Don’t Miss God’s Message : A Vital Warning for September & October 2024 / God message

direction of your family’s life

if you have faith in God please watch

this video till the end don’t skip this


never forget that you are a child of the

king and that greater relationships

opportunities and the benefits are

heading your way

you will have a lot of money since God

and His angels are now working for you

if you watch the whole video you will

learn about relationships and health

God is actively working on you and

delivering Miracles benefits and


he desires for you to find healing and


in various areas of your life

God helps to repair your body heart mind

and family with healing that has been

sent from heaven

everything is changing for the better

because of the Lord

declare loudly today I deserve the flow

of Love healing and abundance that is

coming my way do this with confidence

and all you do put your faith in God he

has the ability to transform your

challenges into a lesson

your tribulations into victories and

your test into a testimony

God Is Lifting all of your burdens and

transforming you from suffering struggle

and scarcity to ease plenty and healing

the Lord promises to provide his people

health and healing enabling them to

experience an abundance of peace and


if that everything is possible with

God’s mercy

you will restore your calm and

prosperity throughout this season of


type thank you God and if you believe in

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Channel and ring the notification Bell

God says

pray together my children I pray to the

almighty father for this next week in

the name of Jesus

I am grateful to be here with you today

God loves you so deeply that he sends

his angels to look after your depths

pay your payments and keep your family


together let’s pray for you to receive

God’s countless blessings

as we enter this time of abundance

Heavenly Father we humbly beg for your

protection and direction

God will finish what he begin in your

life and you will experience a miracle

as a result of the delay

he will surprise you with his goodness

and favor

and he’ll put a fresh melody in your


you will see how God answers your


God will make the next years of your

life the finest of your life

even if you suffer from illness loss of

employment or disappointments

God has excellent things for you this

week including a breakthrough that will

surprise you

I announced that this next week will be

full of unexpected benefits Joy

abundance breakthroughs and answers to

all your requests may you succeed in

everything you do


join me in prayer

Heavenly Father

I ask for safety and blessings as we

leave the house today

I ask that you protect and Surround our

children at school

on the streets and highways keep us safe

send us Good Fortune healing fresh

chances and breakthroughs

in the name of Jesus Amen


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