God message?? IF YOU INSIST ON IGNORING ME, I WON’T FORGIVE YOU! ?️God Message For You Today

god message The peace we seek comes from within.

It is within us that the divine presence resides, ready to envelop us in its infinite love.

These words have the power to touch the depths of our souls, awakening understanding, faith

and gratitude.

They remind us that we are not alone.

That there is someone watching over us, knowing our true worth.

Someone who believes in our potential and has placed dreams in our hearts, dreams that

are destined to come true.

my son!

If you’ve been feeling lost, tired or fearful in the face of life’s challenges, it’s time

to listen to this message.

Let it restore your strength and renew your hopes.

Here you will find divine guidance to overcome obstacles and achieve glorious victories.

This is an invitation to minimize the worries and anxieties that weigh on your mind, replacing

them with the serenity and fullness that only the Creator can grant.

Open your heart to absorb the superior energy that flows through each word.

Let it reveal to you the unconditional love and constant care dedicated to you.

Allow yourself to be enveloped by the peace that surpasses all understanding.

my child!

Stop for a moment and listen, I have a divine message for you.

Go ahead, because I am giving you the strength and discernment you need to overcome the obstacles

you face.

I will restore you and surround you with my infinite love, especially when you are exhausted.

I have the power to renew your life, and I’m about to do just that.

Listen carefully to the words I bring you.

Proclaim with joy God is with me!

Know that you are not in this world by chance.

There is a meaningful and impactful purpose to your existence.

You are here to realize visions that I have planted in your heart and to perform extraordinary


You are not the result of chance, but an intentional creation of mine.

You were placed in this world to be a source of blessings, both for yourself and for others.

Cheer up and get up, I want to see your smile.

Remember the times when you feared you wouldn’t make it, but now you’re here, wiser and stronger.

It was I who chose you, even though I knew of your mistakes and forgetfulness of my constant


I chose you with the wish that you would achieve success, respect and fully realize the promises

planted in you.

In your heart, I have placed the gift of love, forgiveness and help.

I want you to show my affection through your actions.

Say with hope God’s love flows through me!

I leave you a loving touch in the lives of many, moving your spirit and growing your

faith to an extraordinary level.

If necessary, I will be present daily to ensure that you keep your eyes on me.

I will reveal my will and my words in various ways.

So don’t be afraid, I will be by your side.

Don’t be discouraged, because my love is eternal.

Remember, in moments of discouragement, to look up to the heavens.

Don’t hide your tears, I know every pain that touches your heart.

I hold you in my safe hands, so there is no need to fear.

if you trust declare i trust in god’s plans!

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I am here by your side, ready to lift you up, purify your soul and change the course

of your life, offering comfort and serenity.

To those who shed tears of pain, feel my warm and true embrace.

Know deeply the love I have for you.

I want to ease your afflictions once and for all.

The challenges you have faced are known to me, and I hear every word you say to me – even

the silent sighs and tears you try to hide are visible to my eyes.

The scorn you’ve suffered doesn’t reflect your true worth.

Listen to me well you are precious in my eyes, and a huge sacrifice was made out of

love for you.

Type with faith I am loved by God!

The greatest act of love has been carried out for you – your sense of guilt has been

washed away with my own blood, and all remorse has been removed so that you can live freely.

Those who look down on you don’t understand what a treasure you are.

Forgive them and give them into my hands.

Now is the time to release the anger, melancholy and frustration that weigh on your heart.

Now is also the time to forgive yourself, because I have already done so.

Let peace flood your being and hand over your worries to me.

Trust me to ease your burdens.

The mistakes of the past are forgiven; you no longer have to carry them.

I love you immensely and I want you to live to celebrate glorious victories.

So wake up today with a new outlook, sensitive to the infinite blessings that surround you.

The more your eyes open, the more gratitude will be born within you.

Your praise is a heavenly melody, your worship the key to unlocking blessings, health and

true prosperity.

Comment with gratitude My life is a continual blessing!

Give me your hand and trust in the love I have for you.

Talk to me about your anguish; I understand your silent suffering.

Broken promises and shattered dreams cause deep pain in the core of your being.

I know about the expectations that have been crushed and the break-ups that have torn your

heart apart.

Your sadness is unbearable, but I don’t want it to persist.

You have, perhaps without realizing it, allowed others to diminish your dignity and worth.

But now, hear me say how important you are to me.

I wrap you in the mantle of my love, you are safe in the peace of my heart.

Always remember that no one can take you away from me.

