“Don’t Jump!! God has a message for you! God’s advice today!! If you jump, the devil wins!

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear child in this moment I want

to envelop you with words that flow like

rivers of love from the depths of my

being imagine that each day of your life

is a unique chapter in the book I have

been writing since since eternity and

each New Dawn represents a blank page

eager to be filled with the stories that

only you can tell every choice every

word is like a brush stroke on the

canvas of your existence a masterpiece

in constant

Evolution understand that time is more

than a measurement it is a gift that I

offer you to shape your journey every

moment is a Divine opportunity to create

to manifest your potential as a unique

expression of my creation I have granted

you the brush of Free Will so that with

each stroke you can draw the path of

your journey however understand that

while you are the author of your story I

am the compassionate editor

understanding every Nuance of each

chapter time for me is not a personal

count but a loving thread that connects

all the experiences of your life in

every event even the seemingly

insignificant ones I am present we leing

a golden thread that connects past

present and future if you believe in my

divine blessing reflect on today this

present which is a precious

Jewel sometimes in the rush of life you

may lose the richness of the present

moment anxiety about the future or Scars

From the Past can obscure the radiant

light of now I invite you to slow down

to savor each moment like a drop of

divine nectar in the Pres

you will discover the fullness of my

love regarding your aspirations and

dreams fear not the journey that may

seems steep time is not an enemy but an

ally that reveals the deeper layers of

your being each step even seemingly slow

is a dance in the Divine rhythm of your

Evolution patience is the melody that

transforms waiting into a symphony of

growth in the pursuit of wisdom

understand that knowledge is not just

just intellectual accumulation but a

spiritual journey toward a deeper

understanding of My Universe each book

read each experience absorbed is a step

toward expanding your Consciousness

concerning relationships with others

time is the test of true friendship and

unconditional love it reveals the

strength of the bonds you weave with

those who walk with you patience is the

glue that keeps these bonds intact even

in life storms in your work and

dedication to your passions understand

that Excellence is not an event but a

continuous process every effort every

challenge is a stepping stone in

building your character time is not an

enemy on this journey but an ally

revealing the Mastery growing within you

in the realm of Health recognize the

body I gave you as a sacred Temple time

in its fluidity Witnesses the incessant

dance of cells the constant renewal

within you value each breath for it is

the Symphony of Life echoing through

your lungs if you believe in your losses

and Sorrows know that time is a gentle

bomb allow tears to flow like a river

for each drop is a testament to the love

you share and the vulnerability that

makes your Humanity more beautiful when

faced with Crossroads remember that time

is the wise counselor guiding you fear

not the decision s for each choice is a

fruit ripened in the orchard of your

life regarding money and material wealth

understand that time is not just money

but the currency of your existence how

you use this currency reflects your

values and priorities invest your time

wisely for in the Divine Law what you

sow you shall reap as for Fears and

anxieties time is the patient healer

each tick of the clock is a gentle

reminder that that courage grows with

gradual exposure to fears in time you

will discover the Inner Strength within

you in spirituality time is the bridge

between the visible and the invisible it

reveals the maturity of your spiritual

journey the understanding deepening with

each prayer meditation and

transcendental experience Embrace time

as an ally in your quest for divine

truth understand that time is the carpet

that unveils the mysteries of your

purpose each detour each curve is an

essential part of the journey patience

is the key that opens the doors to

Divine understanding in time you will

comprehend the vastness of my plan for

your life if you believe write Amen in

each of these areas remember that time

is a Divine tool a precious gift that I

offer you use it wisely like a master

who understands the beauty of each

moment moment each heartbeat is a

whisper of my constant presence may this

dialogue have shed light on the depth of

time in your life may you Embrace each

moment with gratitude knowing that you

are the artist of your life and I the

loving spectator cheering for you at

every step resilience is not just about

resisting it is about flourishing even

in the seemingly Barren soils of

adversity self-love is the root that

nourishes all other virtues it is not

selfishness but a celebration of your

Divine Essence with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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