never doubt what you can do when you let

God leave your life those who leave

everything in God’s hands will

eventually see God’s hands in everything

thank God tonight for the protection

from all of the battles you have never

had to face pray then let it go don’t

try and manipulate or Force the outcome

just trust God to open the right doors

at the right time God will show up and

make ordinary circumstances

extraordinary if you invite him to them

just a reminder in case your mind is

messing with with you today God heard

your prayer you are going to be okay God

is making a way for you God has a great

plan for your life you can do all things

through Christ blessings are coming your

way you matter you’re important you’re

loved just be patient God heard you

Snoopy many folks are praying for God to

heal our land but I think he’s still

waiting for people to Humble themselves

repent and turn from their Wicked Ways

one day I hope you realize that God was

connecting the dots all along

Satan is a liar telling you things about

yourself that aren’t true don’t believe

him you are a beautiful Miracle created

in the image of God Noah didn’t stop

building the ark to explain himself to

every doubter and hater so keep building

and let the rain do the talking God

created heaven and earth in six days

who’s to say he can’t change your life

in one stay faithful thank you God for

putting me on the wakeup list today I’m

praying for anyone wh feels far from God

today I just want to remind you that

he’s right there with you even if you

can’t feel him if you are feeling

distant from God today look around and

eliminate the distractions in your life

focus on your faith T it when God’s

house you that high is still performing

Miracles every single day Christians

aren’t perfect we just know that we need

the one who is here are all the reasons

that I’m not worried about what is

happening in the world today until Jesus

is enough for you no other person or

thing will be be if you have accepted

Jesus as your savior comment amen God

never gets tired of you praying I don’t

deserve the

, chances that God has already

given me nor do I deserve the next ones

but here he is always by my side thank

you Lord God has already prepared the

way he’s just preparing you stop

believing what the entertainment’s in

news culture tells you and start

believing what the Bible says am I

strong no I am far from it I’m just a

weak person with a very strong God God

have no idea where you are taking me

booty trust you it’s crazy how the

presence of God can completely change

your mood and attitude in an instant one

worship song One whispered prayer one

scripture verse can’t ache you from the

absolute worst mindset to a place of

such peace and joy there’s nothing like

the presence of God the more you pray

the more you see God working in your

life God told Adam and Eve they could

eat from all of the trees in the so what

did Satan do he got them to focus on the

one they couldn’t God wants us to be

thankful for all that we have and not

distracted by all that we don’t don’t

forget to pray today things happen after

you say Amen one day you look back and

be thankful that it went God’s way and

not yours I hope you realize that God is

literally putting the right people that

you need in your life at the same time

he’s also taking the wrong ones away

don’t fight God on this he knows who you

need and when you need them if you kneel

before God you can stand up to anything

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