god message my son!

Have you ever felt lost in the midst of life’s turbulence, not knowing where to go or who

to trust?

But I have discovered that there is One who never fails, is always by our side and wants

the best for us.

He is the source of love, wisdom and hope that we all seek when we least expect it.

And He’s closer than we think, ready to guide us and transform our story.

I’m going to share with you powerful messages that I’ve received in my times of greatest


They are real words that have brought peace to my heart and rekindled my purpose.

And they can do the same for you, bringing encouragement, faith and renewed meaning to

your days.

Believe me, this video has the power to change your life!

god says Beloved son, as you watch the blessings multiply and prosperity flow into your life,

remember the true source of all this favor My infinite love for you.

My gifts do not come wrapped in luxurious papers, but poured out like fresh rain to

quench the thirst of your soul.

Proclaim with joy God supplies all my needs.

As you count your many blessings, let each one bear witness to the miracles I perform

every day.

Just as seeds sown in the ground sprout into an abundant harvest, allow your faith to flourish

to the full.

Declare with certainty The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want.

As you share from the overflowing fountains of provision, let your acts of generosity

represent the fruits of the Spirit love, joy, peace and kindness.

The true spirit of prosperity is found not in the selfish accumulation of wealth, but

in the joyful sowing that guarantees an even greater harvest.

Say with gratitude Lord, I am deeply grateful for your blessings in my life.

Celebrate every victory and achievement by remembering the indestructible link between

the natural and the supernatural.

I am always with you, guaranteeing your success in the brilliant idea I inspire you with,

in the strategic contact I present to you, in the perfect opportunity I prepare for you.

In the midst of the joy of winning, remember the modest seed you sowed one day in faith,

trusting in my protection and purpose.

It was in fertile soil that it germinated into the leafy tree you now enjoy.

write with faith Path and rest in the provision of the Most High.

Advance along this path of continuous growth by embracing the model of unconditional love

and provision that I embody.

As My beloved child and heir, you can trust that you have inherited all My blessings – not

by works, but by undeserved grace and favor.

Remember, the greatest joy comes not from accumulating possessions, but from sowing

with a generous heart.

For he who sows with blessings will also reap with abundance.

Declare with confidence God is my greatest shield!

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As you share from the abundant sources of provision, let your acts of generosity represent

the true fruits of the Spirit love, joy, peace and faith.

The genuine spirit of prosperity is not found in the selfish accumulation of wealth, but

in the silent sowing that guarantees a hundredfold harvest through My overflowing grace.

Say with confidence I am safe in your hands, Lord.

In this time of growth, seek to transcend the natural and embrace the supernatural that

dwells within you.

Let your heart overflow with the seeds of kindness, forgiveness and a renewed understanding

of My infinite provision.

Allow your actions to reflect the favor and abundance that I release upon you.

Remember, beloved child, that true happiness does not derive from what you can accumulate

for yourself, but from what you sow with a generous and benevolent spirit.

With each act of kindness, My presence renews and expands in you, attracting new opportunities

for growth and success.

You are my representative in this world, planting seeds of hope and reaping prosperity that

surpasses understanding.

As you move forward with boldness and faith, I prepare your path for a continuous ascent

of victories and conquests.

Declare boldly I am the bearer of Your Light.

In moments of greatest activity, seek stillness and feel My empowering presence replenishing


Allow My peace to flood your soul, quieting doubts and fears.

Remember that the greatest miracles begin in the silence of the buried seed.

At this moment, I invite you to pause in gratitude, reflecting on the many blessings you have

already received and the many more I will accomplish in you and through you.

Gratitude is the driving force behind new miracles.

Exclaim with gratitude I thank you for your transforming presence.

Go forward confidently on this path of continuous growth, embracing the principles of love,

generosity and good character that I embody.

In doing so, you become an ever greater channel of My blessings in this world.

This is a time to celebrate the victories you have already achieved and at the same

time a reminder that your unstoppable ascent has only just begun.

No matter what happens around you, the light of My favor upon you will never go out.

Declare firmly God is everywhere.

Feel God’s love renewing your soul as you listen to His words of encouragement and life.

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I encourage you to find moments of stillness in the midst of the daily rush.

In those intervals of silence, I will be there to guide you, comfort you and invigorate you.

