god message Have you ever felt that life is extremely challenging and that the obstacles

seem insurmountable?

Have you ever found yourself thinking “When will this suffering end?

Why does nothing seem to work out?”

If the answer is yes, then this message is especially for you.

Prepare your heart, because what you’re about to hear has the power to completely transform

your reality.

The difficulties you have faced have not been in vain.

In fact, each challenge has served to strengthen your character and prepare you to receive

the infinite blessings that are in store for you and your loved ones.

Yes, you heard right!

Miracles, healings, renewal, prosperity, all this and much more is about to manifest in

your life in ways that will thrill your heart.

But to fully enjoy these divine gifts, you need to open up and embrace the greater truth

that will be revealed here.

A powerful truth, capable of dispelling all shadows and bringing a radiant light to illuminate

your path from now on.

god says Today, I come to you with a message of hope and renewal.

Remember, during the countless times you have been faced with obstacles and challenges,

your stability and hope have been like a light that never goes out.

It is essential for me that you know that the difficult times you have been through

have been seen and are not forgotten.

The time has come for you to receive the blessings you deserve.

You have weathered storms and learned valuable lessons along the way, showing admirable strength

when the days seemed bleak.

The difficulties that have come your way were not created by you; they were attempts to

shake you to your core, but even so, you planted seeds of hope which, although they fell on

soil moistened by your tears, are now beginning to germinate.

if you trust!

declare the lord is my shepherd and I shall not want!

Your faith is the fertile soil for the miracle that is sprouting, a sign of imminent prosperity

and blessings.

The seeds of hope that you thought were lost are, at this very moment, blossoming into

beautiful manifestations of love, joy and peace.

The gifts to come will be pure and will not carry with them any weight from the past.

god says This is the moment to understand that I am your guide and that your abundance

will be the result of your goodness and faith.

By moving through the world with an open heart, without placing your trust blindly in others

but rather in my teachings, you are opening up paths to unimaginable miracles.

My word is the absolute truth, and it will manifest in your life at the perfect time.

Affirm with an open heart My faith is the path to God’s blessings!

I see your desires for change, well-being, understanding and truth.

Your longing for transformation, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones,

does not go unnoticed.

With the power to transform hearts and minds, I promise to guide you through this new phase,

towards a future of fullness and gratitude, leaving behind all that no longer serves.

This is your moment of rebirth; the trials of the past are just distant memories.

Get ready, because I am ready to work wonders in your life and in the life of your family.

And remember, even if a path seems to be closing, it is only the prelude to even grander doors

opening before you.

Your faith and dedication are the keys to a future of infinite possibilities.

if you believe, say with god by my side, everything becomes possible!

Be patient and keep your heart open, because the spiritual battle is won with faith and


I am always by your side, guiding and illuminating your path.

“At this very moment, divine love is blossoming in your lives.

Enjoy if this message of hope has touched your heart.

Share it so that more people can receive this blessing.

And subscribe to the channel to continue nurturing your journey of faith.”

In your spiritual journey and search for growth, it is inevitable to encounter resistance,

both external and internal.

At times, invisible obstacles try to block your progress, but remember, you will never

be alone.

Enlightened beings, endowed with celestial wisdom, will appear on your path, pointing

you in the right direction.

It is essential to welcome these guides with humility, dedicate yourself to prayer and

be open to divine revelations.

Your victories over challenges will be emblematic.

Affirm with conviction God is with me every step of the way.

Every obstacle that presents itself is an opportunity to strengthen your faith, your

unique talents and precious gifts.

It is crucial to understand that without God’s presence by your side, adversity could have

an unbearable weight.

Never turn away from the light that guides your path and remain firm in your belief,

because only in this way will you and your family walk towards a future filled with wisdom,

humility and prosperity.

The wonders in store for you and your family are immeasurable.

The foundation is already being laid for a solid and promising tomorrow.

Each of you will receive special gifts, talents and abilities to explore previously unimaginable


It is a mistake to think that you are doomed to a life of spiritual scarcity or emotional


Open yourself up to divine possibilities, dream big and your faith will grow, enabling

you to receive and manage the imminent blessings with all the confidence you need.

