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said my dear son in this solemn moment

let us delve into the core of your

destiny pay attention for I will reveal

mysteries about your purpose including

love despite the apparent delay of

promises know that I am preparing

everything for the right moment trust in

my Providence and patience for as it is

written in John – let not your

heart be troubled you believe in God

believe also in me in my father’s house

are many mansions if it were not so I

would have told you I go to prepare a

place for you and if I go and prepare a

place for you I will come again and

receive you to myself that where I am

there you may be also these words are a

reminder of my eternal love and care for

you trust in my word and move forward in

faith for I Am by your side guiding you

in every step of your journey even

amidst adversities remain steadfast for

I have grand plans for your life

understand that the waiting time is an

essential part of the preparation

process for what is to come stay strong

and confident for I Am with You

upholding you with my mighty hand when

you feel lost in the darkness of

uncertainty remember that my word is a

lamp to illuminate your path as it is

written in Psalms

your word is a lamp to my feet and

a light to my path trust in my guidance

and my promise that I will never leave

you nor forsake you despite the storms

that may arise in your path remain firm

in faith for I am your unshakable rock

your safe Refuge remember that the hope

you have in me is an anchor for your

soul firm and secure even when

everything seems uncertain trust in my

faithfulness for I am the same yesterday

today and forever in the face of life’s

tribulations remember that the present

suffering cannot be compared to the

Future Glory that will be revealed in

you as it is written in Romans

for I consider that the sufferings

of this present time are not worthy to

be compared with the glory which shall

be revealed in US trust in me for I will

turn your mourning into joy and your

pain into praise in every step of your

journey me I Am with You guiding you and

strengthening you with my unconditional

love trust in me and surrender yourself

to my care for I will make All Things

New in my perfect timing move forward

with courage and Faith for I am your God

your savior and your best friend I love

you more than you can imagine and I am

always by your side ready to bless you

and guide you on the path of Life Trust

in my perfect Providence though you have

already demonstrated patience thus far

it is important to understand that

cultivating even more resilience will

bring greater rewards than you can

imagine the Shadows that once obscured

your path are beginning to dissipate

making way for the warmth and light of

my presence this composite Revelation

Dawn upon those who Faithfully walk

before me unveiling secrets and purposes

that were hidden from your eyes however

even in the midst of advancements and

blessings be aware of the presence of

the adversary he lurks ready to seow

doubts and confusion determined to

divert you from your path of light and

Truth be vigilant against his schemes

and do not allow his attacks to shake

your faith remember that I am by your

side strengthening you and protecting

you from all evil as you progress on

your journey you may notice eyes filled

with envy and anger these are those who

do not understand the plan I have laid

out for you yet know that I am by your

side as your protector and guide my

promises are solid and true your path is

illuminated by my light and your journey

is sustained by my wisdom trust in me

and fear not for I am always present to

protect and strengthen you even in the

face of the most challenging

adversities despite the Shadows that try

to obscure your path know that I am here

to illuminate every step of your journey

I declare a Divine reversal upon all

curses that have been cast upon you for

the designs of evil cannot Prevail in

the light of my grace the Gates of Hell

tremble before your determination and

the protection of my heavenly Angels

move forward with courage knowing that I

am guiding Celestial hosts to clear the

way for my presence in your life the

time has come to release the ships that

have been anchored for so long in the

harbor of hesitation the Seas that

Shimmer with promises and hope yearn for

your arrival fear not the unknown waters

for I am with you holding your hand at

every moment trust in my guidance and

the power of my love to lead you Grace F

through life’s turbulent Waters allow

yourself to be enveloped by the

comforting glow of my presence for I am

here to guide you towards a future

filled with blessings and

achievements upon receiving these words

demonstrate your acceptance and

gratitude in the comments by writing I

receive Lord this is the time to take

firm steps towards your destiny and

embrace the opportunities one place

before you do not be deterred by

challenges for they are merely

opportunities disguised as growth and

spiritual strengthening always remember

that you are loved beyond measure and

that I am always by your side guiding

and protecting you on your journey trust

in me for I will make All Things New in

due time Advance my son my daughter and

know that Victory is certain for those

who trust in me with all their heart s

in your spiritual journey you will face

a variety of challenges that will test

your courage determination and Faith

just as climbing a steep Mountain may

leave you breathless facing adversities

may seem like an arduous climb however

amidst the uncertainty and difficulties

it is important to remember that you are

not alone I am by your side guiding you

with love and protection even even when

your strength falters mine never

fails together we walk this journey as

Inseparable Partners facing each

challenge with resilience and unwavering

Faith the best Adventures begin where

the waves are wildest where the unknown

awakens your soul to new

possibilities despite the risks and

uncertainties proceed with caution and

wisdom trusting in my sovereign hand to

guide your steps

through the turbulent currents of life I

am present to protect you from hidden

dangers and to illuminate the path ahead

with patience and confidence you will

overcome every obstacle and find

spiritual growth and fulfillment in

every step of the journey always

remember that even in The Darkest Hours

the light of my presence shines brightly

offering Comfort hope and guidance if

you choose to embark on this journey

with me you will be embracing the search

for the most Sublime essence of

existence I offer you not only a path

but an invitation to learn resilience

the ability to rise in the face of

challenges in this journey conflicts

will be teachers forgiveness will be the

fertile soil where the soul flourishes

But anxiety will be the weed we must

incessantly pull out together we can

call cultivate a garden of peace and

wholeness where every experience whether

of Joy or pain contributes to our

Evolution accept this invitation and

together we will uncover life’s most

precious Secrets know that I am always

by your side guiding you with love and

protection just as mighty Oaks were once

fragile saplings you too go through

periods of fragility but with proper

preparation you can overcome any

challenge surviving the crushing weight

in due season listen to the rhythm of

Destiny quickening and rise in faith

shaking off the shrouds that cannot

contain the Awakening of the purpose I

have for you take my hand and see how I

make all things beautiful in their time

and season fear not your sufficiency nor

doubt my abundance poured out Rejoice

for I am here to lead you to a few

future full of blessings and

accomplishments simply say yes to Once

deemed impossible calls for nothing

gladdens a Father’s Heart more than

seeing his children walking towards love

and light do not worry about provision

for I have already abundantly prepared

everything you need be courageous for

Faith moves mountains and you are

destined to take your place among

royalty trust in me for I did not Des

design you to merely survive but to

thrive and shine with my light be bold

my beloved child for you have direct

access to all the resources of Heaven

rise above the turbulent chaos and

declare what you desire for I Delight in

surprises and am ready to bless you

beyond your greatest

expectations with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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