Don’t Ignore I’ll Make Your Crooked Places Straight | God’s Message Now

dear friend have you been struggling in

an area of your life for quite some time

God has promised he will go before you

and prepare a path for you he’ll make

your crooked places straight he wants to

smooth things out for you I believe that

as you continue to commit your ways to

him he will bring you into a season

where things are going to start falling

into place you’re going to get breaks

that you didn’t deserve the promises

that you’ve been standing on you’re

going to see them begin to come to pass

pass it’s time for you to get ready and

get your fire back start expecting that

you are coming into a new season maybe

it’s in your finances maybe you’ve

struggled for a long time begin to

declare that you’re going to see

Supernatural increase Supernatural

opportunities Supernatural promotion

remember the economy is not your Source

God is he’s the one who opens doors that

no person can shut keep standing keep

believing because God is going to make

make your crooked places straight and

lead you down the path of blessing and

victory in every area of your life a

prayer for today heavenly father thank

you for preparing a path for me I know

you are working behind the scenes to

make the Crooked places straight and the

rough places smooth give me your

strength to keep moving forward on the

good path that you have for me in jesus’

name amen like if you believe in


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