Proclaim resolutely My faith is the foundation for receiving divine blessings.

Pain and restlessness will be replaced by an overflowing love capable of healing all


I hope you feel, at this precise moment, the consoling embrace coming directly from heaven,

bringing serenity to your heart and peace to your mind.

You have the strength to overcome any emotional turbulence the world throws at you.

Keep the faith, for divine protection is assured and all evil will be overcome.

Your future is marked by prosperity that transcends human understanding, and no opposing force

will be able to dispel your blessings.

I, in my divine essence, assure you of an unaltered purpose of salvation, eternal life

and guidance on the path of truth.

Trust always, for I am your refuge, your truth and the inexhaustible source of love.

Declare with love In God, I find my way and my peace.

“The wonders that God has prepared for you and your family are unimaginable.

Show your gratitude for this divine promise by enjoying this video.

Share this message of renewal with everyone you love.

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On this path we’re walking together, I ask you to keep your heart open to the promises

I’ve made to you.

Don’t be seduced by the illusions of this world that seek to divert you from the supreme

love I have to offer.

It is gratifying to see you trusting me fully, turning away from those who try to disturb

your inner peace with empty speeches, anger and confusion.

My love for you is the truth you must always believe in.

Now that you recognize these attempts at deflection, I know that you love me and trust that I will

protect you, wrapped in an affection that goes beyond any other.

Declare with determination My earthly journey is guided by God!

If you ever feel alone or helpless, I want you to know that my divine embrace is always

at your disposal, bringing comfort, strength and encouragement, because my love for you

is unconditional.

I have heard your cry, and my powerful hand is already at work to rearrange everything

in your favor.

Whether in times of calm or storm, my presence is indispensable.

Remember that the adversary is on constant watch, looking for a loophole to shake your

faith and divert your path.

But a new beginning is approaching, and soon you will witness the wonders I have prepared

for you.

Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by thoughts of discouragement or defeat, because with

me, despair has no place in your heart.

Your faith in an omnipotent and loving God is the flame that will keep the darkness at


Let that faith rekindle your desire to go on every day, anchored in the promises I offer


No detractor has the power to underestimate your value or determine that you don’t deserve

the best in life.

Affirm with faith my life is a masterpiece created by God!

As we set out on this path, know that magnificent plans await you.

Being by your side at every step is my commitment, guiding you towards an existence marked by

peace and lasting happiness.

It is no coincidence that you are hearing these words now; it is a reminder of my immense

love and the blessing that is about to manifest in your life.

Problems and worries will find a solution, and a bright future is closer than you think.

“You are being guided by a heavenly light towards a future full of blessings and peace.

Enjoy this video as an act of faith in this enlightened journey.

Share it so that others can also glimpse this truth.

And subscribe to remain steadfast on this blessed journey.”

True happiness is found in the patient and persistent journey towards the deeper meaning

of life, anchored in a serene faith that never wavers.

Distractions abound, trying to divert your gaze, but by keeping your sight firmly on

me, your path will light up, guiding you to that eternal destination you so eagerly seek.

Know that moments of doubt, when time seems to drag on and weariness weighs heavily on

your shoulders, do not define your essence.

You have learned to transcend ephemeral emotions and to trust in my divine plan for you and

your family.

Proclaim with faith In God, my victory is certain.

Challenges may test your resilience, but remember that you are not promised a life free of obstacles.

On the contrary, it is the permanence of your faith and strength that will never abandon


Armed with courage, receive the promises I offer, promises that bring renewal to your

being, clarity to your mind and vigor to your heart.

I am here to dispel the shadows of discouragement and desolation, rejecting any insinuation

that seeks to undermine your hope and drag you down to failure.

Today, a miracle awaits you, as long as you commit to following the path of love and obedience

that I outline.

While many lose themselves in futile pursuits for material riches and ephemeral recognition,

reneging on the truth I offer, you have chosen a different path.

You have opened your heart to the humility, wisdom and peace that only I can provide,

refusing to be seduced by the temptations that seek to distort your essence.

