today God is speaking to

you my dearest one I’ll assist you in

getting over your incredulity the dad

begged if you could kindly heal his son

who was possessed by an impure Spirit

when he brought him he answered I do

believe help me to overcome my

unbelief after hearing that everything

is possible for one who believes leaves

through the Cure I provided for his son

I assisted him in getting over his lack

of faith you may have moments in life

when you feel anxious or

worried you could question if I am truly

with you or if I am even listening to

your prayers even though you are aware

that I have a plan for everything hen wo

Supply what you require when you need it

can you tell why things are going the

way they are it’s a result of your lack


belief let me tell you one thing then if

you think that you are losing confidence

in me pray I will work a miracle for you

work through someone else or use some

other means to assist you get over your

lack of

faith bless someone’s Day by sharing


video Jesus

Proclaim understand how to live from

your actual Center me I live in the

Abyssal regions of your being eternally

United with your soul this profound

level is where my peace always rules you

won’t discover longlasting Harmony and

your surroundings in situations

or in interpersonal connections the

outside world is constantly changing

because to the dek and death curse

however you hold a hidden treasure Trove

of peace that is just waiting to be

discovered spend some time exploring the

wealth of my dwelling

presence my desire is for you to live

more and more from your true Center will

where my love envelops you in an

unbreakable Embrace in you I am Christ

The Glory seeking

hope permit gratefulness to temperary

thought being grateful keeps you

connected to me I detest it when my

Offspring complain and slightly reject

my authority gratitude acts as a defense

against this fatal Vice

moreover adopting an attitude of

gratitude shapes your perspective on

life you can feel the light of my

presence shining on all of your

circumstances when you are grateful

develop an attitude of gratitude because

it will exalt me and bring you

Joy I want to occupy the center of your

being fears and anxiety are replaced by

my peace when you keep your attention

fixed on me you need to be vigilant

because they will surround you and try

to get away

in give thanks and trust a watchful

stance preventing fear from taking root

my love who always shines upon you is

fearless rest in the serenity of my love

light as I bestow upon you a brilliant

peace give your entire self over to

loving and trusting

me write Jesus’s Supreme

King the world’s light is me men crawl

through there lives cursing the dark

while I shine brightly the entire time I

want every one of my disciples to carry

the light your face can radiate the holy

spirit that resides within you may

making me visible to those in your


vicinity as you navigate this day ask my

spirit to be present within you embrace

me with gladness knowing that I will

always be by your sigh my presence is

light is shining on you make the world

more cheerful by it reflecting who I

am put your trust in me by transferring

control to me recognize that I am God

and let go I created this world and I am

in charge of it a component that

responds to the Litany of Love Is Yours

among my Offspring I look for openness

to me I have placed a gift in your heart

take good care of

it with the light of my presence tend to

it lay down your worries in front of me

when you offer requests for prayer open

up to me and give me your whole

heart then give thanks to me for the

solutions I implemented long before you

could see any effects continue to thank

me for the answers you are receiving

when you remember your requests you will

live intention if you continue to voice

your worries to me your your outlook

becomes far more optimistic when you

Express gratitude to me for how I am

answering your prayers praying with

gratitude help she stay focused on my

promises and

presence typ pal and if you

believe my dear child in this world

teeming with distractions and turmoil I

reach out to you please pause and hear

me out for I have tailored a message

just for you I ask you to take a moment

to truly absorb the asence of what I am

about to

share within these words you will

discover the keys that can unlock the

Hidden Truths of your life’s journey

trust in my guidance as we navigate

through the DM corridors of Doubt

towards the illuminating truth

so my dear I urge you to turn not away

embrace the wisdom I offer in just a few

moments spent with this message I

promise to address your deepest

questions and provide Comfort to your

tired Spirit but to receive this you

must commit to listening are you

prepared my

child listen carefully for my voice

surrounds you soft

and reassuring I am aware of the burdens

that weigh on your heart the grief that

dams your

steps you come to Life’s challenges with

a heavy heart your silent prayers

blending with the tears that spring from

deep within although you speak not your

troubles they resonate deeply with

me it pains me to see your suffering but

remember the time of grieving will soon

pass a new morning is on the horizon its

first light already cutting through the

darkness of your

sorrow at this moment I am gently

encouraging the seeds of happiness that

lay dormant inside you urging them to

awaken and thrive in the midst of your

struggles a spark of hope is rekindling

chasing away the shadow Shadows that

once seemed so

overwhelming take courage For You Are

Not journeying Alone hold on to the

promise of a fresh start for deep within

you lies a Wellspring of strength and

resilience rise up my child and greet

the new day where Joy will be your

constant companion and hope your

faithful Kai type almond in the comments

and remember to share this message with

three others by doing so you allow

Divine assistance to enter your

life the quiet determination you’ve

embraced since choosing to surrender now

beats steadily within you guiding your

every move through unknown

paths each Act trust every praise you

whisper even in fear adds to the story

of your life Paving the way toward

Victory just like a river shapes its

course through tough terrain your