You are my beloved child, and my gaze never strays from you.

So why tremble?

Why shed tears?

Don’t look back or to the side, but to what’s in front of you the dreams and happiness

you long for are waiting for you, assured by me.

I’ve made promises and I stand by them, but it’s essential that you believe in them.

Ignore the deceptive voices of envy that try to take away the blessing destined for you

– a blessing they will never possess, because they have rejected the truth.

Meanwhile, you have believed and are therefore understood.

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You are embraced by my peace; here, wrapped in the warmth of my love, you will dwell in


From now on, don’t listen to anyone who says that your dreams are unattainable or that

you don’t deserve what you’ve set out to achieve.

Those who say this simply don’t understand the vastness of my love and the extent of

my power, because for me, who created everything that exists, nothing is impossible.

Show your gratitude with an open heart, say I thank God for my family and friends!

Bow in sincere gratitude to the goodness that your Heavenly Father offers love, redemption,

security, support, wisdom, health.

These are all valuable gifts already received and many more are on the way.

Embrace me in your heart and appreciate the daily effort you dedicate to your family and

your relationship with me.

I know I can count on you to make good use of everything I give into your hands.

Stay calm and nurture your faith, because I have been with you before and I will be

with you again.

Just as the gales and storms are quietened by my command, the turbulent waves of doubt

in your heart will also find rest.

Come to me now, for I want to give you the relief and tranquillity you so desperately


Even if a legion of adversities arise, even if you deal with the marks of past failures,

don’t carry these burdens any longer.

You are still my son, my daughter, and I will guard you from any harm.

Although it may seem that the world is falling apart, and that those around you are succumbing

to fear, remain firm and brave.

Proclaim with joy I trust in divine protection!

Do not be afraid, for I will never abandon you.

This is the greatest proof of love that I see today.

Know that, through these words, I am speaking directly to you, scattering my light among

those who wander in darkness.

Your enemies know your potential and are intent on causing you anguish and usurping your serenity.

If you allow them to disturb your peace and quiet or if you give in to fear, anxiety may


But this is the truth my love for you is unconditional, my mercy is infinite and my

Holy Spirit will strengthen you, preventing you from being tormented again.

Even if you stumble and fall, I will be there to lift you up.

You will never find yourself adrift, because your faith and protection are found in the

constancy of my presence, in my unwavering faithfulness that defies any adversity.

Don’t mourn what seems lost; face the future with the certainty of the care I have for

you, for your family and for the blessings that make up the tapestry of your life.

Comment With God by my side, nothing is impossible!

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Don’t neglect the gift of redemption that I have offered you with my own actions.

While some belittle this divine gift, know that my love for you is constant and tireless.

Distance yourself from those who do evil, but keep compassion in your heart, praying

for your transformation.

Don’t let other people’s criticism and disdain for my word divert your path.

Continue your spiritual journey steadfastly, don’t stop where you are today, for I bless

you with great opportunities.

Find comfort in the embrace of my love that surrounds you and recognize that you are deeply


Call out to me and I will be there; your life is about to change.

Do you believe that?

I’m giving you a new and refreshed heart, and even those who know you well will be surprised

by your transformation.

Help will come from the most unexpected places.

Give sincere thanks, for a stream of blessings and new beginnings is about to open up before


Believe in these promises and share them courageously.

if you believe type God loves me and guides my way!

Don’t forget to pray, don’t speak ill of others, because they are not your enemies.

Don’t accept any nonsense that gets in your way and if someone tries to slander you, look

with discernment.

Don’t fall into the snares of the adversary.

I look for sincere, loyal and faithful hearts who truly love me, but also respect the boundaries

I have set.

You are being educated to be a builder of lives, an encourager of your family and a

herald of powerful and divine words, not to get entangled in fruitless debates.

My commandments are sweeter than honey and give you the strength and courage to rise

and overcome any adversity.

No evil will befall you if you remain attentive, with my word resounding on your lips and in

your mind, night and day.

Fear not, for I will warn you of danger.

When those who do evil rise up against you, strengthen yourself, for when you proclaim

these words in faith, all those who desire evil will be scattered.

Say to yourself My home and family is blessed by God!

Your home will not be a haven for misery, scarcity or sickness.

Don’t despise anyone, small or large, young or old, for each person is pure in my eyes.

Don’t allow the past to be brought up, for I have granted forgiveness.

Support those you love, helping them to prosper, and then I will bless them even more.

I want these blessings to spread through you.

From your heart will flow rivers of living water, and those who cross your path will

be touched by miracles, wonders and healings.

