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said my dear son amidst the vicissitudes

of life I understand that at times you

may feel overwhelmed by the negative

influences around you hidden forces

attempt to steal your inner peace s

doubts and spread fear

however I am here to remind you that you

do not need to succumb to these

influences I am God capable of

nullifying all negativity and instilling

peace in your heart when you find

yourself surrounded by negative

influences remember that I am your

Fortress I am a God who transcends all

powers and forces in this world

confident in me you will know that I

have the power to nullify any influence

contrary to my will come to me in prayer

and surrender all your concerns and

fears I am God capable of transforming

evil into good if you believe in the

power of God do not let yourself be

swayed by Voices that seek to undermine

your confidence and S

insecurity instead fill your mind and

heart with my word the truth that

dispels lies and brings

Clarity meditate on my teachings and let

them guide your decisions and thoughts

thus you will be strengthened against

any negative influence attempting to

infiltrate your life remember that you

are a vessel chosen by me filled with my

Holy Spirit when negative influences

attempt to penetrate your life you have

the power to resist and reject those

forces pray that my Holy Spirit grants

you discernment and wisdom to identify

and repel any influence not aligned with

my will furthermore surround yourself

with people who share my truth and

strive to live according to my

principles maintain communion with those

who encourage and strengthen your

faith together you can support each

other and face negative influences with

courage and

determination do not forget that the

battle against negative influences is

not only external often it rages within

you the voices of Doubt fear and

negativity arise from within seek my

presence daily surrender all your

thoughts and emotions to me let me renew

your mind and fill it with my peace

believe if you do when you find yourself

struggling against negative influences

pray with me dear God I come before you

recognizing the negative influences

around me that seek to dominate my inner

peace I ask that you nullify these

influences and Grant me discernment to

identify what is true and aligned with

you your will help me fill my mind and

heart with your word and seek communion

with those who share my faith renew my

mind strengthen me against the voices of

doubt and fear and fill me with your

peace that surpasses all understanding

in the name of Jesus I

pray amen always remember that with me

by your side you have the power to

overcome all negative influences and

attain inner peace do not allow The

Voice voices of discouragement worry and

fear to shake your faith I am God with

you at all times bringing Comfort

strength and hope when facing negative

influences remember that you are more

than a conqueror through me I grant you

a peace that transcends all

circumstances and a joy that cannot be

shaken trust in me do not be swayed by

lies I am by your side holding your hand

in guiding every step of the way when

discouragement tries to dominate your

heart remember the promises I made to

you I promise never to leave nor forsake

you I promise to be with you every day

until the end of time nothing can

separate you from my constant love and

care you are unconditionally loved by me

and I am always ready to extend my hand

and bring relief to your soul when you

feel surrounded by problems and never

negative influences seek my presence in

prayer I Am The God Who listens and

responds pour your heart out to me share

your concerns and

anxieties I am here to give you rest and

comfort let me take care of you bring

relief to your weary Soul seek my

understanding and wisdom in my word it

is a lamp for your feet and a light for

your path find Solace Direction and

encouragement on every page of the

scriptures I speak to you through them

bringing Revelation and inspiration to

face any negative influence that may

arise trust in me even when

circumstances seem

unfavorable I am the god who transforms

evil into good capable of reversing the

most challenging situations and bringing

Victory amidst

adversity do not give up for I am

working in your favor even when you

cannot see believe believe in me and

keep hope alive in your heart thank you

God as a sign of gratitude I invite you

to spend time with me dear God thank you

for being my refuge and Fortress amidst

the negative influences I face help me

stand firm in my faith trusting in you

even when everything seems

unfavorable fill me with your peace and

joy and let your word be my light and

guide give me strength to face negative

influences with courage and

determination help me never lose hope

and trust in your

promises in the name of Jesus I pray

amen with love

God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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