Almighty Lord is saying to you today

dear child of mine you claim to trust me

all the time you are even aware of my

plans for you however instead of having

trust and me you worrying and get

agitated when things take longer than

anticipated when things you expected do

not happen or when situations you

confront do not all

you can then claim I’m not hearing your

prayers one day I may not see you I

don’t care about you you can say I’m

sure you’ve thought or uttered the

things listed above at least once in


life at that point where did your trust

go if you feeling anxious or tense or if

you’re thinking about the things that

were pre previously discussed in me

never sto believing in

me once again keep in mind that I have a

purpose for everything that has occurred

is occurring and will happen in your

life pray for everything and be Faith

filled like the video of assurance and


Lord in the Bible verses Peter

always speak but in your hearts Revere

Christ as lord always be prepared to

give a solution to everyone who asks you

too give the purpose for the wish which


have Lord speak to you dot dot dot

permit me to convey my gratitude to you

start by recognizing that everything

belongs to me including all of your

belonging and who you are every new day

is a gift from me that should not be

taken for

granted my gifts have brought the planet

to life bearing striking witness to my

presence you can find me anywhere if you

slow down and live in the moment some of

my most beloved children have been

placed in hospital beds are

imprisoned some have chosen to acquire

the discipline of spending time alone

with me the key to being grateful is

understanding that everything exists

from my point of view this is your

school my

universe my word illuminates your way

and serves as a lamp for your feet

regardless of how why you are doing I

still adore you you may have anxiety

from time to time questioning if you’re

doing enough to Merit my love no I love

you no matter how admirable your actions

are the answer to that question will

never change you must resolve the

differences between your performance and

my love I have an unending love for you

that has no bounds or restrictions and

emanates from eternal

ity you are now wearing my righteousness

garment and nothing can undo this


transaction therefore my love for you is

unaffected by your success as a

Christian you are not good at judging

how you are doing on any particular day

your judgment is distorted by your

restricted human Viewpoint and the IR

state of your body bring your stage

fright to me and I will replace it with

my unwavering

love I will guide your ways so try to

keep my loving presence with you in all

you do go into every day Desiring to

find me I’ve been trying to set up the

route that will get you through this day

even before you get out of bed

along the Route are strategically

positioned hidden riches trials include

some of the riches they are meant to

shake you free from the bonds of the

earth other benefits like the sun

flowers Birds friendships and answered

prayers are indicators of my

presence I remain abundantly present in

this world r with sin I have not left it

as you go through this day look for

Hidden Treasure all the way you will

find me sleep in my healing presence

Holy One while I change your heart and

thoughts stay

still give up your concerns and

anxieties so that you might experience

my peace give up trying and acknowledge

that I am God remain distinct from the

Pharisees who duplicated regulations to

establish their own brand of

godliness give up your concerns and

anxieties so that you might experience

my peace give up trying and acknowledge

that I am God remain distinct from the

Pharisees who duplicated regulations to

establish their own brand of godliness

typ adore you havenly

father they were so enmeshed in their

own regulations that they forgot who I

was many individuals are still held in

slavery by man-made Norms about what it

means to live a Christian Life they are

more concerned with their performance

than with

mine you become like me only when you

have a close relation relationship with

me this calls for some alone time with

me be quiet let go and trust that I am

God every minute of your existence


me even though a lot of what you do

today may seem random I have

meticulously planned out every step of

your path things constantly appear to be

falling apart on the edges because the

planet is in a fallen State you should

anticipate problems on this

day allow the Holy Spirit to lead you

every step of the way shielding you from

needless hardships and empowering you to

endure whatever has to be experienced

keep your thoughts with me and the

Heavenly Realms while you stumble

through this broken

Earth you are the thus illuminated by my

presence which brings you happiness and

serenity that no external force can

match taste and see that I’m delicious

you get more convinced of my kindness

the more you get to know me

personally I am the living one who wants

to be a part of your l e because I see

you I am teaching you to be a conduit of

my loving presence and to discover me in


moment my blessings May sometimes find

their way to you inexplicably through

suffering and difficulties it is only

through your faith in me that you may

realize my kindness at such times while

understanding will not keep you near me


will I am grateful that I I have given

you my peace a gift so great that you

are unable to comprehend its scope or

depth the first thing I communicated to

my followers when I returned from the

dead was peace I was aware that all they

really needed was to get there thoughts

