Don’t Make Jesus Sad By Ignoring This – God | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child for all time I will do

everything I can to find your lost heart

and bring it back into my love my love

is stronger than the sky and the

universe itself so there is no distance

or obstacle I can’t cross today my child

I want you to know that I love you and

that you will always have my blessing

I’m going to give you lots of gifts and

Grace and you will always have my favor

and protection with you my strong hand

will be over you when things get hard

and hold you up when things get tough I

will be there to pick you up and give

you the strength to keep going no matter

how many times you fall you will never

be alone because I will keep my word to

you my presence will wrap around you

like a blanket comforting you when

things are at their worst you can be

sure that I will always look out for

your best if you trust me remember that

my plans for you are good things and

hope because I want the best for you in

everything I will never leave you on

your way to completing Your Divine

Purpose even when you don’t feel my

presence I will always be with you

because my love never ends remember that

I love you and that nothing in the world

can take that away from me no amount of

height depth or anything else in the

world can ever separate you from my love

that never changes do not give up my

child stay strong and keep going forward

you and your family will not lack

anything because I will keep my promise

to bless you greatly my dear child I

will always be with you no matter how

far you have fallen I understand that

you are tired weak and about to give up

you might even think that I have left

you and am not close but listen to me I

haven’t left your side and I’m not far

away this is where I come in to help you

fight your battles answer your questions

and solve your problems no matter how

bad things are for you how many wrong

turns you’ve taken or how too much to

handle I will always be willing to

forgive you and give you a new start you

will always and forever be loved by me

nothing can take that away from you

please know that you are not alone no

matter how bad things look I’m here to

help you and guide you

I’m here to show you the right way and

be your way your truth and your life

even if you feel lost I will never leave

you don’t let your past mistakes and

failures Define you instead believe what

I’m telling you today give me control of

your life and I’ll carry your burdens

and calm your fears I am your God and I

will watch over you all the time don’t

give up when things get hard or let the

good things in this world run your life

respond and say sorry for what you did

wrong which has caused chaos and harm in

your life I will help you get through

anything if you are humble and give me

your whole heart there is nothing too

hard for me to handle when it comes to

my love for you don’t forget that I told

you that you can move mountains with

faith as small as a mustard seed if you

trust me nothing is impossible let me

give you my favor Grace and blessing

right now my beloved child lift your

hands to the sky May the challenges of

today fill you with courage and strength

as I send you my strength peace and

Grace don’t forget that I will always be

here to hold your hand and nothing can

separate us believe in me and get up I

will give you the strength faith and

courage to win and move forward because

look I’m coming soon and I’ll bring my

reward to thank you for your faith and

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