commitment has opened the way for

breakthroughs even when the journey

seemed clouded by

doubt as victory draws near remember is

not just a fleeting moment but the

Testament to your perseverance and and

strong Spirit your journey is a tribute

to the power of enduring faith and

determination soon the sounds of Triumph

will resonate not as a single event but

as the climax of a path marked by

resilience and

Trust As you move through your

challenging circumstances know that even

in the most Barren valleys po potential

lies hidden waiting for your continued

efforts and a touch of Hope just as

seemingly Barren ground can be

revitalized with careful nurturing so

can the desolate areas of your life

flourish a

new in your Quiet Moments of reflection

listen for the soft Whispers carrying

promises made long ago these promises

like seeds planted deep within your

spirit are now Awakening their Roots

grow deeper anchoring in the rich solve


faith though you’ve walked through Dry

and desperate Seasons these hardships

serve a purpose within the furnace of

Trials resilience is shaped and

character refined and just as a young

plant breaks through tough soul so will

you rise from adversity stronger and

renewed your solitary tears are not lost

they water the seeds of change within

you as time moves forward revealing its

secrets you will see the dreams you once

thought impossible begin to

bloom if you have faith in God right

amen my cherished one in this body

musling chaotic world I hold out my hand

to you do not hurry past pause and

receive this message designed especially

for you take your time to deeply absorb

what I’m

sharing in these words lies the wisdom

to uncover the secrets of your path have

faith in my guidance as we tread from

the dark uncertainties into the bright

realm of

truth I urge you beloved do not shy away

accept this knowledge I offer you a few

moments with this message could answer

your deepest inquiries and comfort your

fatigued Soul you must however listen


care are you prepared my dear one pay

close attention to my voice enveloping

you gentle yet clear I see the heavy

burdens you carry the darkness That

clouds your steps you approach life’s

trials with a sorrowful heart your

silent please mingling with tears of

deep inner

turmoil your unvoiced struggles Echo

clearly to me though it saddens me to

see your pain take heart the period of

mour is nearing its sand a fresh fresh

Dawn is approaching its first light

Breaking Through The Darkness that

surrounds your

grief right now I am gently nurturing

the dormant seeds of Joy within you

encouraging them to grow despite the

pain a flicker of Hope is rekindling

pushing away the Shadows that seemed so

overwhelming be courageous for you do

not walk this path alone cling to the

promise of new beginnings for within you

lize a deep reservoir of strength and

resilience the quiet determination you

have Embrace since yielding control now

rhythmically beats within steering you

through Uncharted paths each Act of

Faith every whispered word of Praise has

woven in to the fabric of your life

leading you towards ultimate

success like a river tirelessly carving

its path through Stone your dedication

has cleared away for breakthroughs even

when the roads seem

obscured as victory nears remember it is

not just a fleeting moment but a

testament to your persistence and robust

Spirit your journey exemplifies the

power of steadfast faith and Relentless

effort soon the sounds of Triumph will

EO not as a single event but as the peak

of a journey defined by resilience and

Trust as you navigate your difficult

circumstances remember that even in the

most baren Landscapes potential Eyes

hidden waiting for your continued

efforts and a touch of Hope just as INF

fertile land can be revived with

persistent care so that can the barren

areas of your life be transformed into


Landscapes to accept it with belief

please type

God does not take pleasure in our

our wrongdoing despite the fact that we

are all sinners he detests sin and is

Holy and just by Nature that being said

this does not imply that he has given up

on us or ceased loving

us he saved us by sending Jesus to die

on the cross while we were still Sinners

out of tremendous mercy God takes great

pleasure in the people that he has

chosen those who place their faith in

Christ despite the fact that we may


sin even when we make mistakes he still

works to sanctify and transform Us in us

via the power of the Holy Spirit God

does not enjoy wrongdoing and this

should offer you hope it indicates that

he is a against the powers of evil and

that he will not permit wickedness to

live with him

forever even though evil people may

cause you problems in this life you may

be sure that God will hear your please

and uphold your moral cause remain

hopeful and maintain your faith in the

Lord he loves you despite your

imperfections and is attempting to

change you so that you more closely

resemble his son continue to have

confidence in the knowledge that you

will spend eternity with the holy God

who detests

wrongdoing this verse serves as a

reminder that there is purpose to be

found even in the depths of Despair God

permits suffering in order to bring

people nearer to himself it can

strengthen our bond with Jesus and

assist us in realizing how dependent we

are on

him before I was afflicted I went astray

but now I keep your word declares Psalm

to like the psalmist we are there

are moments when we require daily arony

as a reminder to turn to him regardless

of the nature of the ailment it is

beneficial to

us the outcome is beneficial to us the

design is kind this is what the

experience of all the sufferings of the

righteous will eventually be like so

that we could be led to a deeper

comprehension of what God’s laws demand

and that they might persuade us to


them anything that guides us to toward

obeying God is a boon and a kindness to

anything that helps us ensure our Soul’s

salvation is a benefit too regardless of

the expense whatever it takes we might

have to give up regardless of the

hardships and persecutions it might

bring upon

us whatever the circumstances or

duration of our suffering May be despite

hardships like poverty disdain and labor

we will ultimately be grateful for it

