Don’t Tap If You Hate Jesus | God Message Today

my beloved child I come to you today

with a message that flows from the

depths of my heart a message written and

sealed with the power of my unwavering

love it is a message that holds the key

to forgiveness the balm that soothes

your soul and the Beacon of Hope you’ve

yearned for this message is your sign

the sign you’ve been waiting for etched

in the very essence of my being it is

signed with the Crimson ink of my blood

symbolizing the boundless sacrifice I

made to Grant you forgiveness for all

your sins as you read these words I want

you to understand that they carry the

weight of divine grace and the warmth of

my Everlasting affection receive this

message as you would a precious gift for

it is a gift of boundless love open your

heart and accept the Embrace of

forgiveness that flows through these

words this is a day of profound

encourage encouragement and

Reconciliation a day when the burdens

you’ve carried for so long can finally

be laid to rest I see the doors you’ve

tirelessly knocked upon the doors that

seemed immovable and Resolute I want you

to know that today these very doors have

swung open wide for you my divine power

a power that knows no bounds has

shattered the chains that bound you

obliterated the bonds that held you

captive and cast aside every obstacle

that stood in your path you are free to

rise to fight and to escape the pit of

despair today you stand liberated from

the shackles of suffering and every

ounce of pain you’ve endured is

acknowledged you asked for a sign and

here it is my message to you I urge you

to release the weight of past failures

for those who witnessed your struggles

will soon witness your triumphant Ascent

the chapter of your trials is drawing to

a close and the concerns that have

burdened your heart heart I will resolve

continue steadfastly on your journey for

I am with you I invite you to come

closer to kneel before my presence with

humility and unwavering faith I ask that

you refrain from relying solely on your

human wisdom for the decisions you make

in communion with me shall be blessed do

not turn a blind eye to my Commandments

for they are The Guiding Light on your

path open the pagas of your bble and let

each word resonate with in your s for

they are inspired by my Holy Spirit as

you read you will feel my voice speaking

directly to your heart and your

spiritual vision will open revealing the

supernatural protection I have woven

around your home I understand the

challenges you face in the world and I

know that life is far from Easy where

you stand however within the sacred

pages of my word you will discover

promises that will fortify your faith

offering you the courage courage and

serenity to remain resilient in times of

Despair remember that I am by your side

unwavering in both good and trying times

resist the temptation to fixate on

negativity when it suddenly looms fear

not the threats that encircle you and do

not blindly follow the crowd as it flees

in trepidation stand Resolute in your

position neither veering left nor right

and Safeguard the sanctity of your home

do not betray the trust of those you

hold dear I urge you to approach me with

humility unbended knee and with

unwavering Faith lay before me all your

needs for I am your provider I shall

fling wide the doors and windows of

Heaven showering you with Abundant

Blessings be mindful however of the

fruits of your labor for they are

hard-earned guard against the Allure of

borrowing or descending into Wicked and

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