God is saying to you today my child if you feel lost or tired look to me for comfort and support

trust me because I am always there for you I will keep you safe and healthy hold on to me

tightly and you won’t fall I will protect you and make you better so believe in me with all

your heart and don’t lose Faith remember I love you always and forever and I will never leave you

alone type yes God if you believe always remember even when things are hard good things will come

your way pay attention to what I your loving God think of you not what others say some people might

not understand or support you but don’t worry believe that I’m always here for you ready to

help and forgive you keep going strong and I’ll Shield you from any harm trust in me and you’ll

always be safe type yes heavenly father if you believe listen closely to what I’m saying with

an open heart treat my words like Precious Treasures because I gave everything for you

even my life don’t go back to the mistakes you’ve made before instead focus on what’s

ahead and don’t get distracted by things that don’t matter I have amazing things planned for

you I want you to always be devoted to me and to look for my guidance in everything you do I

trust you I feel your love don’t let sadness or doubt take over there’s a Bright Tomorrow

waiting for you full of good things when times are tough and you’re unsure remember that tough

times have reasons nothing happens for no reason even when it seems like everything’s going wrong

trust that good things will come type yes Father if you believe when you look around you you’ll

see good things happening and nice moments coming your way pay close attention to what I’m saying

it’s really important to keep believing in good things and to keep hoping even when things seem

tough don’t give up try not to feel really sad the the hard things you face aren’t just random

and they don’t mean you’re doomed to have bad luck instead every tough thing is a chance for

you to become even stronger and to learn and grow when life gets tough it’s like you’re a piece of

gold being made shiny in a fire every good or bad thing that happens helps you grow and get

closer to your dreams even when things are hard and you’re not sure remember that I’m always with

you loving you no matter what trust me and you’ll see how strong you can be type if you believe

I will never abandon you you are my creation my beloved child even if it’s hard to see the path

I’ve laid out for you right now trust that it leads to the incredible places I’ve promised I

understand it’s difficult to trust in me when life takes unexpected turns when you feel let down by

those you trusted yet my love for you is steadfast I Am With You Always through every challenge keep

going even when it’s hard things will get better soon the tough times you’re facing will make you

stronger stay strong and keep trying if you keep going good things will come your way even if it

takes time be patient your efforts will pay off when the time is right just like seeds growing

into plants keep believing even when things seem tough trust that good things are are coming your

way even when it’s hard to see remember that I’m working on something amazing for you stay strong

and have faith in what’s ahead you’re stronger than you know and every challenge is just making

you better my promises to you will come true when the time is right believe in the wonderful things

that are waiting for you type yes if you believe even when things are tough don’t give up

keep going because good times are coming I promise to make good things happen in your life remember

your dreams and goals always keep showing love to others even if they don’t notice don’t be afraid

to let them know you care they need to see that you worry about them and that their choices can

hurt you it’s all part of life’s journey trust me and remember everyone makes mistakes we just need

to pray that those mistakes won’t let bad thoughts and lies take hold of them love your children no

matter what help them when they make mistakes but never stop loving them always be there for them

even if they do something wrong let them know you love them all the time pray for them and support

them in everything they do your prayers are strong and can make a difference when you see good things

happening because of your prayers you’ll feel really happy trust me I’m taking care of your

children just like I take care of you I care about you a lot remember when things don’t go

right it’s not the end mistakes don’t decide who you are what you want to achieve or how talented

you are they also don’t stop what good things are ahead for you if you’ve made a mistake say

sorry if you need to don’t listen to anyone saying bad things get get back up brush off the dust and

go after your dreams without being scared or feeling bad you are made clean by my love and

strength although failure may appear conclusive to others for my children it functions as a crucial

teaching moment guiding them away from repeating certain paths remember dwelling on the past serves

no purpose instead direct your gaze towards the future set ambitious goals concentrating on the

remarkable Mission I have entrusted to You Hear My Call for I extend my hands to bestow upon you

the reward the crown reserved for those courageous enough to Champion my message and heed my guidance

don’t worry when you meet tough times you’re protected I’ll be there for you through it all

go forward bravely wherever I lead you believe in my promises and let them give you strength learn

from me be strong and stay true you don’t need to be scared or give up hope I’m here to help you

remember how strong you are even when things seem hard I won’t let you fail or give up type yes God

if you believe know that you are really important to me I want you to do well to face challenges and

to find success in things that matter forever whatever you’ve lost you will get back your

home will be filled with peace and forgiveness believe in yourself you don’t need to feel bad

about anything I’ve told you how much I love and admire you before remember it again I treasure you

your healing is already guaranteed by what I say I’m here for you guiding your path and forgiving

your mistakes no one can judge you because I love you I shower you with my love and blessings and

you deserve every good thing I have for you don’t doubt yourself you’re precious to me it makes me

sad when you believe lies and ignore my love believe in me you’re caring father even what

seems impossible will happen because I always keep my promises keep going trust in me listen to my

