god’s message my son!

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try to move forward, the obstacles seem


Financial problems, debts, job insecurities and even a lack of prospects suffocate your


Life can be full of overwhelming challenges that drain your strength and shake your faith.

But what if I told you that there is a loving and powerful presence waiting to renew your


Yes, you are not alone on this journey.

At this very moment, a heavenly voice full of compassion is speaking directly to your


They are words from the Creator, overflowing with consolation, strength and guidance.

Imagine having an infallible guide, always present, ready to dispel the shadows of adversity

and light your path with unconditional love.

Someone who wipes away your tears, heals your wounds and propels you towards a radiant tomorrow.

No matter how deep your scars, how dense the fog of despair, these divine messages have

the power to restore your peace, calm your soul and renew your faith in a future of joy

and fulfillment.

god says My dear, never forget that at every step of your path, my presence is a constant.

No matter how big the challenge, I’m always here, ready to carry the weight alongside


Believing in my promises is the foundation that keeps you firm in the face of the great

challenges that this life presents you with.

At times, it may seem that you are alone fighting against immense tides, but remember, my strength

lies within you, giving you the courage to carry on.

In the face of obstacles, I beg you don’t allow discouragement to take hold of your


I listen to your every request for peace and I am always by your side.

The trials of everyday life do not have the power to take away your happiness or shake

your faith.

Even if the shadows of difficulties try to obscure your vision, know that my light will

guide your steps.

Type with faith My life is guided by God!

Every challenge you face is an opportunity to strengthen your spirit and renew your faith.

Your life is not defined by momentary affliction, but by the eternal promise of redemption and

love that I offer.

When temptation tries to lead you astray, remember the strength that resides within


Your mistakes and failures are part of your growth, not insurmountable barriers.

Your trust in me is the key that opens the door to overcoming.

Even when you fall, I’ll be by your side, ready to offer my hand and lift you up every


I know your struggles and your pain, and even before you came to me, my love for you was

already immense.

Now that we are walking together, my light is your guide, dispelling all darkness and

renewing your hope.

Declare By divine grace, my faith grows stronger every day.

Know that you are of immeasurable value to me, a treasure that holds within it an innate


Even when you feel distant, my love is the bridge that reconnects you to the source of

all joy.

See yourself as I see you a wonderful creation, capable of overcoming any adversity.

In moments of sadness, my consolation is your refuge.

I am your greatest supporter, healing your wounds and restoring your inner peace.

Always remember, dear son, that my presence in your life is a promise of constant support

and unconditional love.

Walk in the light of the certainty that you are never alone.

Allow my hope to fill your heart and guide you along a path of peace and fulfillment.

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On this path of life, many voices will try to influence you, taking you away from the

light I have in store for you.

Other people’s opinions can shake your conviction and erase the bright future I have planned.

Bitterness can settle in your heart if you begin to doubt Me, thinking that My silence

is a form of negligence.

But listen, I am speaking to you at this very moment, extending abundant love, ready to

welcome you with open arms.

The decision is in your hands accept My brilliant promises or lose yourself in the shadows of

doubt and despair?

Are you prepared to live a tomorrow of joys and achievements or are you going to let yourself

be carried away by anguish?

Will you believe what I say or will you be swayed by voices of negativity?

The time to choose to follow Me and live in the light of My presence is now.

Declare My path is illuminated by faith and hope.

Beloved children, the path to a deeper connection with divine wisdom awaits.

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In this world, many people want everything handed to them, without the slightest gratitude.

Their hearts become empty, full of pride, losing the true essence of being grateful.

Don’t let selfishness and false purity take over.

My love is found in those with humble hearts, who approach Me recognizing their faults,

never using their words to hurt.

I see you.

I want you to choose me, to accept this gift of eternal life.

I know your mistakes, but I also know that you are not like the others.

You believe in a God who loves, forgives and is always ready to help you up.

Don’t miss the chance to live under my protection, surrounded by care and love.

Comment I am guided by divine wisdom and love.

I value you deeply and have seen every one of your struggles and falls.

In moments of pain and tears, when you felt lost, I was there to embrace you, lift you

up and give you the strength to go on.

Think of your journey, of the difficulties you have overcome with my help.

My dear, know that I have always been and will always be by your side.

My desire is to see you flourish, protected and warmed by my presence.

In difficult times, remember that you are not alone.

I cherish you and accompany your every step, ready to support you on each new journey.

if you believe write i trust in god’s plans!

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Despite the challenges that have crossed your path, you have emerged stronger each time.

This resilience is proof of your ability to overcome pain, guided by the inner certainty

of your path.

In the moments when you feel you lack strength, when your legs weaken and uncertainty clouds

your mind, remember it is my love that renews your strength, my spirit that invigorates

you and my promises that sustain you.

I see how, even in your triumphs, you can feel vulnerable; but I want you to know I

am always watching and my love for you is unconditional.

If doubt ever invades your heart or discouragement tries to shake your soul, remember that my

grace and love envelop you completely.

I surrender to you wholeheartedly, longing to show you unexplored horizons and dreams

ready to blossom in your being.

Be aware that I am the architect of your destiny, the faithful guardian of your days.

Type with faith At every step, God guides my path with love and light.

I am your shield and your greatest encourager, instilling in you energy and courage.

My providence prepares magnificent paths for your journey ahead.

As you take in these words, open your heart to hope, for I am always here to bless you.

Doubt may try to creep in, but know that you are always wrapped in my love.

One day, all tears will be wiped away, and all pain will be forgotten, transformed into

eternal joy.

I offer you these words of assurance so that you never forget my eternal commitment to


By giving me a place in your heart, you open doors to blessings beyond measure, gifts that

I am eager to deliver.

Comment With God by my side, anything is possible!