the anguish of the world of Despair is

incomparable too anything that may be

endured in this

life the glory which shall be revealed

in Us in heaven cannot be match to

anything on Earth according to Romans

I believe that the glory that will

be revealed to us will be greater than

the sufferings of this current

ERA we are all sinners and fall short of

God’s glory regardless of our perceived

goodness we are inherently flawed we

have a built-in propensity to do wrong

from birth observed are we still Sinners

even after we say we believe in Jesus

even so our hearts aren’t in it it’s as

a result of our inherent corruption this

one is without dispute and we ought to

be aware of it so that we can rely

solely on

God realizing that things will become

worse without him how much more is it

for someone who doesn’t know God or for

someone who claims to be a Christian but

doesn’t study God’s word when even

someone we know to be faithful to God’s

sins it is really risky to feel

comfortable let’s be skeptical of

ourselves always keep our hearts safe

because of the deceitfulness of our

hearts ignorance of God’s word will lead

to deception if we don’t exercise

caution we shall be

destroyed be alert T and of sober mind

says Peter – the devil your

adversary prows around like a roaring

lion searching for

prey because there is an evil force in

the world that wants to mislead and ruin

us we children of God Should Be watchful

and cautious in our daytoday

activities in order to withstand

Temptation and keep from succumbing to

Satan’s might he must be vigilant

attentive and sober of relying on God

for support we cling firmly to our faith

and rely on God’s watchful I and

direction for our

relationship Comet lord always protect

me history has shown us that people who

dig a pit for others frequent ly end up

falling into it themselves in a similar

vein people who plan against their

bosses or instigate damage against

others frequently meet the same

and those who plot against others

frequently pay price for their own Deeds

just as hmon was hanged on the exact

Gallows he constructed for morai we come

across many cir circumstances on our

journey where we could feel inclined to

act in an unfavorable

way it might be the need for vengeance

the impulse to control people or the

drive for quick money without thinking

about the long-term effects this verse

warns us nevertheless that these kinds

of Deeds frequently come back to haunt


intentionally hurting someone else

whether directly or indirectly

compromises our integrity and releases

bad energy that reverberates throughout

our own life it turns into a vicious

Loop that eventually swallows us whole

and imprisons us in the very hole we

made when considering this verse it is

important that we consider our our

intentions and the possible outcomes of

our choices whether in a figurative or

literal sets we should think about the

potential harm to ourselves as well as

others before we dig a

pit instead of being people who add to

the demise of those around us let’s aim

to be people that uplift others let’s

break out from the cycle of

self-destruction n lead by example by

being understanding humble and

compassionate the statement made by the

Apostle because I know whom I have

believed gives us Comfort when faced

with doubts and

difficulties the foundation of our faith

is this spiritual awareness of Christ

which leads us to a greater

comprehension of his grace and the

entirety of his salvation our faith gets

stronger as we gain more understanding

of this and it is firmly rooted in our

unshakable confidence I Christ as the

capable willing and all encompassing

savior that he is with the awareness

that Christ is the rock of our souls the

source of Our Hope and the oppos older

of our faith may you be encourag to face


day finally there is a constant source

of Hope and Assurance in the apostles

and shakable belief that Christ is able

to guard what I have entrusted to him

until that day this kind of conviction

endures the test of time and

Circumstance providing a great great

sense of comfort and confidence in the

face of life’s uncertainties and

hardships may you also have steadfast

confidence in Christ’s power to protect

T maintain everything you entrust into

his faithful

hands just as the Apostle experienced

relief in putting his entire life and

everlasting welfare in his hands

enter Jesus as God in the comment box to

show this video to people who believe

in God dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me greetings

Heavenly Father though there are many

other kinds of love in the world none of

them compare to your agapy love you are

the Ence of love nobody will ever be

able to love us as deeply or fully as

you do how fortunate we are to know that

there is nothing we can say or do to

change how much you love us we are

appreciative of your kind and patient

love your NeverEnding commitment to us

and your promise to never abandon

us we appreciate your support

encouragement and ability to see the

best in US may we never take for granted

the unending unending and Incredibly

kind love you have shown us you are

aware father that many people are having

a hard day to day please offer Comfort

to everyone who is in pain as well as to

those who feel excluded and alone you

are familiar with all of our names you

see our deepest desires innermost

thoughts most intimate memories needs


anguish you have the ability to fill the

vo in our life and Men the wounded areas

of our hearts I hope that those who are

suffering right now since you’re

unmistakable presence may your closeness

comfort and uplift them and may your

immense love overwhelm them please take

care of them as only you can dot please

make use of us as a pleasant and

encouraging resource today let us serve

as your hands and feet as you extend

your love to someone who is in need of

kindness or Compassion or who’s hurting


alone I hope we bring a smile to

someone’s face today please help us to

count our blessings and put our our

attention on what we do have rather than

what we

don’t we are grateful for everything our

Lord and the Savior Jesus done to

demonstrate your love for us we make

these requests all in his name thank you

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