Guidance with an open open heart and mind remember everything that happens is part of my plan for you

be patient and hopeful for the best surprises often come when you least expect them remember

my precious child that you are loved deeply I am always with you so don’t worry or feel sad

exciting and amazing things are coming your way the things you’ve been hoping for today I want you

to believe strongly in yourself and in what I say stay kind and open to others because I will make

good things happen for you the promises I’ve made to you will come true everything will be okay and

good things will happen for you trust me as you step forward into the bright future I have plan

just for you you are my brave and strong child I believe in you and your commitment your faith is

important to me my dear right from the start I’ve had a special plan for you your future is safe

with me and nothing can stop what I’ve planned for you you’re precious to me like a rare gem in My

Kingdom you’re so special and important remember you’re never alone I am always with you sharing

in your happiness and success I will always be by your side supporting you my love for you is strong

and will never change I’ve given you power that knows no limits don’t listen to anyone who tells

you otherwise trust in me and everything will be okay keep moving forward with strong belief

and courage when life gets tough don’t be scared even if you feel overwhelmed by problems don’t

lose hope instead of worrying look up to the sky there you’ll find the strength you need just like

many others have been before you remember don’t be afraid because I am like a father to you I’ll

always keep you safe my dear child you are brave and strong ready to face any challenge don’t let

discouragement or fear bring you down and don’t listen to lies you have the power of the holy

spirit inside you let his presence warm your heart and his wisdom guide you in everything you do type

yes heavenly father if you believe embrace your inner strength and Leadership potential as a

courageous daughter and an inspired Visionary ready to leave a profound mark on the world

recognize your uniqueness and the transformative power of your voice and compassion refuse to

conform to mediocrity or the mundane Allure the world presents maintain Clarity of vision amidst

distractions your destiny beckons you towards an extraordinary life abundant with purpose and

significance believe in yourself and reach for the stars with all your heart even when things

get tough keep pushing forward never never be afraid to be the amazing person you were meant to

be remember to be brave and thankful because being grateful can help you find amazing opportunities

be thankful for every day and every chance you get to do something great even when things are

tough always find something to be grateful for being thankful brings a calmness that’s hard

to explain remember I’m the one who can make the impossible happen what might seem too hard for you

becomes possible when you trust in me believe in the power of change and go after the dreams I’ve

put in your heart don’t let challenges stop you their chances for you to grow and learn inside

live a life full of love giving of yourself freely fill your heart with kindness forgiveness and

goodness be kind to others help those who need it because when you give love you’ll find real

happiness and feel my presence completely give me your worries and troubles and don’t feel like you

have to face scary things all alone remember that my love is always around you like a big Hub when

things get tough think of me as your safe place your light in the dark believe in me and you’ll

feel peaceful inside my dear child keep going with faith bravery and goodness in your heart

then you’ll find lots of good things happening in your life your dreams will come true your wishes

will be granted and you’ll become even better at the things you love nothing can stop you because

I’m right here with you giving you strength wisdom and the ability to understand I’m making sure you

succeed don’t let anything scare you you’re my precious daughter shining brightly in my world be

brave strong and hardworking your belief and never give up attitude are beautiful keep going my dear

and always know that I love you more than you can imagine remember these words always they’re here

to remind you to live with faith purpose and love I adore you my child let today be the start of a

life filled with grace peace success and lots of Happiness pay attention it’s not by chance

you’re hearing me now my message is full of love and clear guidance meant to touch your heart and

make you think listen carefully my child in this big world many get lost in things that distract

them like toys or games these things might seem fun at first but they can lead us away from what’s

really important like love and kindness today I want to tell you something important try not to

get caught up in all the flashy stuff you see around you it might look exciting but it won’t

make you truly happy instead focus on the things that bring you closer to love and goodness trust

me following the crowd might see seem cool but it won’t lead you to where you want to go my dear

child don’t let tricky things trick you they can make you feel like you’re in a dark empty

Place stay strong against lies and things that only seem nice for a little while don’t listen

to voices that try to lead you away from what I want for you or twist what I say I want you to

have a happy full life to make that happen it’s important to remember what I’ve taught you keep

it close to your heart and use it in everything you do my teachings are like a light that shows

you the right path keeps you safe and makes you strong when things get tough I want you to stay

connected with the world but don’t follow the bad stuff it does try to be good and kind to others

like I am be like a bright light in a dark room showing people love and hope when you listen to

me and do what I say you’ll feel calm inside and good things will happen to you type yes

heavenly father if you believe Embrace life’s challenges fearlessly for I am Forever by your

side when confronted with daunting obstacles do not despair within them opportunities for growth

await your hardships serve as stepping stones toward a Triumph abundant in success therefore

I encourage you to resist Conformity to worldly norms and instead live Guided by my principles

avoid the temptation of dishonesty in short Cuts as they ultimately lead to failure instead

embrace the wisdom found in my teachings which are designed to ensure your well-being and lead you

to a fulfilling prosperous life by following my guidance Faithfully you will experience Abundant

