God Is Coming To Your House In Next 11 Minutes….✝️ God’s Message

my dear child I am meticulously

preparing a banquet of blessings just


you even as adversaries watch you will

rise high in the eyes of all

Nations listen to my gentle urging

Embrace Faith follow the path of

obedience and arm yourself with

patience let go of worries about

tomorrow your mission is to persevere

follow my guide idance and entrust all

matters into my Caring Hands I am your

devoted father and almighty God

showering you with precious gifts each

day not to be overshadowed by

anxiety when doubt sneaks in and Trust

wavers leading to worry it pains me

casting Shadows over your spirit and

body I understand your weariness in

moments of


remember I am always by your side

offering the comfort of

companionship I am your most faithful

healer ready to ease every ache and

menend the wounds of body and soul in

times of distress know that I am here

for you trust that I am your Shield your

needs do not go unnoticed for my

assistance is ever

present my unwavering support is yours

for all

generations I ask for your faith your

genuine heart your steadfast obedience

and your Relentless pursuit of my

presence fear not for I walk beside you

beloved one take a moment step back from

the chaos and dim the lights block out

the world’s noise now is the time to

truly listen to hear my word rooted in

in truth and

sacrifice embrace the comfort and

guidance of my Eternal Word especially

when Shadows of past Sorrows threaten


peace happiness does not come from

accomplishments or possessions nor does

tranquility arrive with the Fulfillment


Dreams true peace lies in the presence

of your heavenly

father I deeply care about your desire s

if you focus fully on me Shut Out

distractions and Trust in my promises

you will bask in my affection and lay

your burdens upon me with Simplicity and

Faith close your eyes ignore the world’s

clamor and feel my presence embrace my

peace Embrace Life a new turn away from

the glare of the world for a Perpetual

light of Truth shine within you trust in

my love for I promise never to abandon

you even in moments of Despair know that

I am with you steadfast and

eternal my love surpasses all

understanding it is unbreakable pure and

everlasting I reach out to you by day

and whisper in the Stillness of night

visiting you in dreams to affirm my love

in ently You Feel It In The Rain hear it

in the winds howl and perceive it in

gentle breezes and ocean

murmurs today grasp the reality of my

everpresent love affirmed endlessly each

day silencing deceitful voices do you

want me to continue telling you every

morning filling your spirit with my

presence come embrace my true hug

feeling my unwavering commitment to love

you despite

everything your need for me cannot be

hidden with me you will achieve

everything I hear and respond wanting to

help you overcome obstacles and illness

do you believe me pay attention fleeing

from problems won’t solve them stand

strong you are my brave-hearted

child equipped to defeat whatever comes

against you

I assure you nothing and no one can

overcome you amidst happiness or sorrow

doubt or defeat I am with you showing my

love surpasses

all wield your faith as a shield against

the enemy’s

onslaughts your current troubles will

fade replaced by blessings Beyond

imagination Anchored In Hope and

enriched by grace and mercy look forward

with vibrant Faith assured as you

navigate through challenges knowing my

love for you is authentic and

enduring dismiss distractions and

trivial concerns moving forward with

vibrant Faith focus on seeking me

passionately engaging deeply in prayer

and immersing yourself in my

teachings make my love the Cornerstone

of your home and life

anticipating significant blessings on


horizon remember I saw the sadness in

your eyes and knew you needed my

strength to carry on reach out your hand

to me for I wish to walk with you

through the corridors of your mind

understanding your struggles

intimately life can be harsh dimming

your spark of Wonder with deceit and

betrayal but trust in my

words I see and understand your burdens

sharing a language of the heart take my

hand and let us journey together to a

realm where you are deeply loved adorned

in Royal

garments know that within my heart you

have your own place reserved solely for

you even if you feel unworthy do not be

deceived with my blood I redeemed your

life and no one one can remove you from


heart I cradle your concerns in my

Caring Hands ready to bring

resolutions place your trust in me for I

speak directly to your heart

daily release every worry into my care

knowing you will not be

overcome stop trying to overcome

challenges by your own power trust in my

guidance I promise to lead you you to

what is truly good drawing you closer to

me protect your heart ignoring voices of

doubt and distance yourself from those

who wish to see you

sad you are immensely precious to me and

I love

