Embracing Unanswered Prayers and Trusting in God’s Wisdom | God Message | I LOVE JESUS|

God message today my cherished one as the gentle

breeze and swaying branches carry my message to you I beckon you to embark on a journey

filled with faith and victory since the beginning of your journey I have been by your side leading

you through the toughest trials and darkest moments even amidst chaos and

uncertainty know that I am the a constant Beacon of Hope in your life type yes Heavenly Father get ready

for an awesome adventure this year you’re going to be blessed with

good things and people will notice how great you are just remember to have faith in

yourself and in the promise that someone special made for you don’t let doubt or feeling not good

enough stop you because you are in loved no matter what

you’ve been chosen to be a light of Hope and a source of good luck for your

family don’t think negatively about yourself I’m here to support you in

everything you do every day find strength in me push

away any sadness and hold on to your faith with courage learn from my teachings to feed

your soul let them be your tools and protection in life’s challenge

es where the qualities of being humble and patient and watch how your life

becomes full of blessings that you never thought possible type yes God if you

believe when you achieve something great celebrate it with Simplicity and

remember the hard work determination and passion that got you

there your future was shaped by sacrifices tough times and learning from

mistakes it’s where your path to success and forgiveness began feel the greatness and honor that

comes from my resurrection I promise to be there for you through good times and bad to

protect you take care of you and be a safe place for you don’t ever feel like you’re all

alone or forgotten because I am always with with you type

if you believe when things get tough don’t give

up or let bad feelings take over my words are not just empty

promises there are guarantees that I will always be there for you with me defeat doesn’t stand a

chance keep my promises close to your heart and know that you are always safe

in my care type if you

believe keep a special place in your heart just for me that’s where I hang

out don’t listen to those negative thoughts that say you can’t do something

or that you’re not good enough I’m all about helping you reach your full potential and being there for

you every step of the way be brave when facing challenges

because I’ve got your back I’ll make sure you have everything you need to

succeed type yes God if you believe follow my advice stay focused on

your goals and go after them with confidence don’t look down or doubt

yourself I’ll be right there beside you protecting you I’m like your best friend who’s

always there for you no matter what I’ll be there to cheer you on when

you succeed support you when things get tough and lend a hand when you need

help just know that I believe in you and will always be by your

side type yes Father if you believe it’s me

Jesus I want you to know that I’m always here for you so don’t be afraid

I’m like your best friend cheering you on every step of the way don’t let anyone bring you down or

make you feel bad about yourself keep going on your journey not

just for yourself and your loved ones but also to remember how much I love

you think about the tough times I went through all for

you I went through a lot of pain and suffering because I care about you so

much I did it to forgive you set you free heal you and save

you when things get really hard remember that I’m right there with

you we’ll get through it together stay strong and keep going and

I promise I’ll be there to give you strength encouragement peace confidence

Comfort wisdom bravery and happiness look ahead to the Future and

your dreams they’re not just make believe they’re like seeds I’ve planted

in your heart waiting to grow don’t let doubt or disbelief get

you down even when things seem tough and unfair remember that others have been

through it too you’ll face challenges in life but remember that I have overcome become

them all stay strong and positive and you’ll find happiness and

success type amen if you believe you are special and

valuable your kindness Purity and honesty reflect who you are

inside remember that you are a part of something bigger and you have a

purpose your smarts hard work and bravery show that you are meant for

great things let me tell you something important no matter where you come from

how much money you have what you look like or what other people think of you

you are special to me I want everyone to know that you are my beloved child and I am always looking

out for you you are surrounded by my love and blessings and that that’s why the bad

guys are scared of you they know I will always protect and take care of

you type if you believe you don’t need to worry about

anything when you’re with me don’t be like those who have turned away from me and think they are all