Blessings and continuous growth in all areas of your life living in alignment with my principles

will bring you inner peace joy and prosperity that cannot be found elsewhere stay true to my

teachings and resist the distractions of the world trust in my ways and remain steadfast in following

my commands even during difficult times you will soon realize how everything falls into place for

your benefit as you journey toward success and fulfillment my dear child I love you very much

and always want what’s best for you when things get tough don’t worry know that I’m here for you

supporting you no matter what I listen to your prayers and I’ll always love and guide you you’re

very special to me my beloved child my precious daughter today I send you my blessings raise your

hands and feel my love surrounding you let my voice calm your fears giving you strength and

hope inside even when things seem hard I’m here to help you find peace remember this isn’t just a

message it’s a sign of My Endless Love and my wish for your happiness always type yes Heavenly Father

if you believe keep these words safe in your heart they’ll give you strength when times are tough and

show you the path when it’s dark even when life is rough I’ll be here to heal your hurts and set

you free from anything holding you back if you’re sick and unsure about getting better don’t worry

I’m here with you always I’ve known you from the very start lovingly creating you Just the Way You

Are Everything About You shows how much I care and the wonderful plans I have for you so listen

carefully because I have something important to tell you you are loved and you are never alone

the amazing thing you’ve been wishing for is coming soon you’ll see something truly special

happening in your life I your father will surprise you with my Incredible strength so keep believing

and trust that it will happen at just the right time it’s your time to shine my dear child let

my love surround you like a warm hug and let it make you feel strong and hopeful allow my power

to make you feel alive again healing every part of you I know you’ve been praying and looking for a

sign something special to help you feel better well guess what it’s your time I’ve heard all

your requests and I’m here to help even when things seem dark and scary I’m bringing in a

bright light to make everything better I’ve seen how strong you’ve been and how much you’ve cried

don’t worry good things are coming your way very soon something amazing is happening in your life

and I’m going to give you lots of blessings to make you happy the dark days are ending look up

and let go of what’s been pulling you down there’s a big celebration waiting for you even when things

are tough you’ll be filled with happiness and plenty your biggest hopes and dreams I’ll make

them come true in amazing ways walk ahead bravely my child move forward my daughter don’t let tough

times hold you back don’t listen to doubts or mean words from others remember with me

anything is possible I’m The God Who does amazing things what what feels impossible will become real

because I’ll fix what’s broken and make what’s small grow big in your life type yes heavenly

father if you believe don’t worry my dear child my precious daughter my love and strength are

stronger than any problem you may have hold on to my promises with all your heart I can do amazing

things in your life when you trust me doors will open paths will become clear and even the

impossible will happen to show how great I am so stay excited about the wonderful things ahead get

ready to feel my love and kindness all around you let me shape every part of you with care

like a Potter molds clay trust that I’m putting together every piece of your story for something

amazing the wonderful things that are going to happen aren’t just for you when good things come

your way don’t keep them all to yourself share them and tell others about the great things I’m

doing in your life be someone who inspires and helps others who are still waiting be open to

being a channel for love and strength let me use you to bring healing comfort and hope to those

who are sad may your story be like a bright light showing that anything is possible with me by your

side trust that everything happens at the right time even if it seems confusing believe that I’m

taking care of everything even if you can’t see it right away don’t feel sad if things don’t happen

right away like I promised keep believing in me because I’m always working for your happiness just

think about me and what I say and don’t let other things bother you I’m like a caring parent always

here to make things better and give you lots of good things my cherished child my beloved daughter

it’s imperative that you engrave this truth deeply in into your heart I am your unwavering guide a

source of wisdom and Solace ever presentes by your side through every trial today I urge you

to grasp on to this fundamental certainty as you navigate your journey I am perpetually by your

side no matter how daunting the road may seem or how prolonged the weight feels maintain unwavering

f faith in the righteousness of your actions with Integrity as your compass and wisdom as your guide

you are destined to flourish I stand beside you offering steadfast support and infusing you with

the resilience necessary to overcome any obstacle you’re never alone on this journey I’m always with

you believe in me and my promises they never fail sometimes things don’t happen as quickly

as we want and that’s okay don’t give up hope or doubt because I’ll make miracles happen when you

least expect it trust in me and you’ll see amazing things happen keep following what I say and stay

close to me until the right time comes remember I’m always with you giving you love and support

even when things seem confusing trust that I have good things planned for you in the future let this

thought give you hope and keep you going even when you’re not sure what’s ahead if you keep believing

in take each step with faith you’ll get closer to making your dreams come true and live living the

special life I have planned for you so my dear child always look to me listen for my guidance

and Feel My Love Around You by doing this you’ll find the strength to deal with tough times make

good choices and bounce back from anything hard we’ll go through this journey together and you’ll

see how amazing things can happen according to my plans for you amen believe in faith and positivity

if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love type I love you Heavenly Father for those

who hold God close to their hearts express your love with the words I really love you God and for

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