God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son you are here in this

unique moment for a greater reason allow

yourself to absorb every syllable let

them intertwine with the deepest

yearnings of your soul for in these

words lies the key to your inner peace

to your ultimate fulfillment at this

instant my words Echo from the depths of

your being touching the essence of your

heart do not receive them merely as

passing sounds but as an act of infinite

love a gift from the universe for your

journey May each word be like a bomb for

your soul bringing Comfort hope and


may they illuminate the path ahead

dispelling the Shadows that may try to

obscure your way therefore my beloved

Son Embrace this moment with gratitude


receptivity for through these words the

universe Whispers its unconditional love

for you do not worry about the

challenges currently surrounding you for

they are but threads in the grand

tapestry of my perfect plan observe Ser

as each piece falls into place under my

Dominion my vision for you is one of

supreme Splendor reminiscent of the

prodigal son who though he wandered and

lost his way was welcomed back into his

father’s arms with immeasurable love and

joy likewise I envelop you in my arms of

Eternity offering you an endless Embrace

of love my ways may seem unfathomable

and you may feel as if you are walking

blindly through these times unaware of


Works however believe in my incessant

activity in my orchestration of the

Symphony of Life aligning each note and

each pause according to my Divine

composition trust in my promise and your

heart will overflow with joy

understanding that every tear you shed

is part of a greater purpose every

challenge is an opportunity for growth

and every obstacle is a a precious stone

crafted by my loving hand therefore do

not be discouraged my beloved Son my

beloved daughter for I am with you at

all times my love for you is eternal and

my guidance is constant trust in me and

together we will reach for the stars

weaving the Golden Threads of Destiny in

life’s most beautiful tapestry always

remember even when the path seems dark

that I am the light guiding your steps

and the strength sustaining your being

love yourself as I love you and you will

find peace that transcends all

understanding pay attention to my words

for they are the beacon that will

illuminate your path at this very moment

I grant you the attitude to endure your

trials do you accept demonstrate this in

the comments by writing I accept Lord

strictly adhere to my guidance breathe

deeply and rise in moments of Despair

Advance knowing that you are not alone

my angels are sent to surround and

protect you fear not those who lurk in

the shadows plotting against you my

protective Embrace covers you and

nothing will violate the sanctuary of

your home acknowledge who I am to you I

am the king of kings the Lord of lords

your heavenly father ever Vigilant from

on high my presence is sufficient to

propel you toward Victory free from fear

and hesitation I am your Shepherd your

guide your strength and the source of

your Victory when challenges confront

you do not succumb to fear in Your

Darkest Hours cling to my words they

will guide you through the shadowy

valleys strengthening you to Prevail set

aside your worries for today brings the

answers you seek the doubts I hear the

thoughts hopes and deepest desires of

your heart nothing is hidden from me to

fulfill your prayers action is required

equip yourself with the necessary tools

and wisdom to fulfill my purpose proceed

with caution in executing my plan

avoiding haste and the pitfalls of

unchecked ambition not not everything is

predetermined I Empower you to change

the currents in your favor you navigate

without my guidance and experience has

proven my wisdom yet there is still time

for correction have you heed my advice

for my timing is perfect never too early

or too late but precisely when needed be

encouraged for significant and favorable

opportunities approach though they may

bring challenges with your trust in me

there is nothing to fear remember behind

every adversity lies a profound blessing

blessed is the path my son my daughter

for it allows me to transform your

thoughts influence your perspective and

shape your life forging you into a

vessel of my strength I will use you to

spread my message of love and

understanding through you others will

see my peace and love even your

adversaries will witness the collapse of

their plans against you I possess the

power to affect change beloved Son

beloved daughter You are not alone I

haven’t forsaken you cease from dwelling

on the past for I will not allow you to

forsake what I have reserved for you

focus on the good and keep your path

steady your blessings await you and I

have trans transformed you completely do

not return to where you were taken from

for it is all behind you now you are

purified and saved you are no longer

alone never return to the days of

loneliness close your eyes and feel my

spirit walking by your side now you will

prevail over any adversity for you are

brave you will have dominion over your

emotions avoiding impulsivity Main

maintain peace amidst the storm and do

not lose the faith I have instilled in

you Proclaim my word to the world

declare that I am your God and recount

the Miracles I have performed in your

life so that all around you may know me

as a god of love slow to anger and full

of Mercy I forgive my children and do

not forsake them I remain faithful

During trials as I have shown in all


experiences my love for you increases

with each passing moment growing even

more every day perhaps beyond your

comprehension now is the time move

forward my son my daughter and do not

look back for I am with you today

tomorrow and forever amen listen to my

voice and do not doubt my Covenant with

you believe in me with all your strength

and I will bless all your efforts come

now now and surrender the Reigns of your

life to me let me be with you know that

when you surrender completely whether it

be sickness burdens or worries I will

receive them with love for I am not

unaware of your

needs understand that I am the solution

to your problems the escape from all

your conflicts and the provider of each

of your needs trust in me from the

depths of your being and I assure you

that I will GR Grant the desires of your

heart in the comments write my trust is

in God with full confidence that those

things you have entrusted to me with

faith and without doubt I will make

flourish in your life you will receive a

river of my love and an ocean of wisdom

upon you I will pour out health strength

courage and Abundant Blessings have

faith and believe for blessed are those

who believe even without without seeeing

find comfort in my presence Dear Son

dear daughter I understand that as these

words reach you there may persist a

feeling of fragility a hesitation to

face life’s

challenges I am fully aware of the many

responsibilities you carry and how the

world can often weigh on your soul the

burdens you carry are truly immense and

that is why today I offer you a refuge

for your spirit

enter into my loving Embrace release all

that disturbs your peace and allow me to

rejuvenate your strength remain secure

in my presence and do not Harbor doubts

about my promises surrender to my will

trust me completely and I will solve all

your problems embrace yourself in the

arms of Love providing rest and comfort

look at me dear son dear daughter I am

the light at the end of the tunnel the

hope that never Fades even in the

darkest moments I am by your side

holding your hand and guiding your steps

I will not let you succumb to despair

for in me you will find strength to face

any challenge trust in my unconditional

love which transcends all

difficulties remember that you are loved

beyond words and you are never alone on

this journey with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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