This commitment to virtue is the key to unlocking the tide of blessings that are ready to flood

your life and that of your family with endless joy, peace and contentment.

Affirm with hope My heart is fertile soil for God’s promises.

Welcome the new era I announce, a time of abundance and gratitude, where your faith

and perseverance are richly rewarded.

Showers of blessings will descend upon you, creating an atmosphere of joyful peace in

your home and in your heart.

This is the gift reserved for those who, like you, keep the divine word close to their hearts

and patiently await the manifestation of my glory in their lives.

Happiness, in all its fullness, is not only possible, but guaranteed for those who believe

and stand firm in my promise.

“Right now, heaven’s consoling embrace is enveloping your heart and mind with serenity.

Enjoy it to give thanks for this divine affection.

Share it so that this feeling of peace reaches others.

And subscribe to always remember that in God we find refuge.”

Just as nature needs time to work its wonders, your blessings follow a similar course.

Remember the patience inherent in the gestation process of a life or the germination of a

seed, which needs to decompose in the earth before flourishing.

In the same way, the gifts I have in store for you also take time and dedication to materialize.

This is a valuable process, through which everything in your life will be aligned to

bring about your greatest good.

Affirm with hope I trust in God’s perfect timing.

Don’t let adversity get you down.

Stay focused on the end goal, walking with confidence towards the light that promises

to dispel the shadows of what today seems uncertain.

Change, although sometimes intimidating, brings with it the promise of new opportunities and


I am by your side, assuring you that in the company of figures of light and support, no

harm can come to you, nor will any judgment diminish your value in my eyes.

If you could catch a glimpse of the spiritual wonders that surround you, such as the angels

that guard your path or the divine light that illuminates your every step, you would realize

how great is the force that conspires in your favour.

Soon, I will reveal to you, through dreams, glimpses of this heavenly reality, making

you experience a piece of the promised paradise here on Earth.

Moved by a sincere and surrendered faith, I am capable of altering the course of the

universe in your favor.

Proclaim with love My heart and my faith remain firm in God.

Your sincere recognition and love are the greatest reward I could wish for.

In response to your devoted love, I affirm my commitment to never abandon you, no matter

what challenges arise.

I know that words have power, and hearing your love for me expressed verbally strengthens

our eternal connection.

There is no request of yours that my love cannot fulfill.

I’m here to restore your lost dignity and position you in the place you deserve.

A life full of blessings, healing and forgiveness awaits you, if you just surrender your heart

completely and accept the pure, transformative love I am willing to offer.

Declare with gratitude Jesus, in your love I find everything I need.

“The spiritual battle is won with faith and love.

And this video is a reminder of that.

Like it to declare your victory.

Share it to inspire others in this fight.

And subscribe to receive constant encouragement on this journey.”

The promises I have for you are already engraved in the depths of your being, so when you decide

to trust me, do so with all the vigor of your soul and mind.

Don’t follow the example of those who speak of my love, but in reality their hearts are

distant, more concerned with the criticism of others and fearful of life’s adversities

than with the essence of my healing and liberating existence.

I am ready to talk to you, to offer healing to your soul and clarity to your mind, breaking

all the ties that still bind you.

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling free, immune to the opinions of others, finally aligned

with who you truly are – an expression of my love, endowed with wisdom, intelligence,

kindness, perseverance and a faith that nothing can shake.

Proclaim with conviction God is the only salvation!

In moments of darkness, when you feel diminished or hurt by the words and actions of others,

it is to me that you must turn.

Just remember that all the challenges you’ve been through had a purpose and will bring

invaluable benefits.

Your family, initially skeptical, will recognize the value of your convictions and the truth

of your testimony about the divine love you hold so dear, even asking for forgiveness

for the times they doubted you.

You have been chosen for a great purpose, to be a channel for my blessings in this world.

True joy and satisfaction come not from human approval, but from my constant love, my unwavering

presence in your life and the peace that only I can give.

I am with your miracle awaiting your acceptance.

Declare now with an open heart Lord, I accept your love, your freedom and your plans for

my life.

Say, amen.

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stay with god! and see you in the next video!

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