I seek to be a part of every aspect of your life, I want to be your highest honor as I

continue to guide you.

My words are to comfort your soul; my guidance is the key to your revitalization.

My deepest desire is to see you live freely, without the chains of heavy burdens.

When I ask you to trust, it is for your own good; when I urge action, it is to open up

new paths of happiness for you.

I am here to bring calm and serenity to your heart.

Accept this offer of peace as a sign of my unchanging love, I promise to lead you from

victory to victory.

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As you walk towards a sanctified existence, full of the blessings I have for you, know

that my love and my word are eternal.

Nothing can shake them.

I have commitments with you that will never be broken, and the promise of salvation is

an unbreakable bond that unites us.

Even as the world changes around you, my faithfulness remains constant.

Ponder this and keep your faith burning, get ready for the wonders that are about to be

poured into your life.

I know that my words don’t always find an echo in your heart immediately, but I ask

you to treasure them, for they are offered with deep love.

Even when I seem silent, know that I am allowing you to explore, to grow on your own.

But remember, true joy comes from walking alongside me, in eternal unity and love.

Declare I find joy and purpose in walking with God.

Don’t think that defeat is your destiny.

Even after the storms of life, calm and peace will prevail.

Listen to my words and accept the tranquillity I offer as proof of my infinite love.

Hold on to me, because my intention is to fill your heart with joy and courage.

Know that I understand every battle you face, and although there are times when it seems

easier to give up, my love for you is vast and my plan for you is one of prosperity and

a fulfilling life.

Don’t give in, don’t renounce the blessings I have prepared for your path.

Type with faith I renew my strength and hope in the divine promise.

My dear, now is the time to get back on your feet, invigorated by the certainty of my unwavering

love and the expectation of the wonderful works I will accomplish in your life and in

the lives of your loved ones.

The path ahead is illuminated by my presence; walk it with courage and faith.

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Don’t retreat into a dark corner of despair; that doesn’t reflect what I want for you.

I am here to enrich your existence, and no, I will never move away.

I extend my arms towards you, even when your tendency is to retreat or even deny my presence.

Rest assured that my love for you is genuine and unwavering, unlike any other.

My loyalty is like a constant beacon, eternally firm.

The decision to love you is immutable, regardless of your doubts.

Even if you insist that I disappear, I’ll keep talking to you with the same sweetness,

until you really feel this affection warming your heart.

And I know you are already beginning to realize this truth today.

Allow me to envelop you with a Divine and welcoming Love.

I deeply understand your battles.

The sacrifice I made was driven by immense love, and my dedication to you is total and

absolutely firm.

I have chosen this exact moment to overcome your adversities, to dissolve the clouds of

sadness that cloud your outlook on life.

My intention is to relieve the emotional weight that oppresses your chest, the distressing

memories and those feelings that, time and again, drag you back into the pit of sadness.

I hear you venting about feeling undervalued and misunderstood, tired of giving love without

seeing a shred of empathy or appreciation in return.

Declare I find peace and strength in Divine Love.

To you, who today are wondering how you will feed your children, I hold firm to my promise

I am preparing not just a meal, but a bountiful table full of provisions for you and your

family to enjoy.

For those suffocated by debt, trust in my power.

A revelation is on the way, ready to transform your current reality.

And if you long for a decent job, know that it will be revealed.

Despair will have no place, because unexpected connections will emerge, weaving a web of


Remember, a simple smile from you has the power to turn darkness into light in someone

else’s life.

I am always by your side, marking this day as one you will treasure forever.

Continue to absorb my every word, embrace them and allow them to be your guide.

Immeasurable joy awaits you as you witness the wonders I have in store.

Find your peace, embrace serenity and allow your eyes to close gently, surrendering to

the tranquillity I offer.

Type with faith You are my shepherd and I shall not want!

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Give up the idea that there are those hopelessly lost in the grip of endless slavery.

Take this message to those in anguish my desire is to see no one perish.

My love for you is so intense that I am willing to do everything in my power to ensure your

freedom and salvation.

From this moment on, you are free.

No chain of harmful habits will have any more power over you.

Even in the face of difficulties and challenges, I will give you the strength you need to overcome

the destructive patterns that have caused you suffering.

These words are not just for comfort, but for a profound transformation of your outlook

on life, rekindling the courage that moved your first steps towards your dreams.

Your past is forgiven; it will never be a weapon against you.

Life’s journey brings me great joy, and I celebrate each of your achievements and have

been by your side through every difficulty.

Even in moments of loneliness, I have been there, making your path easier.

I am your healer and protector, committed to being with you through every challenge.

Declare God is my strength and support!

Turn to me without hesitation, for I am always ready to listen and respond.

Stay firm in hope, never doubting my presence.

I possess the divine ability to transform, to bring solutions to problems.

Walk beside me in faith, trusting in my paternal protection.

Although the future may seem unknown, rest assured that everything is under my control,

carefully planned with every detail considered.

Your present situation may cloud your understanding of my words, but believe me the depth of

your current sadness will be outweighed by the joy and blessings to come.

I have observed your moments of despair on the darkest mornings, but I am here to bring

you light and hope.

Type with faith My future is bright under divine care.

These are times of new beginnings, of renewal.

Accept my forgiveness, my protection, and allow yourself to be led down a path of victory

and peace.

Your story is a composition of overcoming and faith, a narrative that still has many

happy chapters to be written.

On this new day, remember that you are not alone.

I am with you, now and always, eager to guide your every step towards a fully abundant and

joyful life.

Open your heart to the miracles I have prepared for you, and walk with confidence on the journey

we have charted together.

if you are faithful write jesus is the way, the truth and the life!

The time has come to free yourself from anguish and embrace a new reality guided by supreme


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