It is in seclusion that My words of wisdom and encouragement often echo most clearly,

bringing clarity and vision.

Remember, beloved, that change is a constant companion on life’s journey.

Embrace it with an open heart and a receptive spirit; each new phase brings with it seeds

of growth, revelation of purpose and a portal to new blessings.

Do not fear the unknown, for I am there, guiding you to the spacious land I have prepared.

Let us say with strength My faith is unshakeable in the Lord.

As you venture into the coming year, hold tightly to faith – the compass that will guide

you through life’s storms to places of peace, favor and victory.

Faith is a firm anchor as you navigate the rough waves towards the glorious destination

I have prepared for you.

In this coming year, I encourage you to sow kindness and generosity, the truest reflections

of My nature overflowing through you.

Be a beacon of benevolence and grace, not only to those around you, but also to yourself.

Tend to your own heart with gentleness; recognize its frailties with loving patience as it flows

through the process of continuous maturation and elevation.

Proclaim with love God is living hope.

Build bridges of empathy and understanding in your relationships.

Listen with an open heart, speak with sincerity and always act with the intention of restoring

and building up.

In this way, you become a living channel of my love, pouring out healing balm and hope

on those you meet.

In this new year, dream big, beloved child.

Let your ambitions rise above any remnants of fear or uncertainty.

With me, be sure that everything is possible for those who believe.

Your dreams are the seeds of an auspicious future; cultivate them with dedication and

you will see them blossom into full manifestation.

Prophesy with confidence My dreams are fulfilled under divine supervision!

As we move towards the new possibilities of this year, allow gratitude to be your tireless


In the midst of every challenge, find reasons to give thanks, because gratitude illuminates

the blessings hidden in everyday life and reinforces the perception of My constant presence

and favor.

Know that you are never alone.

I will be by your side every step of the way as your Guide, Protector and faithful Friend,

leading you through green pastures and tranquil waters.

Declare I trust in the way the Lord has prepared for me!

Believe in My guidance along the invisible paths I present and in the evolutionary journey

of each sunrise.

The greatest achievements often lie in simple acts of faith and surrender.

Sail through this year embracing the transformative power of forgiveness, which restores your

soul, rebuilds shattered relationships and frees your heart from the burden of past hurts.

Forgive as you have been forgiven and thus make room for restoring bonds and renewing


Affirm Forgiveness is the key to freedom.

In the quiet moments of everyday life, seek wisdom in my Word.

Let the Scriptures be your compass, a lantern lighting your way and a beacon of light guiding

your path.

The truth revealed in My Word is eternal and applies to every aspect of modern life, offering

a stable foundation in a world of uncertainty.

This year, motivate yourself to serve others with a joyful heart.

The joy of service springs from the overflowing love of the heart and is expressed through

selfless attitudes and genuine compassion.

Type with conviction God’s Word is my guide.

The act of serving echoes My love in action, whether it’s extending a helping hand, offering

a listening ear or sharing words of encouragement.

Your service is an eloquent demonstration of the love and compassion that flow from


In moments of affliction and trial, remember that My strength is made perfect in your weakness.

Don’t fear your limitations; see them as opportunities to demonstrate My grace and power.

Write with conviction The Lord strengthens me and guides me at every step!

In your frailties, My grace overflows even more radiantly, bringing hope and encouragement

as you press on through the challenges.

Allow patience to be your constant companion.

Patience in the face of adversity, of others and of yourself in the process of maturing.

Remember, great achievements take time to blossom.

Patience is the key to enjoying the wonders I have prepared for you.

Cultivate a heart of gratitude, not only in joyful moments, but also in trials.

Gratitude is an expression of your unshakeable faith in me, a declaration that my love and

lordship are absolute.

write I am accompanied by God at all times.

May this year find you as a beacon of hope and light for your community.

Allow your words, actions and attitudes to mirror the love and grace you have received.

In doing so, you become a living witness to My love, encouraging others to seek the same

peace and hope that you have found.

Know that I am always with you, guiding your steps and strengthening you with My firm hand.

You are never beyond the reach of My watchful and careful love.

Affirm I am eternally under divine protection.

Trusting in my love that overcomes everything, find in me the source of your strength and

conviction to face the new journeys that lie ahead of you.

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