and worries under

control I also wish you peace since I am

aware of your worried thoughts pay

attention to me put other voices on

repeats so you can hear me clearly you

were meant to live in peace beside me

every single day come closer to me and

take my

peace I also wish you peace since I am

aware of your word thoughts pay

attention to me put other voices on

repeat so you can hear me clearly you

were meant to live in peace beside me

every single day come closer to me and

take my

peace if you agree type yes and forward

this video to nine other individuals who

believe in

God sweet beloved kids in this bustling

World filled with confusion and nose I

am reaching out to you my child please

don’t don’t just walk away I have a very

special message just for

you I ask you to pause and truly listen

because hidden in these words is the key

that could unlock the secrets of your

life’s journey have faith in my guidance

as we navigate together through the DM

corridors of doubt and step into the

clear Shining Light Of Truth

my dear I urge you not to dismiss this

chance the gifts I have for you here

while answer the questions that weigh on

your spirit and offer Comfort to your

tired so all I ask is a few moments of

your attention to this

message remember the day when you first

came into this world how tiny and

delicate you were in my arms even in

those early moments there was a glow

about you a brightness that stood out as

brilliantly as any

Star every second and every heartbeat

we’ve shared since then our precious

memories I hold dear do you remember

those early days my

beloved you were just a young Soul

curious and eager with eyes that Shone

with innocence and excitement as the

thought of what the world had to offer

you dream boldly and brightly imagining

a future filled with happiness and

Adventure your dreams were Limitless

soaring high into the

sky but as the years went by I saw how

life’s tougher moments began to cast

Shadows over your once’s bright face to

complexities and hard harness of the

world seemed to rest heavily on your

shoulders and the joyful laughter at use

to come so easily became rare

overwhelmed by the growing doubts and

fears through it all my love has been a

constant source of light in your life

even when others might have given up I

stayed right by your sigh always there

to offer strength and comfort when you

needed it most and those quiet times

when you felt lost and

alone I was there silently supporting

you with all the love I could give I

watch as you fought against the despair

that seemed to surround you and I saw

the spark of hope that lived on in your

heart a strong bright flame that refused

to be put out by any

storm it was during those tough times

that you started to see the truth that I

had always seen in you that you are

stronger than you ever thought

possible so as you move forward into the

future into all the uncertainty that

tomorrow may hold remember that my love

will always be with you like a star


you through the night my love will light

your path and show you the

way you are capable of doing incredible

things my child and I can’t wait to see

all the Amazing Adventures you will

have your unique Spirit stands out

beautifully in a world where so many

only think of themselves you strive for

personal growth success and the desire

to be a Guiding Light for others deep

inside you have a powerful sense of who

you are nurtured by the love and faith

that surround

you every challenge you face is a step

forward a moment that brings you closer

to becoming who you are meant to be and

through it all my love for you is

endless my Fai in your abilities is

complete I have watched you face your

fears shed tears of frustration and

carry the weight of worrying yet with

every new day hope shines brighter on

you Ru your strength and

courage typ I adore

Jesus at this important time in your

life I believe in you more than ever I

know you have the strength to climb any

mountain you set your sights on your

resilience is an inspiration a true

Testament to the enduring Spirit within

you as you step forth on your spiritual

journey Marvel at the universe all ready

to give you the support you need to keep

you steady and protects you from

slipping if you want to constantly feel

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button this message represents a lot of

effort from us the Divine Harmony of the

cosmos is like a musical Masterpiece

playing Just For You encouraging you to

chase your dreams and turn them into

reality walk forward with purpose for

you you are meant to achieve great

things with Heavenly guidance flowing

through you

endlessly please extend your hand and

support and I will be here to provide

you with deep insights that will

strengthen your spirit your bravery

touches me deeply inspiring to bless you

generously I am committed to my promises

and will always fulfill them your

journey shows your growth and honesty

which sets you up for rising to higher


levels do not compare yourself to others

you have everything you need to succeed

focus on your goals and avoid

distractions from what others are doing

they may Chase Illusions but you have

the chance to grasp something real your

hard work and persistence will stand out

and won’t be

ignored you’ve come to far to give up

now you are on this path to secure the

blessed life that’s been promised to you

the dreams you cherish are bot to

flourish far beyond what you could

imagine in a world facing difficulties

your family will experience abundance

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Channel joining others who face limited