alone they have chosen to ignore my love and are lost without peace Comfort or

God in their lives but I am here for you always by your

side I want you to trust in my words because they are true powerful and will

give you faith that lasts forever I know you can do it don’t be

afraid of those who try to bring you down they’re just like Shadows not real

just trying to scare you believe in yourself it won’t cost

you anything I want to help you become the best version of

yourself you can be alive in the darkness helping those who are hurting

and feeling hopeless when things get tough remember

the power of your words can defeat any challenges I see you as a brave Warrior

full of goodness and knowledge with a humble heart you are a hero of faith

strong and Victorious let me tell you something important you are

loved you are special and important to me my love for you will never

end I want you to talk to me to tell me how you feel and how much you love

me I want to hear your voice saying these things you mean so much to me and I want

you to know how how much I care about you sometimes I see you feeling really

sad and you don’t even know why it’s like your heart is trying to

tell you something important that feeling you have is your

heart connecting with me in the Quiet Moments of the morning I

am calling out to you trying to bring you back to me but sometimes you get so caught up in

everything going on that you forget to remember me my spirit is gently reminding you not

to forget about me because I am the one who can bring you peace and calm your

emotions your sadness is a sign that your soul is thirsty for me the one who

can heal you and bring you back to a place of peace and happiness type yes Father if you

believe if you’re feeling really sad and empty inside it might mean you haven’t

spent enough time with me this can’t keep happening if you don’t fix it your

feelings might get all mixed up when things get tough instead of believing in me and

having faith you might start thinking I’m mad at you or that I’ve left

you but that’s not true I don’t lie or or trick

you I’ve shown you how much I love you in so many ways the word much isn’t enough to

describe how much I care about you type yes Father if you

believe come closer to me and I’ll make you feel really good

inside I’ll take care of you surround you with love so strong that you’ll cry

happy tears no matter where you are you won’t feel too

sad if you cry and someone asks why you can tell them the truth I’m surrounded

by my father’s amazing love speaking to me in a special way that fills my heart

with love my sadness is gone my father has taken away all my sadness and given me a

fresh start let me help you and make you feel better

I want to give you good things and help you out just read what I say believe it and

Trust in it stay strong because I’m going to do amazing things for you and your

family I’ve told you before about all the good things coming your

way get ready for some awesome stuff in the future I promise it’s going to

happen it’s important important to stay positive and happy if you believe in me you can trust

that everything will work out don’t let worries take over your

mind they can make you feel unhappy tired and

confused instead have faith and follow me towards a peaceful and calm

life I know life can be tough sometimes it might feel like everything

is against you but don’t give up stand strong face your problems and

keep moving forward with confidence even when you’re tired

remember that I am here to support and guide you every step of the way don’t let that mean bully get to

you he’s just full of hot air and lies who are you going to believe

someone who’s trying to trick you or the one who made you who you are I have the power to control the

storm I’m unstoppable even if others try to bring

you down I’m the one who can lift you back up if you mess up don’t worry I’ll

always be there to help you out they might try to make you weak but

I’ll make you strong and if you fall I’ll be there to pick you

up be brave and have faith Like A Champion who always wins no matter how

tough things get your flag will fly high with me by

your side I love you and I’m proud of you show your love for me too stand tall

and proud today you came to me looking for help and I’m here to give you all the

strength you need you asked for things like food and healing and I promise to give you more

than enough you also prayed for your kids to do well and be happy and I want you to

know that I’ll be there to help them succeed just know that I love you so

much and I have the power to help you through anything if you trust me and have faith

every day will feel like a party because I’ll be there to help you in don’t be scared of anything just

focus on being brave and happy I’ll always be here to protect you

and show you how much I care remember no matter what happens

I’ll never leave you alone listen up because I’ve got some

important news for you the past is in the past and my love

has changed you for the better you’re like a brand new person now with

a whole new attitude no more feeling sad through mad

all the time or doubting yourself even if people have been mean

to you believing in me will lead you to some amazing things your enemies will be shocked at

how much you’ve changed and your family will be amazed too take this chance to show everyone

