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my child listen up this message is

straight from God coming down from

heaven just for you the big guy himself

is reaching out to you with so much love

he’s right here waiting to have a real

connection with you can you feel the

excitement bubbling up inside you the

one who made the whole universe is

searching for you how cool is that it’s

it’s a huge deal to be sought out by the

King of Kings doesn’t your heartbeat a

little faster just thinking about it

right now the Gates of Heaven are wide

open for you God has some amazing things

planned for you that are even better

than your wildest dreams he’s go to

shower you with blessings and protect

you from anything bad all he wants in

return is for you to to trust him

completely and give yourself over to him

in returned you’ll get endless joy and

fulfillment so don’t waste any more time

it’s time to seek the Lord like you

never have

before get down on your knees and listen

for his voice he has so much to say to

you and so much to give you you’re too

special to stay far away from him this

meeting will change your life forever

let him know you’re on board by saying

amen God wants you to pay attention to

that little voice inside you that

sometimes gets drowned out by all your

worries and

fears he’s right here ready to have a

real heart to heart with you this isn’t

just any old chat it’s a direct message

from your heavenly dad the one who made

you it’s a chance for you to share your

thoughts and dreams and for God to give

you some love and wisdom type yes God if


believe you don’t have to go searching

for God’s words they’re as close as the

air you breathe as personal as your


thoughts just talk to God In Prayer

connect with his spirit and you’ll feel

his Endless Love and wisdom trust me God

is always looking for you to be close to

him let the love and light in these

words fill you up and then pass it on by

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for more uplifting messages hey there

I’ve have been looking for you for a



even before you knew I

existed finding me might seem like a big

task but it’s actually a peaceful

Journey of Faith if you call out to me

I’ll hear you and when you need help

I’ll be there to answer just know that

my help might be even better than you

expect I want to bless you in amazing

ways that you’ve never even thought of

all I need from you is to trust me and

have strong faith in me type to

affirm your faith you are special like a

precious jewel in the eyes of the

Creator you were made just for this

moment and this

place say to yourself I trust in God no

matter what challeng has come my way and

remember to stay focused focused and not

get distracted and most importantly

don’t forget my promise to you put your

Faith and Hope in me even when things

get tough always remember that you’re

never alone I’ve always been here to

protect you support you and guide you in

this big world type yes Father if you

believe don’t forget to listen to my

voice because I’m talking directly to

you can you feel my presence all around

you it’s like a warm

hug I really want you to succeed and be

happy I’m here to help guide you on the

right path in

life if you ever feel lost or confused

just come to me with all your heart and

I’ll help you find your way stay away

from people who bring you down don’t

appreciate you or try to make you feel

small they’re not helping you grow once

you let go of them you won’t even miss

them because I bring amazing people into

your life people who are kind and have a

true purpose get ready because something

amazing is about to happen to you and

you’re about to be showered with

blessings trust me I’m always looking

out for you with love

type amen if you

believe I care about you a lot and I

really hope you stick by my side life

can be tough sometimes but with me

around you’ll have the strength to keep

going you’re super important to me I

saved you from danger by making a big

sacrifice I live in your heart heart and

help you through tough

times remember God helps me overcome any

obstacles in my

way if this message makes you feel

peaceful spread that feeling to

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positivity I’ve always been there for

you every step of the way when you come

back to me you’ll see amazing change Es

as you feel the love I have for you

don’t listen to the mean words of people

who want to bring you down they’re just

jealous and want to see you fail but

you’re still standing strong thanks to

me it’s time to stop feeling sad you

don’t have to carry that pain anymore I

want to bring positivity and healing

into your life helping you let let go of

any emotional pain you may be carrying

imagine yourself as a fountain of

Happiness strength and resilience ready

to conquer any challenges that come your

way get ready for some big changes ahead

you’re about to see amazing

transformations in every part of your

life I want you to stay connected with

me letting my positive energy guide you

in everything you do my goal is to bring

blessings to every aspect of your life

from your actions to your dreams trust

me everything will start to grow and

Thrive with my help remember to respect

me trust me and follow my advice with an

open heart when you seek me out I’ll

give you wisdom that you can share with

your loved ones and make a positive

impact on the world come closer I want

you to know that I love you so much

believe in yourself because I am here to

bring you peace and wisdom from God hang

in there you are stronger than you think

think about all the challenges you faced

and how you’ve overcome them with

courage even when things were tough keep

going and stay strong and don’t give up

I’m right here with you every step of

the way and remember after all these

tough times our bun will grow even

stronger and you will come out even

tougher than before even if you’re

unsure about why you’re going through

hard times or if you’re scared of being

left alone know that there is a bigger

plan for you I want to lift you you up

and give you amazing blessings you can’t

even imagine the obstacles you’re facing

now are preparing you for amazing things

in the future say to yourself today’s

struggles will lead to tomorrow’s

victories listen up and pay attention to

what I’m about to say don’t let yourself

get caught up in worries or holding

grudges focus on what I’m telling you

about finding peace and strength get rid

of any negative thoughts or feelings

that are clouding your mind and keeping

you from seeing the good things I have

in store for you let go of any old

grudges or pain you’re holding on to if

you ever feel like you need to talk to

me just come as you are and be still I’m

here here for you even when you feel

lonely or can’t find the right words to

say I know what’s in your heart even

when you can’t express it trust me

because I have a bright future planned

for you with lots of good things coming

your way as you go through life remember

to accept the love that surrounds

you walk confidently knowing that your

faith and yourself

and in something greater will guide you

God understands your deepest desires and

struggles so don’t let the challenges of

the world scare you even when you feel

weak remember that you are strong in

your own way think of yourself as a

precious gem shining brighter with each

obstacle you

overcome every challenge is a chance for

you to grow and become even better

Embrace these tough times as part of

your journey knowing that they are

shaping you into the person you are

meant to be believe that you are loved

and supported by a higher power let

these words inspire you and others to

keep moving forward with hope and

strength share this message with those

around you so we can all support each

other on this journey

called life together we can make a

difference and bring light to the world

just like a skilled artist shaped clay

into a beautiful sculpture I am shaping

your life into something

amazing there may be tough times and

challenges along the way but trust that

everything is part of my plan for you in

the end your life will be a masterpiece

that sh with my love and

kindness remember I am not just your

creator but also your caring

father my plans for you are full of good

things hope and a bright future when you

feel lost or unsure look to me for

guidance I will show you the way and

Lead You two incredible places you never

thought possible remember God is like in

your path and guiding you on your

Journey of

Faith stay strong be brave and have

faith in

yourself stand up for what you believe

in knowing that I am always with you be

kind show love and offer forgiveness to

others by doing this you will be a

shining example of my presence in a

world that can sometimes feel dark dark

hay there just wanted to remind you that

I love you so much and that love will

never ever change when you wake up in

the morning remember to feel hopeful and

when the sun sets find peace in knowing

that I am always with you you’re never

alone because I am right there in your

heart and by your sigh say to yourself

God is always with me me keep this

message closed to your heart as a

reminder of my un wavering love and

kindness Let It Be Your guide when

things get tough and your reason to

celebrate on Happy Days move forward

confidently knowing that I am leading

you every step of the way face each new

day with bravery knowing that you are

surrounded by love and supported by

faith you are so special to me and in my

love you will find the strength you need

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God’s lovers with all of

you see you next time amen

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