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God is saying to you today my child listen

up these words hold a special promise for you a promise of peace to calm your

troubled mind a promise of strength to help you stand strong let’s take a moment to look out

at the beautiful view shining with Heavenly light share with me your dreams and

goals the on you’ve kept close to your heart don’t worry I haven’t forgotten

about them think back to when you were young full of imagination and excitement for

the future those dreams are important to me so don’t let them fade away in the face

of uncertainty let’s work together to make them a

reality type yes God if you believe I I know life hasn’t always been

easy for you you’ve faced challenges and disappointments but I

understand I’ve seen how you’ve held on to Hope even in your darkest moments

shining a light of positivity you’ve shown incredible

resilience refusing to give up despite setbacks your desire to overcome

obstacles and explore New Horizons has hasn’t gone unnoticed I can’t help but notice your

unwavering compassion in a world where everyone seems to be looking out for themselves

you really stand out you’re always striving for growth

achievement and lifting up those around you it’s like you were born with this

quality Guided by something Divine every challenge you faced has

shaped you into the amazing person you are today I believe in you and your

abilities your strength and determination are truly

inspiring you face tears fear and doubt but with each new day you find a way to

keep going you always manage to find joy and strength to keep pushing

forward type Amen to airm I proudly declare this is my

beloved the universe is watching ready to support you and help you achieve your

dreams whenever you need me I’ll be there for you I’ve given you wisdom and strength

to help you along the way your courage truly inspires me and I

want to shower you with blessings I promise to always always

keep my word and honor my commitments to you your growth in wisdom and sincerity

has prepared you to reach new spiritual Heights remember your journey is unique

and personal so don’t compare yourself to others chase after your dreams with the

talents you’ve developed and leave Envy behind type yoa

firm your heart hard work and successes won’t go unnoticed you’re meant to

conquer your own path of blessings your genuine goals will bring

you great rewards and flourish beyond belief in these challenging times you

and your loved ones will find many blessings while Others May dwell on

missed opportunities your mind will be open to new teachings and

growth t yes heavenly father if you believe every morning as you wake up I

fill you with the seeds of creativity these seeds nurtured by your

mind will grow into Amazing Ideas the gates of Enlightenment will

open wide surrounding you with love and abundance there is no turning back

defeat is not an option my presence in your life is like

a safe place encouraging you to follow my teachings and find true

happiness type yes Father to affirm with each new day you will feel

energized and determined thanks to the strength given to you by a higher

power this Muse will lift you up making you stronger quicker and filling your

mind with great ideas with my guidance you will be ready to

take on all the opportunities that come your way don’t worry about a thing because

you have all the power within you you’re a strong and influential

person and nothing can make you doubt yourself Embrace others with a genuine

smile and watch how they open up to you miracles will happen just by being

around you remember failure is not in your

future Victory is your destiny and I’m here to support you every step of the

way don’t be afraid because I’ll always be here for

you walk confidently in faith knowing that I’m giving you all the blessings

and strength you need you’re never alone I’m always listening to

you type yes God if you believe my promises are deep within you

guiding you through any tough times even when life gets rough my Army

is watching over you protecting you from any dangers when fear tries to take over

rise up like the Conqueror you are as each day passes my love for you

only grows stronger I may the ultimate sacrifice on

the cross just for you so you could live a life full of abundance and

fulfillment I am always here for you ready to listen comfort you and bring

you the peace you need remember you are never alone you

are cherished beyond measure and my love for you will never

waver take a break now let go of your worries and embrace the peace I

offer your well-being and happiness mean everything to me I want to understand and help these

any burdens Weighing on your heart trust me I will always be there to

support you through any challenges you may face if tough times come your way let me

help you find a way through type yes if you

believe you have my divine presence within you giving you the strength and

Clarity to control your emotions choose joy in this moment no

matter what’s going on around you I want you to be free from any

emotional struggles and not held back by sin or

Temptation let me take control of your thoughts spirit and heart and find

comfort in my unwavering guidance avoid getting caught up in unnecessary

drama by removing yourself from difficult situations don’t waste your time on

people who try to lead you astray and make you do things that go against what you really

want protect your inner self because it’s the core of who you

are stand your ground and don’t let chaotic forces take away your inner

peace make me the main focus in every aspect of your

life before you make any big decisions seek my advice and I’ll help you avoid

falling into traps set by dishonest people I want to share wisdom with your

loved ones every day helping them grow and prosper type

if you believe encourage your family to follow

my teaching and be careful with their words stay away from Gossip and lies and

be cautious about believing everything you hear watch out for people who try to

cause trouble and spread fear connect with me sharing your

thoughts and feelings pay attention to my presence guiding you through

life be a source of Hope for those who are struggling Shining brightly even in

the darkest times you are my beloved child my most

precious creation I have given you unique talents and abilities to honor me and show my

glory don’t worry about what the future holds because I have a special purpose

just for you my love for you is endless Reaching Across eternity and my plan for you is