you engage in heartfelt dialogue with me

and listen intently your faith will

guide you to peace within your soul

remember I am everpresent

urging you to notice and embrace my

guidance cease searching in places

devoid of Truth and release your burdens

to me when confusion

rains trust in the promise of my

enduring love and do not let worry

consume you I have given you a spirit of

power and love not

cowardice rest assured I watch over you

and you are not dependent on your

emotions or in ens slaved by

fears exercise self-control to overcome

all opposition relying not on your

feelings but on your beautiful Faith

Guided by my Holy Spirit bring your

whole being to me and rest in my will

finding immense security without doubt

in your

mind lift your gaze to the sky in

moments of sadness knowing I hold you in

my hands release bitterness and sorrow

to me letting go of anger and distress

embracing forgiveness for

yourself I have already set you free

from past errors and trust your burdens

to me and find peace in my

presence I adore you deeply my precious

child and desire you to step into a life

brimming with triumphs awaken today with

renewed Spirit aware of the abundance of

blessings surrounding you your gratitude

opens floodgates of blessings bringing

Prosperity wellness and boundless

Joy do not say you cannot or have

nothing for I Am with You providing

satisfying and guiding you toward your

goals lift your gaze knowing I am your

friend who never fails you lies to you

or changes his

mind do not lose lose heart or give

satisfaction to those who mock you do it

for yourself loved ones and remembering

how much I love

you in the midst of Life storms I am

steadfastly beside you offering strength


encouragement find peace in my presence

embrace the confidence I bestow and let

my Solace Infuse your

spirit I grant you wisdom courage and

joy to lighten your journey cast aside

doubt and fear knowing Triumph is yours

through me trust in Divine Justice for I

Am The Sovereign God above all ensuring

no force can Prevail against you good

things are coming have faith and trust

in my perfect timing to bring forth

Miracles your destiny is in my hands I

will make you flourish even in Barren

Land Trust in me even when you cannot

see clearly for no depth is too profound

for my reach to retrieve you embrace the

step stand with courage and affirm your

faith in me I am mending your spirit

fortifying your patience and infusing

you with peace Envision the Blessed

future I am preparing for you and do

everything with enthusiasm strength and

great courage

if you wake up sad remember these words

and take a step of Faith rise

up as you walk Joy descends upon you

giving you the strength to live

fully Miracles still exist for those who

believe in my

power even when you don’t feel or see me

trust that I won’t fail

you start with small miracles and

gradually enter the supernatural realm

walk on waves stop storms and overcome

obstacles hindering your

progress see the Heavenly armies

guarding around you the time you’ve

longed for is

here embrace your strength and step

forward with the Valor of a true warrior

knowing I your Almighty father am by

your side casting away away fear from


heart deepen your knowledge fortify your

spirit and let your faith

Blossom align your thoughts with mine

and anticipate my blessings as part of

your journey toward renewal and

healing fear will lose its grip and

peace and comfort will Nestle in your

heart mending every

wound every day as you come to me your

moments will be filled with an Ever

growing sense of Peace Love warmth

gentleness and calm remember I am

mightier than any challenge or sorrow

you face cast aside fear Embrace bravery

and confront every challenge with a


Heart choose to follow and obey me for

the outcome of your obedience will be

peace and

serenity dispelling all all doubts focus

on following my Commandments and witness

how your enemies scatter in the presence

of my

protection stay close to me for

deceivers will approach attempting to

lead you astray with false

promises In My Embrace you have

everything you need free from turmoil

and harm walk with me and discover new

zest for life as I Empower you to

triumph over

adversity every prayer you lay before me

is acknowledged recorded and responded

to with your utmost good in

mind walk with me and embrace the joy

and Triumph that await you each day

knowing that I have forgiven your sins

and desire for you to live free from

regret and

sorrow banish doubt lean on my promises

and proceed with new found Vigor and

hope knowing that in the realm of

blessings there’s no space for despair


skepticism your trust brings joy to my

heart and envelops you in my

presence continue to believe and trust

in me and watch as my promises

materialize in your

life remember I cherish you deeply

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all things he does for you thanks for

watching amen

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