opportunities yet your mind remains a

source of Endless Possibilities each New

Day brings a special connection with me

planting ideas that will grow into

bright Visions leading you on your

path Heaven’s doors are open inviting

you into a world filled with immense

love that will transform your life

forever my role in your life is constant

pulling you closer to Divine truth

happiness will walk beside you in all

seasons whether it’s a cloudy day or a


one every day you grow stronger and more

inspired ready to take on challenges

with Renewed Energy your thoughts and I

ideas are vibrant Guided by the Holy

Spirit towards opportunities that await

you you do not fear for your heart is

strong and you stand as a light of Hope


strength continue on your path with

courage for the world is aign to help

you discover wonders no obstacle is too

big to stop you with your bravery and of


smile you’ll see walls fall as people

respond to your

warmth your journey is filled with

amazing moments and signs of Hope with

setbacks only helping you achieve


victories typ palman to make it

happen the God Jesus are keeping watch

humans have a built-in need to find

contentment in life this fundamental

need pushes us to look for fulfillment

contentment and significance in a

variety of facets of

life it is an essential component of

what makes us human affecting our

decisions behaviors and ideas and it has

caused us to engage in immoral deeds and

an effort to satiate our deep-seated

need for satisfaction

we often turn to outside sources such as

achievement material belongings

interpersonal connections or even

self-indulgence sign are unrelenting

search for contentment but the need in

our souls can never be completely

Satisfied by these

sources we search everywhere for

contentment but in the end we are unable

to get it leaving us feeling empty and

disappointed we find nothing near

satisfaction while we search everywhere

for it but Jesus Christ is the one

constant that offers genuine

satisfaction beyond all others discover

the source of Eternal happiness and

fulfillment in Jesus only in a close

contact with the source can one find


contentment Jesus provides us with

satisfaction that goes beyond our life

on Earth he assures us that our lives

have a bigger purpose and that our

ultimate fulfillment lies in an eternal

connection with him offering us the

prospect of

Eternity because we know that our future

is Safe in His Hands this hope keeps us

going through life’s obstacles and

hardships according to the Bible you

show me the way of life there is joy and

abundance in your presence there are

eternally pleasing things at your right

hand the worst tragedy facing mankind is

when we give upon God when we become so

helpless that we are reduced to a

helpless puppet in the hands of a

powerful lover who wants us to fight

back when we choose to embrace him and

seek out the

truth Christ is going to search every

corner of the planet for the lone sheep

that has

strayed when he takes us in his arms and

we show no signs of life then it is the

heart of a shattered King and all of

creation will lament in the loss of

another’s soul that was supposed to

dance in the courts of

Heaven he will battle the darkness to

discover his to loved bring your

questions to Christ allow this flame to

burn brightly inside you and realize

that he Longs for it a beating knowledge


heart he desires a soul that calls out

for assistance

when it appears unattainable and a mind

that thinks and gains the Insight he is

coming with a joy that will wipe away

every tear from your eyes and a

righteous Fire and his spirit because he

broke down the Gates of Hell to save his

bride all you need to do is be willing

and ready when we get lifegiving reproof

or correction how do we re respond and

let’s face it sometimes we take it

negatively type thank you God if you

believe we often become defensive or

offended when we hear it I’ll now offer

Proverbs to reaffirm and educate us

according to the Bible the year that

listens to lifegiving reprove will dwell

among the wise it makes it quite evident

that listening to reproof will make us

wiser it is important for us to learn

how to accept band value constructive

criticism and correction in our writing

they support our personal development

and growth we need correction in order

to bloom just as plants require a

food we ought to acknowledge our

limitations and the fact that we can

always become better recognizing our

shortcomings and actively seeking advice

from others who are smarter or more

experienced in certain Fields requires


humility their knowledge will enable us

to make Wis

choices and meet life’s obstacles with

more judgment and wisdom we must value

people who are sufficiently invested in

our development it’s they that are

concerned we must understand that

correction is intended to strengthen

rather than to destroy

us when we are corrected we must respond

with humility and thankfulness us rather

than with defensive or dismissive

attitudes and if we keep doing that will

live among the wise Christ’s teachings

highlight the Folly of putting one’s

Soul at risk in or dare to pursue

pleasure and wealth in this

world getting the full Globe might mean

achieving honors values affluence and

More in addition to material belongings

this stanza is a cautionary tale for

those who put material goals ahead of


concerns as Christians it is our duty to

recognize the lasting significance of

our deeds and to commit Our Lives to

serving God and pursuing his kingdom

this serves as a reminder of the transit

nature of material wealth and

achievement in this

life even while it might be tempting to

pursue fleeting Pleasures or a mass

fortune and recognition we are commanded

to put our souls Above All Else gains

from this world are meaningless if they

cause us to lose sight of our main goal

which is to know love and serve

God we must assess our priorities and

take the long term effects of our

decisions into account we need to make

an effort to connect our goals

aspirations and Endeavors with the will


God it challenges us to look inside and

give our lives entirely to Christ really

realizing that genuine importance and

satisfaction can only be found in a

close personal connection with him above

everything let you as actively pursue

God’s kingdom and righteousness in our

quest of Holiness and everlasting

life may Christ not the Trent Joys or

worldly accomplishments

be the source of our identity and value

let us focus on things above and make

choices that demonstrate our unwavering

devotion of following

Jesus even if doing so requires

sacrificing material possessions or


standing if you are still with me thank

you our mission is to elevate your life

to a new level of growth and

satisfaction and if possible please

consider donating to us through super


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