God I need you just as much on my best

day as I do on my worst day read this in

silence dear God thank you for sending

your only son to save us what a

beautiful gift that I can never earn

Lord sometimes I struggle to believe

that I am worthy of your presence in my

life remind me that this is not the case

remove any barriers that are keeping me

from committing my life completely to

you God is saying to you tonight rest I

am already at work I will turn around

every bad situation in your life bless

you in your family and heal every place

you are hurting amen the devil may have

a plot but God has a plan choose worship

over worry choose Faith over fear choose

peace over Panic by believing in a

sovereign God who gives us all his

Saving Grace I don t know who needs to

read this but God knows what you are

going through he’s got you everything

will be okay want to be happy for an

hour eat a steak W to be happy for a day

play golf want to be happy for a week go

on a cruise W to be happy for a lifetime

put your faith in Jesus Christ stop

trying to rush God and start trying to

trust God when you skip church to go see

the new Barbie movie The Road the head

is paved with God’s curious hand

Direction you just have to be willing to

follow his navigation

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