Embrace the Unexpected: Tonight, God Will Surprise You | God Message

God is saying to you today listen

closely my dear child it’s time to let

happiness light up your face once

more remember you’re never walking this

journey alone I am here to lend you a

helping hand whenever you need it and

guess what you’ve got Heavenly angels

watching over you keeping you safe every

step of the way so take a deep breath

trust in me and feel the weight lift off


shoulders type yes heavenly father if


believe I have incredible plans in store

for you plans so wonderful you couldn’t

even imagine them that’s why you should

start feeling excited

again the adventures ahead are Beyond

Your Wildest

Dreams the future holds boundless

opportunities just waiting for you to

seize them and guess what the best part

is Yet to

Come blessings are chasing after you

eager to shower you with

goodness Angels stand guard around you

ensuring your safety and

protection the holy spirit is your

compass leading you along the right

path and guess what else healing is on

its way to you bring bringing comfort


renewal type yes God I believe to affirm


faith so my dear one smile brightly for

your journey is filled with love

guidance and Endless

Possibilities trust in God’s plan for it

is beautiful and full of

wonder the best is truly yet to

come don’t worry about bad stuff

happening to you it won’t

succeed your money will grow a lot good

things you’ve been waiting for are

almost here you’re safe and guided

everything you need will be taken care

of believe it you’re doing things right

type if you

believe listen closely my dear

one I’m here to show you something

amazing keep doing your best and you’ll

see your dreams come

true the universe is sending good things


way opportunities will come knocking at


door surprises filled with happiness are

on their

way you’ll meet someone who will make


smile your health will get better all of


sudden and guess what your worries about

bills will vanish and you’ll have extra

ra to make your children

happy keep believing good things are

just around the

corner God is telling you something

special today good things are coming


way it’s like a brand new door is going

to open up just for you those tough

things you’re dealing with they won’t

last much

longer soon you’ll see lots of great

chances and good stuff heading your


just hang in there

okay trust that everything will happen

at just the right

time it’s coming soon I

promise and for those feeling tired and

forgotten God please give them

strength show them that you’re with them

give them hope

again we ask this in jesus’


amen if you feel deep down that this

message connects with your heart it’s

not a

coincidence you’re here because God


you he’s speaking to you reaching out to

heal your

soul know that right now he’s Paving a

path for you he’s working on healing

your pains and granting you new

chances your relationships will mend and

your struggles will fade

away keep believing because your

breakthrough is on its

way trust that no harm will touch you

and illness will stay far from your

doorstep God will send his angels to

keep you safe everywhere you

go this means you don’t have to worry

about things you can’t

change remember people will act like

people jobs will be jobs but always

trust that God will be

God so let go and let let him take care

of it

all instead of fretting turn your

worries into

prayers let God know what you need and

be grateful for all he has done for you

remember Philippians

today’s lesson is to reject worry

and have faith in God’s

timing trust that he knows what’s best

for you one of the most impactful

prayers you can utter is God let your

will be done not

mine remember God has the power to

change any

situation the tears pain and restless

nights you endure are shaping you into a


person even when things seem tough trust

that God is orchestrating everything for


benefit keep holding on to God’s


support remember God is by your side

always in months I’ll be way better in

every way inside outside mind and money

I just know it and if I’m not on the

right path God please guide me there

don’t worry about anything because God’s

got it all figured

out he’s way bigger than anything

scaring you and stronger than any

problem just believe and keep going even

when it’s

tough when it’s time God will make your

dreams come

true so remember never ever give up on


dreams you were cherished and watched

over with

care just as a loving parent helps their

child when they stumble I am here to

lift you up to mend what’s broken and to

pave a path forward for you remember

I’ve done it before for and I’ll do it

again my love for you knows no

bounds feel that weight you’ve been

carrying for so

long it’s starting to crack and break

away soon you’ll feel lighter Freer and

ready to embrace the blessings headed


way God’s love isn’t just abundant it’s

overflowing prepare yourself because

you’re about to receive more than you

ever imagined

be thankful little

one gratitude opens doors to even


blessings believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you God

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