god message my son, you are ready for a profound transformation that will resonate in every

area of your life.

These words that you will hear have the power to renew, to heal and to open doors that you

may not even have known were there.

If you’re looking for a sign, a direction or even just a moment of inner peace, this

video was made for you.

Watch it and feel the surrender to something greater that is knocking on your door, waiting

for you.

It’s not every day that we have the chance to be touched by something so powerful.

god says beloved child, on this day, you will realize how immense my infinite love

for you is.

You will feel my genuine affection and realize how much you are cherished.

Be sure that no adverse force has the power to shake you.

Leave your sorrows behind, because I want your hands to be free to receive the blessings

that will soon be within your reach; blessings that will dispel any melancholy and lead you

down a fertile and prosperous path.

You have earned a crown for every tear you shed, a heavenly gift to savor, cherish and

share with others.

This gift will flourish and spread widely.

Affirm with confidence I am worthy of the blessings that are on their way.

The time has come to act on my guidance, letting go of yesterday’s sorrows and keeping a firm

focus on the final reward.

Escape the trap of living in the shadow of bitter memories or depending on those who

try to prevent the projects I have reserved especially for you.

If you have faith in me, give yourself wholeheartedly to this great plan I have drawn up for you.

In doing so, I bless you with formidable gifts great talents, stupendous ideas, dreams, untapped

abilities waiting to be discovered.

All of this is authentic; I have given you the ability to move forward with wisdom and

the certainty of victory.

Knock on doors with determination and they will open; know that once opened by me, no

one can close them.

Proclaim with hope My journey is blessed with divine promises.

god’s message says I don’t want to see you paralyzed by discouragement, contemplating

an existence marked by unfulfilled dreams.

I have a different plan for you I want you to walk towards success, with the confidence

that success is certain.

I recognize that it won’t be a journey without obstacles; it will take effort and determination

on your part.

However, know that the angels will be by your side, defending you in every challenge.

My word is the blade in your hand, your faith is your protective shield, my spirit is the

banner you wield, and your enthusiasm for life and fulfilling my will will be the energy

that will sustain you.

Say with conviction I am guarded by a heavenly force on my journey.

Do not give way to fear or hesitation, even in the face of mistakes and failures, because

nothing can keep you from my love.

If you believe in my promises, stand up!

If you’re already on your feet, go for it!

And if you’ve started walking, never look back.

I will be waiting for you at the end of your journey, with the blessing ready in my hands.

My power is always there to help you when you miss me, even if you are distant or discouraged

by your own failings.

I understand you; I created you and my love for you is constant, as is my commitment to

protect and care for you.

Close your ears to negativity and remember that my commandment is to be strong and courageous.

Declare firmly My resilience is reinforced by the divine.

Don’t allow turbulent feelings to dictate your thoughts, actions or behavior.

Don’t let life’s challenges consume your faith; stand firm in both adversity and victory.

Know that, at all times, I have been and will be by your side, even when you feel vulnerable.

I ask you to keep your faith alive, however tenuous it may seem, and that, even if your

emotions indicate otherwise, my spirit and my teachings assure you remain firm, do not


You are not alone.

Affirm with hope My spirit remains unshaken in the face of challenges.

Bravely face times of adversity, for when you pass through the furnace, you will not

be burned, and when you cross overflowing rivers, you will not drown.

Do not lose heart, for I will accompany you wherever you go; I will never leave you or

reject you.

I don’t want to see you apathetic, carrying the weight of a troubled soul.

When I look at you, I feel compassion and love, aware that the true extent of your anguish

is not fully understood by those around you.

You suffer in silence, and inside I know that your spirit is crumbling.

Proclaim with hope I am under the protection of divine love.

I watch you criticize yourself for the challenges you face, but I’m not here to condemn.

I’m here to emanate my unconditional love and light your path out of the darkness that

surrounds you.

I seek your redemption, not your estrangement or your persistence in guilt and discouragement.

Your repentance has brought forgiveness for all your faults.

Now it’s time to forget those mistakes; move on.

It’s time to open a new chapter of liberation and happiness in your life.

Free yourself from heavy burdens, sadness and frustration; let go of any resentment

that your spirit has retained.

I recognize the difficulty you face; you have been deeply hurt by the harmful acts of others.

Affirm with confidence My journey ahead is paved with healing and renewal.

You may be believing that you have been denied the right to be happy, but I am here to set

you free and assure you that this is a thing of the past.

Let go and welcome this new beginning, allowing you to feel my love and generosity again.

The tears you shed in despair will soon turn into tears of contentment.

The shadows that tormented your soul will fade, and the light of my presence will dispel

the darkness in your life.

I invite you to open your eyes and sharpen your ears; I bring you good news.

Proclaim with confidence Divine love is the foundation of my renewed happiness.

In every new challenge, remember my words, the promise I made you, which is rock solid.

The happiness I offer you knows no limits.

Listen carefully, because I speak to you with the purest affection, guaranteeing to be the

answer to your worries and pains.

Have faith in me.

Surrender your heart, especially when you feel exhausted or unable to go on.

Seek refuge in me, for I will give you the strength you need and provide you with peace.

Affirm with hope In exhaustion, I will find new vigor.

On the days when fatigue weighs you down, remember that I am there to re-energize your

spirit and bring you peace.

Don’t be afraid, because wonderful surprises await you on the horizon.

The words I bring you every day are seeds that I throw into your soul; they germinate,

creating strong roots and nourishing the fruits of your prayers, anticipating an abundant


Declare firmly I am on the path of blessing and abundance.

Abundance awaits you, and with it, immense joy will flood your being – to the laughter

that will flow from your lips, your heart will join in songs of gratitude.

So don’t let yourself be shaken by the transient shadows of negativity.

Rest assured that every word I say is charged with purpose and will not fail to generate

significant transformations in your spirit, your financial situation, your home and your


A flame that now seems fragile will soon be rekindled, bringing renewed energy to your


I am giving you a new beginning; however, it is your belief that will catalyze this


Don’t hold on to memories that no longer serve you; the Holy Spirit is at work in you, and

you are being molded into a new creation.

Use this renewed strength to prepare for the harvest that will soon be ready for you.

Proclaim with hope The new dawn brings a promising harvest.

Remember, your existence in this world is temporary, the clock keeps ticking, the seasons

change rapidly, but your soul’s journey is vast and rich.

My words are designed to make you cherish every moment, with an unshakeable faith anchored

deep in your essence.

Write down your dreams, prayers and wishes on a piece of parchment, bring them before

me as you wake up each day, with a hopeful spirit and unfailing vigor.

Stay alert, because I am opening doors for you.

Move forward constantly, never give in; persistence is an impressive ally.

Beneficial changes are already taking place among your loved ones.

I am working to harmonize your finances, to bring alignment and restore peace to your


I speak to you every day – heavenly words that fill your soul with wisdom.

Seek the company of those who reflect my peace and love, and who speak the name of Jesus

with pride and without fear.

Let their speech be free from slander and falsehood, and let their actions demonstrate

my benevolence.

Wherever people are gathered in my name, I will be there too, bringing healing and new


Affirm with confidence I am on the threshold of a season of miracles.

Trust me with your burdens and find solace.

Be attentive and you will see signs of the coming of a new time, a time of blessings

beyond measure.

Absorb this message now and know that you are on the brink of a radiant chapter in your


If these words have touched your heart in any way, I ask you don’t keep this to yourself.

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