Don’t Let Devil Win By Ignoring This Message‼️| God Message For You Today

God is saying to you today my dearly

beloved kid when you get the blessing

then you’ll get to understand why you

had went through that occasions just

consider the occasions you had

confronted earlier then that had turned

out to be with the

blessing nothing you had went through

became waste through each and every

instance as you acquire to recognize who

I am and also you got here greater

closure to me and your faith in me had

growth and every situations had become

with a superb

blessing if you watch the full video

without skipping it God bless you

abundantly in Bible verse Philippians

to for always says do nothing out of

selfish ambition or vain conceit rather

in humility cost others above yourselves

no longer seeking your very own Hobbies

at each of you to the Pursuits of the

others my cherished child take comfort

in my presence for I am here with you as

a loving and all effective God I

actually have heard your prayer the

prayer of religion in my promises and my

electricity to triumph over the

challenges that weigh on your your


heart your faith has reached my Divine

ears and I want you to recognize that I

am here to guide you through those

trials know that I am a god of affection

Grace and boundless compassion I see the

burdens you convey and the barriers you

face trust in my promises for they true

and unwavering I promise to be your

energy when you are weak and you’re mild

within the

darkness have religion my baby for I am

capable of Miracles beyond your

imagination as you face your demanding

situations recollect that I am by using

your sigh geared up to guide you to

victory you are in no way alone and your

faith in me is a powerful pressure that

may circulate

mountains Lord says share this video and

bless others

people Almighty declares come to knowing

that in me you’re whole as you

relaxation quietly in my presence my

Light Within You grows brighter and

brighter facing the vacancy iner you is

virtually the Prelude to being full of

my fullness

therefore Rejoice on the ones days when

you drag your self away from bed feeling

sluggish and insufficient tell yourself

that that is a perfect day to rely upon

me in childlike

consider if you persevere on this

dependence as you go through the day you

will discover a bedtime that joy and

peace have come to be your companions

you won’t recognize that what factor

they joined you on your journey however

you will feel the beneficial

consequences of their

presence the perfect stop to this sort

of day is a doxology of gratitude I am

he from whom all bless me along with

your gaping emptiness HS

gly type if you

gree you can trust the one who died for

you in this world of Spin and scams

human beings regularly find it difficult

to consider all of us they talk about

requiring others to earn their consider

by using proving

themselves I am the indispensable person

who earn the proper be trusted for your

sake I left the Glorious in line with

fection of heaven and began existence on

your International as a helpless strong


toddler I resisted all Temptations for

years in order that my sacrifice for

Sinners could be sufficient I lived a

really perfect Lifestyles and freely

gave my body to be tortured and carried

out to pay the whole penalty for

sin as a result of my dying and

Resurrection whoever believes in me as

everlasting life I need you to depend

expectantly on me not simplest as your

savior but additionally as the godfriend

who’s taking care of you I even have

already proved how sincere I

am now I invite you to relax in my

loving presence and confide in me tell

me your hopes and fears cast all of your

tension on me because I care for

you receiving it by typing

Lord speak to you Joy is a tough

phrase to pinpoint and Define many

people describe joy as an emotion or

feeling that comes over you in a first

rate and Shining

second sometimes pleasure is just the

other of being sad however with any luck

it’s a whole lot extra than that to

you Joy is not the same as happiness

because pleasure is what God has

installed your coronary heart at the

same time as happiness is a brief temper

that can come and cross based totally to

your instances

and joy isn’t always dependent on what’s

happening around you Joy is deep down

within you a relaxed pleasure you’re at

peace you’re content the Bible talks

approximately the form of overflowing

joy that rises up from deep within your

coronary heart because off W God has

completed for

you he continues that spring complete

and flowing which is why you may select

to stay in pleasure nowadays day after

today and each day after Joy like this

is contagious and the world is looking


it share this powerful messages nine

people who is closest to your

heart God says all each promise that I

make is continually yes so do not

approximately while and the way it will

take place in the right time whilst you


organized it’s going to

occur I know you’re anticipating an

extended time through accept is true

with me it will by no means be wasted I

will carry joy to you because of your

faithfulness in me trust me you aren’t

alone I am constantly with

you what I started out I will end with

the wonderful blessing extra than you


on though the mountains are shaken and

the hills are removed but my unfailing

love for will not be shaken nor my

Covenant of peace be removed says the

Lord who is compassion on you Isaiah

dear people people join this prayer

with me and repeat after me Heavenly

Father Lord I come to you with my head

bowed I thank you for being my Lord I

realize that you have warned that in

this life there could be

trouble you have promised which you

could help us conquer it thank you for

teaching me that when conditions are

beyond my manage they’re no longer to

some distance from your Attain

you have taught me that every time I do

no longer realize what to do I want to

locate my way to you in

prayer Here I Am Lord and I need your

Holy Spirit to fill my mouth with the

right words God I know what you see all

and you recognize all father I begin My

Prayer by inquiring for forgiveness my

coronary heart is heavy

I admit that fear fears and problems are

trying hard to burden me as I go

searching I see Department hurt pain and

Desperation people are treating every

different poorly and alas I discover

myself tempted to be indignant and

judgmental of others


moves please make stronger me and

forgive me for sins that I actually have

devoted forgive me for any trespasses

that I may additionally have knowingly

or unknowingly down an idea or deed I

pray that you wash my sins away and

renew a proper spirit in

me I recognize in my coronary heart

which you have called me to be extra

like you you do no longer want me to

allow to doors impacts affect my

pleasure you need me to stand like a

lighthouse shining for

you I pray to your peace which surpasses

my understanding and isn’t always the

peace that the sector offers I am most

peaceful after I do not forget who I am

in you I recognize that you can provide

peace today Lord I realize that as my

prayers and Praises move move

up your advantages come down I ask you

to boost my spirit and calm the

anxieties that are Urgent in on me from

the world in which we live please

reassure me once I sense uneasy allow

your Holy Spirit to JW my memory that I

by no means on my

own I am certain the current situations

we are facing on this world spoil your

heart too I pray would you restore peace

and brotherly love to our country and

international please assist as best you

may I carry my voice to you

father I praise you and recognize that

there has by no means been a time that I

couldn’t come to you in honesty and

sincerity you can handle my fears and

Alternate them for self belief and peace

I recognize that I am your baby you keep

me inside the palm of your

hand I give up on your will educate me

your way please guide me in all I do and

say so that your life brings glory and

honor for your name in Jesus call I pray

amen please support our Channel our work

is to enrich your life and bring

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