perfect and will unfold in its own time I urge you to follow my righteous

ways with all your heart type yes Father to affirm

yes since the beginning of time I have been watching over you seeing your

successes and struggles if you make mistakes I hope

you will come to me in faith seeking forgiveness which I will gladly give

don’t think that your errors have broken our bond even before you turned to me I was

already carrying the weight of your wrongdoings come to me with confidence

and honesty and I will offer you Redemption once more don’t be afraid share your burdens

with me those that weigh down your spirit you belong to me and I will take

care of you with love my words are like a healing bomb for your tired Soul always spoken gently

to guide you on the right path type yes heavenly father if you

believe let go of your fears and trust in me I am your rock your safe haven in

life storms hold on to these positive thoughts let them sink in and share them

with others you’ll see peace and happiness Bloom filling your home with

love remember I’m here for you always ready to listen and protect

you take time each day to talk to me and feel your spirit grow

stronger relax don’t worry Let Me ease your mind put aside your stress and let me

bring you comfort even if others let you down know that I’ll never never leave your

side if you face hostility or feel alone my love will always surround and protect

you I’m like a father figure a Guiding Light and a loyal friend to

you it might be hard to believe someone could care for you so deeply but don’t

doubt yourself be kind to yourself and accept my unconditional

love punishing yourself will only bring sadness instead embrace the endless love

I have for you a light in the darkness of Doubt let me share with you the truth

that has been hidden from you clearing away the spiritual fog that clouds your

vision with my guidance your heart will undergo a powerful

transformation allowing you to embrace faith and believe in my presence when you feel tired and

burdened come closer to me for comfort and the peace you seek I can’t bear to see you weighed

down by sadness and discouragement My Sacrifice and

Resurrection are proof of my endless love for you giving you the gift of

divine joy to enhance your life I break the chains holding you back

freeing you to receive the blessings I have in store for you don’t look back

for validation from those who once held you captive the decision to accept my love

and follow my path is yours alone while I want peace and happiness

for you your enemies only want to see you fail arm yourself with strength and

courage as you confidently step into the new life I have for you your blessings are waiting and your

faith will bring them to life don’t dwell on past mistakes your

future is full of Promise look ahead and let go of

self-doubt if you stumble or feel weary remember that I am always here to

help I offer Comfort support and words of

encouragement you are deeply loved and deserving of unwavering love and

care share your burdens with me as I don’t want to see you weighed down by

distress or fear you are precious to me and your worth is

immeasurable hey there just wanted to let you know that even when you feel like you’re carrying a heavy load all on

your own I’ve got your back I know exactly how you’re feeling

and I hear every single thought that crosses your mind trust me I’m closer to you than you

think my dear daughter my beloved Son so don’t let fear hold you back keep

moving forward with unwavering faith I get that waiting can be tough

but remember that every delay has a purpose in my grand plan just be patient I’m clearing the

path moving mountains and taking down any obstacles in your

way your Miracle is on its way I’m sending you peace and confidence

so relax put on a smile and know that everything will work

out take a moment to find joy in the present fill your thoughts and words

with gratitude and try to steer clear of negativity focus on my promises and live

each moment to the fullest share your happiness with me

seize the day with enthusiasm and keep your eyes on the future think about all the amazing

possibilities while chatting with me your destiny is written in my book

and it’s a good one get ready to witness some incredible displays of power that are about to

happen make sure to spend time with me every every day and your faith will stay

strong listen closely to the messages I give you because they hold amazing

Revelations your life is going through a big change but everything will turn out

okay the burdens you’re carrying will start to fade away slowly trust in my love for you and my

promises to help you don’t worry I’ll be there for for you just stay calm and

composed move forward in life with confidence peace and happiness knowing

that I’m always by your side when you feel vulnerable or face

challenges remember that my grace and mercy are endless I’ve helped you before and I

won’t leave you now in your toughest moments when you’re feeling down start each day listening

for my voice that’s where you’ll find your strength have faith in me because I see

a future for you filled with peace and joy hold on to my love and the beauty of

life itself keep going even when things get tough relying on my promises facing

challenges with determination and not letting anything stop you when you’re in trouble remember the

strength you have in my presence believe that I will help you

succeed even when others doubt you because you have a special

purpose come to me humbly praying sincerely and

regularly enjoy my company and I’ll fulfill your deepest

desires Embrace these words take on your responsibilities this year with

dedication and make the most of every moment without

hesitation I send my blessings to you and your family giving you a hug that

knows no limits your dignity and rightful place will be restored under my

care a life full of good things is waiting for you if you trust me and

accept the comfort and forgiveness I offer let the promises written on your

heart be your guide fueled by the strong Spirit within you stay away from those who talk about

love but don’t really mean it they are just pretending to be better than

others those who judge you and blame you for things you didn’t do will no longer

have power over you today is the day you are set free

completely rest peacefully knowing that my Divine spirit will be with you you

healing your heart and mind I will break the chains that are

still holding you back leading you to Eternal Freedom your happiness will not depend

on what others think of you anymore you will stay true to yourself showing the

wisdom and courage you have you are a shining light strong in

your faith even in your toughest times when things seem hard and you feel lost hold

on to me you are mine and together we will enjoy life leaving behind

sadness know that I care for you offering my help and

forgiveness a future full of your talents and blessings is waiting for

you Embrace peace joy and good health stand tall for you come from a noble

lineage all always protected by your heavenly Creator don’t worry my child seeking