how my love has made you better my power has given you a fresh start and my

guidance has led you away from old problems now you’re on a New Journey in

life full of wisdom and patience you don’t have to be scared

anymore and you won’t give into bad stuff you’re strong and happy thanks to

my awesome power you are loved so much that just being around you makes people

happy I have always been there for you guiding you and speaking to your

heart now is the time to trust me completely good things are coming your

way my friend I will lift you up like an eagle

above all the tough times and challenges you will find peace and

strength in my arms even when things get hard every morning you will see things

in a new way like an eagle you will soar high with your prayers and connect with me in

a special way when you’re in trouble I will protect you and keep you

safe I want you to be happy and enjoy all the good things I have for

you my love will make your soul feel brand new I am changing you for the better

Watch How I make things different in your life I want the best for you and I’m

here to help you be strong every day I’ll help you rise above any

problems that used to bother you today I bring peace into your

life I’ll protect you from any troubles that try to bring you down I’ll make sure you have light to

guide your way and help you stand tall like a strong tree I’ll make you tough and ready to

face any challenges that come your way if you need to fly I’ll give you

wings if you need strength I’ll give you power and if you’re unsure I’ll give you

the wisdom to overcome anything today I’m here to lift you up

and make you feel strong and powerful your prayers make me Happ happy

and I love seeing you dedicate time to me each day your respect and worship mean a lot

to me and I appreciate your sincerity even though you may have made

mistakes in the past I see the goodness in your heart I’m always here to give you

another chance as long as you come to me with faith keep being true to yourself and

keep believing in me just wanted to let you know that when you pray and believe that good things

will come your way I’ll be there to answer your prayers I might not always give you what

you want right away but trust me the timing will be just

right don’t give up hope and keep looking forward to all the good things that are coming your

way I promise to always keep my word and never let you

down I’m always working behind the scenes in your life but it’s your faith

and dedication that keep you going when you have faith in me I can do

amazing things for you and give you all the good stuff you deserve don’t go back to doubting

yourself like you used to when you didn’t believe in miracles you thought you weren’t worthy

of good things because you didn’t have enough Faith but look how far you’ve come

come I’m so proud of you for growing and learning from your

experiences keep it up now that you understand how your

faith can help you make important decisions and protect you from bad things it’s also important to know that

it can inspire you to do the right thing and bring the words of God to life in

your everyday life even if your faith feels small like

a tiny Mustard Seed it’s actually really big in God’s

eyes you might start to see changes happening around you your prayers being

answered and your heart getting stronger more amazing things will happen

as You Follow The Path God has set for you reach out your hand to God and hold

on tight our journey together is almost

over God God Is Watching Over You with love and care like a guardian

angel he’s wrapping you in his arms protecting you from

harm he knows how tough things are for you right now he sees your struggles your hard

work and your moments of sadness in those tough times God wants

you to know that he will always be there for you no matter what I I’m here for you ready to help

and support you through anything I want to bring you happiness

peace and success you mean the world to me and I

care about you so much even when you’re feeling down and like nobody understands I’m right here

by your side I haven’t forgotten about you or stopped

caring you’re always on my mind and I’m here to lift you up and make things

better I really care about you and want you to be happy and safe

forever so please pay attention to what I’m saying and don’t forget

it your soul will feel refreshed you’ll feel stronger and you’ll have a new

burst of energy you might not have expected to hear from me but here you are listening

closely the more you listen the more determined you’ll

become remember I haven’t forgotten about you take some time to be quiet and talk

to me you’re never alone because I’m here for you as a father and a

friend be thankful for that just to make sure you understand

you’re never alone I’ll give you strength fill you with love and help you succeed in

everything you do think about all the tough stuff you’ve been through the challenges

battles and trials you faced them all headon and

stayed strong your determination and courage inspire

me I want to remind you not to stress out don’t let fear stop you from chasing

your dreams go after after what you want with confidence knowing that I’m here to

support you remember how Brave you are and all the tough situations you’ve conquered

with my help you haven’t lost a single fight so trust in me and find peace in your

