transcends words.

Declare with conviction I am eternally loved and guided by the Lord.

This indescribable sensation, perceived through sight and sound, is a feeling that permeates

and transforms every aspect of your being.

It breaks down obstacles and fills you with an eternal, divine splendor.

When you wake up tomorrow, you will notice a permanent change in your essence.

Enjoy this tender emotion, which becomes deeper and more enriching with each new moment.

Your inner peace will expand, and a total transformation will begin within you – an

emotion of reverence and jubilation that uplifts you, brings healing and never fades because

it is truly transcendental, unspeakable in words.

Affirm with tenderness I am constantly being transformed by God’s love.

This sensation goes beyond the mere experience of the senses, revealing a connection that

embraces and changes you profoundly.

My power is revealed not only in your feelings, but also in your character and attitudes.

It’s no longer like the tree that doesn’t bear fruit, the flower with no scent or the

river that doesn’t flow.

The fluctuations in mood that troubled you in the past will cease; your life will no

longer be marked by past failures.

My glory surrounds you, comforting and imparting wisdom.

Approach with faith, come to me in prayer, with open hands and a heart willing to receive.

write boldly My life is nourished by the glory of God.

I long to bless you with the fullness of my power.

Believe it and make a commitment today to fight bravely to the end, with the awareness

that you are immensely loved by your Heavenly Father.

Use this strength to help others and, just as importantly, value yourself, because that

is pleasing to me.

Read this message three more times and you will grasp the profound revelation that will

supernaturally transform your life and your future.

Listen and prepare yourself for the conquest I love you and I always will.

Know that my love for you is boundless, and every day, in countless ways, I show it.

As you go through your journey in this world, always keep in mind that you walk in my presence,

and your place in my heart is assured.

You and your loved ones are precious to me, both here on earth and in heaven.

My light will shine brightly, touching the lives of those who receive my message, renewing

spirits and delivering abundant blessings.

I declare with love I am under divine care!

Every home that opens its doors to me will be filled with the Divine Light of my presence.

To you who listen with a receptive heart, I extend blessings now and forever.

I wish to bring you freedom and peace by breaking the chains that restrict you.

Your innermost longings will be fulfilled through my infinite generosity.

I am determined to remove any obstacles in your path, strengthening your resolve.

Say with sincerity God is with me, fulfilling every step of the journey.

I am always by your side, supporting you so that your dreams come true.

This is my deepest aspiration that you and your family are surrounded by blessings, health

and overcoming.

Challenges will arise and others may try to divert you.

But know that, regardless of the trials, my constant presence will be the source of your

power and the compass that will guide you towards true happiness.

Divine love is calling you to act!

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