Enlightenment I am here by your side ready to guide you through this

journey listen closely to my words as they hold the promise of something

greater let go of any doubts and embrace the path that lies

ahead as we embark on this transformation together obstacles will

CR Trumble before us your deepest desires will not go

unheard as I am here to bring about change witness the transformation of

your life as I shape your destiny your family and your

surroundings look forward with determination leaving behind the Shadows

of the past trust in me let go of your burdens

and focus on the possibilities ahead forget about Earthly Pleasures for

your value goes beyond material things your relationships with loved

ones show just how special you are even though my plans may seem

overwhelming know that you cannot achieve them alone have faith in me and your dreams

will come true don’t rely too heavily on Mortal companions as they may let you

down but I will always be here for you Prosperity is on the horizon

bringing an end to fear and lack Embrace this time of peace and

abundance but remember that your belief in me is crucial only then will you reach your

full potential and face challenges headon get ready for some profound

wisdom and Endless Love and bless blessings coming your way are you ready to welcome the

blessings that are coming your way listen to your heart I see how much

you love your children and they mean a lot to me too I remember every little thing about

them because they are so important to you I want you to find peace within

yourself and let go of the stress caused by their choices are you worried about your kids

going down the wrong path let go of that worry it’s not

something you can control give me your concerns and focus on your own Journey worrying just drains

your energy and peace of mind keep your strength in faith and

remember to pray it’s time to release what needs to be let go of your children are ready to

spread their wings and fly trust that I am watching over them

as you pray for them just listen up and trust me on

this it’s not your job to stress about every little thing your kids

do I’ve got it covered There Are Rules they need to

follow and I’ll make sure our family stays respected if they mess up don’t freak

out I’ll help you figure out how to handle it with with love and

patience and remember your words can either help or hurt so choose them

wisely you’ve seen how kind I can be but I can also be tough when

needed my presence brings love and help show the same kindness to your kids

they’ll make mistakes and cry but they’ll also find help like you

did they’ll reach a point where they’ll change their ways and come back home

bringing blessings that will make your family happy for years keep forgiving them and giving

them chances feel the peace I give you know that I’m watching over

them you’re a good person with a strong spirit and I appreciate your

prayers let the happiness I give you ease any pain or

worry trust in my love love and don’t be sad about your

situation I love you and today you’ll feel it even more I’ll show you in different ways and

remind you through my words if there’s conflict feel my love

surrounding you when you’re sad my hug will comfort you and keep you

happy your family and friends will wonder how you’re so joyful and your

enemies will back on of seeing you’re not afraid every morning you wake up under

the protection of a Celestial Shield guarded by Angelic forces that keep your

home safe believe me when I say that my love for you is real not just a

fantasy it’s as undeniable as the air you breathe surpassing any wish you

could ever have my love surrounds you giving you energy in blessing you with

gratitude I am thankful every day for trusting me with your life and

fate your unwavering Faith shines bright proving your connection to something

greater your belief in yourself propels you forward filling each step with

confidence and joy I admire your strength gratitude and

kindness your your heart is a beautiful thing that calls out to me each

morning remember if today feels tough listen closely to my

advice I am here to guide you even if it seems

complicated you have already entrusted me with your heart and life and I will

always be here for you I have filled you with my spirit

sparking a strong belief that nothing is out of your reach think about it speak it out loud

declare it confidently write it down but most importantly make it a part of who

you are speak it with unwavering Faith because with Divine help anything is

possible WRA yourself in this certainty my promise is alive and when I send it

out to heal your surroundings and change your life it never fails even when progress seems hard to

see remember that you are a favorite child of a powerful

deity quickly adjust your mindset because the Divine Essence is within you

and you hold an incredible power Miracles will happen when you

share my teachings with kindness treat others gently control

your emotions and avoid hurting your loved ones instead of causing harm you will

stop hurting those you care about I am revealing Secrets right in

front of you call on me and I will respond seek my guidance every day tune

into your senses and sharpen your awareness open your heart to the

supernatural world where you are loved protected guided ided and cared for by

your heavenly Guardian whether it’s day or night in times of strength or weakness I will

always be by your side just as I promised in the intricate dance of Life

remember this our Spirits are connected the realm of Miracles is

calling out to you yet here you are firmly planted in the

everyday ch challenges will come conflicts will brew and enemies will

appear trying to block your path this is just how life goes but

remember you are unbeatable with my unwavering support

and help you will succeed believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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