you are going to make it through this

trust me Lord please forgive me for

picking back up what I’ve already laid

down at your feet amen I W the middle of

a struggle right now TM here to remind

you that God answers prayers if you feel

far from God today he wasn’t the one

that moved God you might be praying for

God to change your circumstances but

maybe he is using your circumstances to

change you be thankful for the closed

doors and

detours God was protecting you from

people in places that were never Mentor


sometimes God puts you in places alone

because he needs you to realize you do

not need anyone but him if you are

struggling with a decision today read

this this journey of life will have

highs and lows you are going to

experience both loss and love you will

feel alone at times and at other times

rra that in the arms of God so stay

focused on the destination this journey

will be worth it one day when Jesus

welcomes you home life is short hold

your loved ones close and Jesus even


this world desperately desperately needs

Jesus thank you God for putting me on

the wake up list yet again today I am so

grateful in case no one told you today

you are beautiful you are loved you are

stronger than you think your life is

valuable you have so much ahead of you

you are not a mistake you are important

I pray for the person who doesn’t know

what life will throw at them next may

God give you comfort and strength to

face anything you encounter if you have

accepted Jesus as your savior comment

amen God is still writing your story

what you’re going through might not make

sense right now but one day you will see

how he was just putting the pieces

together all along being happy is a

state of mind being peaceful is a state

of grace being a Christian isn’t just a

Bible verse in your bio keeping a Daily

Journal or wearing a cross necklace it’s

saying no to the world and yes to Jesus

when everything around you fights

against it Christianity isn’t always

easy but it’s so worth it pay attention

to the signs God is giving you read this

in silence thank you Lord for everything

you’ve done for me forgive me of all of

my sins create in me a clean heart and

the right Spirit within me I love you

and need you Lord bless and protect

everyone that seeks you and believes in

you type amen and share thank you God

for always giving me what I need but not

always what I want peace is not the

absence of trouble it’s the presence of

Jesus in the midst of that trouble I am

praying for everyone who needs a miracle

Only God Can Do The Impossible he can

make a way when there seems to be no way

today I pray God touches your health

your home your family your faith and

your finances amen God is saying to you

today I know you have a lot on your mind

right now your family your health the

health of a loved one your finances your

career it feels like the weight of the

world is on your shoulders you feel

alone and itard getting up in the

morning my child You Are Not Alone lay

those concerns at my feet give it all

tone I will send you help healing and

resources I will provide I will make a

way for you all the resources of Heaven

are with you don’t worry I have your

back look back and thank God look ahead

and trust God you were made in the image

of God think about that for a moment you

are not defined by your sins or your

fail wires you are a beautiful creation

of the almighty God so stop listening to

this world and start listening to the

Holy Spirit you are better than this

broken culture I don’t pray because it’s

nice I pray because it’s necessary you

were made in the image of God think

about that for a moment you are not

defined by your sins or your failures

you are a beautiful creation of the

Mighty God so stop listening to this

world and start listening to the Holy

Spirit you are better than this broken

culture don’t worry

everything is going to be all right melb

t write this second but God makes

everything beautiful in his time the

enemy’s attacks are pro fat jaava

special to God the devil isn’t EV

hitting anymore we are seeing evil

happen in our schools on our street

corners and on our televisions the only

way things get better is if we invite

God into every aspect of our lives our

society and our homes we need him

desperat why in g D opens the next door

Praise Him in the hallway God doesn’t

make mistakes

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