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don’t skip this video because God has a

message for you

today so watch this video till the

end God is saying to you

today my dear child know this I stand

with you ever prepared to lend Aid in

your moments of

need when the shadows of Doubt creep

upon you hold fast to my hand my

unwavering support is

yours type yes heavenly father if you

believe cast aside all fears for you

bask in my good

will your success is woven into the very

fabric of

Destiny stride forth with the confidence

of a conqueror for your spirit is

indomitable you are a beacon of strength


Frailty I will Elevate you setting you

as a Living Testament before kin and

comrades alike proving that triumph over

life’s trials ailments and even the

fiercest foes is Within

Reach type yes God if you

believe anticipate a season brimming

with joy a time when your cherished ones

will see the gift that you are to

them my favor rests upon you my blessing

is your

mantle you are anointed to lead a

Vanguard for your people and through you

wonders will unfold seen by

multitudes but remain vigilant for pride

and vanity are ever

lurking Embrace others with compassion


modesty through you I aim to shower the

world with

affection the hour has come for my

vision for you to take

shape type yes Father if you

believe you are enveloped in love and

Bound for even greater

blessings your unwavering faith has set

you on the correct

course your progress is commendable and

it aligns with my desires for

you keep your focus on my directives and

immerse yourself in my teachings

you’ve transformed redirecting your life

with determination so that a Heavenly

Breeze May steer

you your heartfelt shift and eagerness

for change have merited my extraordinary

endowment type to affirm your

belief the messages you receive breathe

life they are my gesture of love and my

pledge to ensure your success in every


I endow you with wisdom augmenting your

sagacity refining your persona and

bestowing upon you immense

patience my Celestial forces keep a

Vigilant watch over you shielding you

from numerous challenges when exhaustion


you and when the time is right I will

reveal the mystical showing you my

Angelic Warriors as they valiantly cont

on your

behalf type

if you

believe in the chessboard of life I have

been your guardian shielding you from

the Fatal strikes of Misfortune illness


Malice my devotion to you is unwavering

a constant in the face of life’s

flux you dwell within the Fortress of my

love impervious to the chaos of the

world let not your heart be troubled by


tempests recall your vow of trust in me

your Shield against the arrows of

slander my affection for you is a Bull

workk against the assaults of

naysayers you stand upon the Pinnacle of

faith and insight a place I have

reserved for

you let not the Discord of the world

disturb your inner

Sanctuary they seek to unnerve you to

use your emotions as a weapon against

you and those you hold

dear I implore you to embrace the

serenity I

offer seek Solitude voice my words for

they are the key to liberate you from

the shackles that seek to bind

you release your burdens and embrace the

Liberation I

offer trust in the truths whispered to

your spirit yet remain composed amidst

the storm of dire

Tidings confront adversity with


resolve rest assured my presence is a

constant by your side a voice that has

promised Solace to your

soul reject the venomous words of those

who claim you stand alone their intent

is to wound but do not let their deceit

Cloud your mind or poison your

heart I will endow you with the

fortitude to Vanquish these adversaries

and should you stumble my ears are

attuned to the cries of your aching

Spirit remember a life of joy and

Abundant Blessings awaits if you steer

clear of falsehood and the company of


malevolent the choice of belief is yours


make I I have posed this Choice

repeatedly recognizing your Humanity but

now acknowledge my

Divinity your belief is the key and my

might is the

support in moments of Frailty know that

my Aid is ever

present in The Grand Design of life I

have been the Unseen shield for your kin

guarding them from Harm’s

Way I will persist in this vigilance

yet I implore you and yours to seek my

presence to trust in the words I have

spoken and to embrace the sacred vows I


made inform them that I am the architect

of their Destinies aware of every thread

in the tapestry of their existence and I

have crafted a purposeful plan awaiting


hour should they feel the sting of loss

be it possessions companions

vocations or dreams turned to dust urge

them to look Beyond

sorrow remind them tirelessly that every

event is but a stitch in a larger

pattern The Sovereign Weaver ensure that

even the darkest threads contribute to a

tapestry of ultimate

good encourage them to seek me in daily

devotion to offer gratitude in all

things and to to trust that with hearts

lifted in adoration wonders will

unfold convey my message instill in them

the certainty that all shall be

well for I am ever at work orchestrating

the Unseen aligning all for their


benefit unseen forces are at work on

your behalf shifting obstacles from your

path even when they escape your notice

do not falter my

child march on with conviction and

courage remember Solitude is an illusion

in every moment of Triumph or trial a

presence rallies behind you offering

Solace and

support should you seek assistance turn


me I am your steadfast Ally guiding you

through every challenge

together we shall navigate any storm and


Victorious cling to the promises I have

made my dear one and Trust in the

unwavering nature of My

Affection with me at your side you are

equipped to face all life’s

trials Believe in Your Own Strength

believe in a might that supports you and

believe that the finest chapters of your

life are yet to

unfold maintain the Vigor of your faith

my cherished one for I am steering you

towards a destiny replete with hope and


blessings believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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your destiny and your journey is


Yours keep believing in yourself keep

striving for greatness and keep

spreading love and inspiration wherever


go thank you for being a part of this

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stay motivated and keep shining your



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