heart it’s tough to stay calm and have faith when things get crazy and problems

keep popping up but in those moments ignore the negative voes is around you and don’t

listen to Fear just keep on walking and trust me

okay I love you so much and I’ve had big plans for you since before you were even

born I’m always looking out for you watching over every little

thing don’t let sadness take over your heart I’ll fill it with happiness

instead have faith and believe that you will s suceed what I have in store for you is

even better than you can imagine I love you more than anything

and every morning when you wake up I’ll remind you of that as the sun rises you’ll feel my

presence all around you listen for my voice in your heart

when you talk to me pray or share your worries I’ll keep talking to you even

when you don’t feel like listening when you feel tired sad or

like giving up I’ll be right there with you your doubts won’t change how much I

care about you I’ll never leave you even when you’re

unsure my love for you is never ending and I want you to believe in

it show me your love with all your heart and that’s when amazing things will

start to happen if you truly believe in me I’ll do incredible things in your

life my love for you will last forever and I’ll guide you on the right

path I want you to know that I’m always here for you no matter

what I want you to feel loved and protected that’s my goal for

you your faith makes me happy when you believe in me it’s like

your wor worshiping me on a throne and when you worship me you’ll

feel peace and strength deep in your soul keep looking for me and I’ll show

you the way even when things get tough I’ll be there to help

you when you feel weak or far away from me I’ll still be by your

side I’ll guide you hold your hand or even carry you if you need it

you”ve shown me love treated me like a friend and spent time with

me and I’ve shown my love right back I never change I’m always the

same don’t be scared of the challenges you face don’t let fear take over when

things get hard I’m all powerful there’s nothing I can’t

do amazing things are going to happen happen in your life my dear

child listen to my voice focus on my words let your heart be filled with a

desire for stability joy and contentment don’t worry about what

you’ve lost the time that’s gone or the people who have left you feeling

sad let me share a tale with you one where deceit sought to sow doubt in your

heart sest suggesting my absence signal the lack of love yet now in this moment you can

sense my unwavering presence and grasp the truth my affection for you knows no

bounds and my commitment to never forsake you remains Resolute the Divine Essence envelopes

you showering blessings upon blessings for you hold a place of unparalleled

significance in my eyes eyes I have every confidence in your

ability to persevere in faith as each Dawn breaks Envision

Serenity and joy enveloping you a tangible manifestation of my enduring

love and eternal guardianship should Melancholy and despair have taken residence within your

soul let today Herald a newfound Solace picture yourself nestled against

my chest enveloped in the warmth of My Embrace be at peace my beloved for this

season of tribulation Shall Pass making way for brighter

tomorrows release the burden of worry close your eyes and embrace the Embrace

of my spirit let your hearts Melody sore bask

in the warmth of my affection and witness as your troubles Wayne giving

rise to a future illuminated with hope I’m here to give you some awesome

blessings that will bring amazing opportunities into your life your job is to take care of your

family and even though tough times will come they’re just part of your

journey but don’t worry I’ve got your back and will give you the wisdom love

and strength you need to get through anything I’ll help you navigate through all the

challenges and obstacles that come your way I care about how you feel and I

think your dreams and ideas are super cool you have a special place in my

heart because you have the power to spread love kindness and

forgiveness your example will inspire others and help them see the awesome

plans I have for their lives so don’t be afraid keep your head

up and know that I’m always here to help you out just wanted to remind you that I’ve

got your back always I’m always watching over you with love and ready to help you out when you

need it you have the power to be a shining light for others who need some

guidance don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and opportunities that come

your way I’ll make sure nothing gets in the way of your

success just have faith in me and know that I’ll be right there with you every

step of the way I care about you so much I know you’ve been reaching out to

me asking for help and looking for answers well I’m here now to give you

the support and comfort you need remember I see everything that’s

going on in your life and your family’s life you’re not alone in this I’m right

here with you I want to encourage you to stay strong in your beliefs and not give

up believe in faith and positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love type I love you Heavenly

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