Your smile will reflect the hope that so many long for, and many will understand the power

you have been given.

Say with humility I thank God for every blessing I receive!

Don’t be discouraged, move forward by spreading this message and accepting with gratitude

in your heart all these graces that are given to you.

Receive them with love, open your arms to this affection that I extend to you and feel

the beautiful emotion that radiates from your being.

I know that you had a restless night and that thoughts came to disturb your rest.

The word of God restores and uplifts our spirit.

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I want to assure you that you shouldn’t fear, because the cleansing of insecurities rooted

in your past is happening now.

I am annulling broken promises and I say with conviction that my grace will be sufficient

for you.

Be assured that you are not alone or lost; a simple prayer is enough to find me.

Proclaim I am a channel of God’s blessings!

I want you to learn to wait with confidence, knowing that what you have asked for, even

if it hasn’t arrived, will soon be in your hands.

Those blessings you have been waiting for will be granted.

Accept my word in your spirit and believe it.

Cry out to me sincerely, and I will answer, strengthening your spirit and leaving uncertainty


Say with hope God’s promise feeds my spirit!

The past must no longer disturb you; your future is in my care, and I will fulfill the

sublime purpose for which you were created.

Get ready to see wonders in your life and to witness your family blessed by my love.

Your dwelling will be protected by the powerful blood that redeemed your sins.

Open your lips in worship, and I will fill them.

Be nourished with the honey of divine understanding and filled with the finest wheat of heavenly


I am with you, distributing my supernatural happiness into your life on a daily basis.

Who else understands your thoughts and knows your needs but me?

Who else can fill your soul with restorative peace and serenity?

I am the one who gave my life on the cross and rose again so that salvation could be


I determined your days, I autographed your destiny and I assure you that nothing is impossible

for you.

Proclaim with joy God is the author of my destiny!

While many believe the falsehoods that the world presents, thinking that my love is absent

or that I only intend to punish, I testify of my love, even if some don’t believe it

or hold grudges.

True joy lies in justice and truth.

Embrace this love which is patient, which believes, hopes and endures all things.

This love will never fail; it is the key to the supernatural blessings that are already


Among love, hope and faith, the greatest of these is the love that belongs to you – and

it is with this love that I eternally grace you.

Waking up every morning must be a courageous and faith-filled act.

I observe and appreciate your persistence and the true worship you offer.

I admire the way you have resisted and stood firm in the face of challenges.

Type with faith God enables me to overcome evil!

Let’s continue on this journey together, with the renewed certainty that you are not alone

and that the best path is always the one illuminated by the light of my presence.

Let divine love flow through you.

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You chose not to react with bitterness or anger towards those friends you trusted and

who ended up betraying you.

Yes, they may have taken material goods, but what is essential, what really defines who

you are, remains untouched – your faith, your zealous commitment and firm resolve.

Stand firm, carry on doing my will, whatever happens, because you are genuinely my son,

my daughter.

Say with hope My faith is unshakeable!

The word I sowed in you has already blossomed into many fruits, and countless other blessings

and gifts are yet to come.

You have a bright future ahead of you.

I’m here to guarantee your health and extirpate any illness, and also to grant you the power

to defeat the forces of evil with the simple proclamation of my word.

Your life, your family, your health, your finances – everything under your roof – will

be free and you will experience victory.

Your home will be filled with my majestic glory and transcendent wonders will manifest

day after day.

You will be accompanied by communities of good people, who will also receive blessings

out of the generosity of your heart.

Proclaim with joy My house is a sanctuary of miracles!

Stop for a moment and consider the many reasons why you can be grateful today.

Your family, your health, the air you breathe, the food on your table, the roof that shelters

you and the supernatural protection that surrounds your dwelling.

Warrior angels are camped around you, watching over your dreams and ready to face any battle.

There are countless reasons to embrace life and feel blessed every day, ensuring the health

of your family and maintaining the peace and stability you need.

However, there are dark moments when gratitude slips away and the enemy approaches with whispers,

breathing negative thoughts into your mind, turning worry into fear and surrounding you

with falsehoods.

Declare firmly I give thanks for each new day!

When anxiety tries to triumph over you, I’m watching, waiting for you to raise your arms

and utter the words that will make the adversary back down.

It is at these moments that expressing gratitude becomes your greatest weapon.

These were words of support, faith and hope to nourish our spirits.

Divine messages that remind us how much we are loved and blessed.

Keep the teachings shared here in your heart, so that they can guide and strengthen your


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