God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

as it is a message from God’s heart to

bless your life today before we continue

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ritual God said my dear son it is I the

god of the universe the creator of all

things and The Giver of all Grace today

with a heart filled with love and joy I

wish to speak directly to you for I have

chosen you to receive an extraordinary

miracle in your life since the beginning

of time I have been with you every step

of your journey I know the challenges

you’ve faced the tears you’ve shed and

the moments of uncertainty you’ve lived

through each experience has shaped you

turning every obstacle into a foundation

stone for the incredible person you are

today now in this moment I want you to

understand that I am here to pour my

grace upon you in a profound and

transformative way comment I believe if

you do the choice of you to receive this

miracle is not a coincidence nor is it

the result of Fate it is a manifestation

of my love for you a testimony that I am

always present in your life guiding and

caring for every detail believe dear

child that I see your heart hear your

prayers and know the deepest desires of

your soul when I look at you I see a

Divine Spark a unique and precious being

of light With Every Breath You Take You

radiate an energy that is an essential

part of the fabric of the universe that

is why I have chosen you for this

miracle as a reminder that you are part

of something greater connected to a

cosmic tapestry that goes beyond what

you can

imagine understand that the miracle you

are about to receive is not just an

isolated event it is an expression of my

constant desire to bless you and

everyone around you it is a reminder

that you are loved unconditionally and

my grace is always available to those

who open their hearts to me however with

this blessing comes

responsibility it is not just about

receiving the miracle but also sharing

the light it radiates just as a candle

shines to illuminate its surroundings I

want you to use this miracle to brighten

the lives of those you encounter may

your journey be a living testimony of my

grace and love in moments of Doubt

remember this gift I am giving you today

remember that you are loved valued and

chosen for great things no matter what

the future may bring trust in me in the

power of the miracle flowing in your

life your steps are Guided by me and my

hand is always extended to lead you on

the path of Truth and joy let the light

of this miracle shine brightly in your


let it warm every corner of your soul

and inspire you to live a life full of

purpose compassion and gratitude know

that I am with you every step of the way

and the joy of receiving this miracle is

just the beginning of an even more

extraordinary Journey receive this

blessing with an open heart with

humility and gratitude for through this

miracle I wish for you to feel my loving

presence in a deeper and more

significant way May every beat of your

heart be a constant reminder of my love

for you and your Limitless ability to

transform lives write thank you God as a

sign of gratitude pray with me now

beloved God today in this moment of

connection I lift my voice in gratitude

and humility I acknowledge your constant

presence in my life your wisdom guiding

my steps and your Endless Love

enveloping Me Heavenly Father I entrust

to you my desires and joys my concerns

and hopes knowing that every thought and

every sigh I place before you challenges

I face dreams I nurture in my heart I

seek your guidance for I know your

wisdom is infinite strengthen me in

moments of weakness so I may find

comfort in your loving arms in times of

loneliness and pain I accept with

gratitude the Miracles Your Grace has

poured upon me help me share this

blessing with generosity and love that I

may be an instrument of your light in

the world may my life be an expression

of your loving presence my heart filled

with gratitude and my steps Guided by

Your Divine will bless me with the

courage to face adversities faith to

overcome doubts and joy to celebrate

each moment above all I seek Your

Blessing of love and peace that I may

feel your presence in every aspect of my


assist me in growing in understanding

and Grace that I may honor the purpose

you have for me in this world with a

heart full of confidence I place these

words and intentions into your hands may

they resonate through time and space

connecting to your infinite wisdom and

love amen with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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