CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR DAY HAS ARRIVED!????️ god message, god message today

“The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want.”

– Psalm twenty threeone

god’s message my beloved child!

Do you ever feel that life is crushing your dreams?

That problems are piling up with no solution in sight?

Or that no amount of effort seems to be enough to achieve the inner peace you so long for?

Well, right now, an incredible and invigorating message from God is coming directly to you.

A message from God today full of hope, comfort and transformative solutions to your greatest


It is a voice guided by eternal and unconditional love.

A divine and powerful voice capable of radically changing your perspective and reality.

Get ready, because the next few words will bring renewal to your faith and inspiring


You’ll discover the way to overcome fears, overcome obstacles and free yourself from

the emotional weight you’ve been carrying.

It’s the beginning of a journey to find true peace, lasting joy and transcendent purpose.

god says!

my child!

Before this month comes to a close, get ready to witness up close how deeply I care about


Your prayers, those heartfelt conversations we have, will not only be answered, but I

will exceed your expectations, providing more than you asked for, assisting you more than

you can imagine and blessing you beyond your wildest dreams.

I have prepared vast and magnificent wonders for you, so don’t allow doubt or fear to obstruct

the flow of the blessings destined for you.

Your past has already been forgiven and purified, elevating you to a position worthy of the

purest and truest love that exists.

Receive, without hesitation, all that I am about to pour out on you.

Don’t back down in the face of the joy and satisfaction that I am eager to grant.

Your life is about to be filled with freedom, happiness and abundance.

These gifts are meant to be shared with your family and whoever else needs them.

Generosity, the joy of giving and the effort to support the less fortunate are values I

cherish deeply.

Say with your heart I am destined for a future full of divine blessings.

I have given you so much and I will continue to enrich your life even more.

However, withholding these gifts, without using or sharing them, will lead to their


Remember, the true understanding of blessings lies in the ability to receive them, cultivate

them with grace, intelligence, strength and wisdom, and make them prosper.

Receiving my blessing is an unparalleled joy, but it requires you to be open, ready to seek

me wholeheartedly and to release any feelings of defeat.

Proclaim with faith The divine gifts I receive, I joyfully cultivate and share.

Don’t let anyone convince you that these miracles are not for you.

You are my beloved child, and my love for you is unwavering and eternal.

Turn away from the doubts that cloud your joy, free your mind from negative thoughts.

I am the faithful and eternal God, speaking directly to your heart, promising to bless

you in my own way, without the need for anyone else’s agreement.

My word to you will be fulfilled, because my love is the basis of everything.

Stay alert, remain firm in your faith until the end.

Challenges and worries may arise, your emotions may be shaken, but from now on, don’t let

yourself be disturbed pointlessly, because I am in control, and no detail escapes me.”

comment with hope I am under the watchful eye of God, who calms my inner storms.

My beloved children, you who long for a life full of divine blessings, don’t waste a second!

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words spoken here can touch hearts in need and spread the hope that overflows.

Although it may occasionally seem that current circumstances are complicating my plans for

you, I want to assure you that everything is unfolding perfectly, fitting together like

pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

There is no cause for alarm or discouragement, because my blessing is on its way, without

any delay.

In moments of difficulty, where your attention may be distracted, it is essential to keep

me in your thoughts in order to stay on the right path.

When challenges present themselves, raise your eyes and visualize the peaceful future

that is approaching; this is the vision I have for you, my beloved child.

Keep persisting and being brave; that’s all you need.

My love for you is deep and true.

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Embrace this truth with all your might and fully believe them, I repeat I love you.

And to make sure you don’t forget, I will make these words visible to you in surprising

ways, whether in the clouds, in the sky, or through the first rays of sunlight that touch

your walls at dawn.

You will achieve success today, for I have prepared a special victory for you, after

all, you are a much-loved child.

I am actively working in all areas of your life, be it health, work or family, opening

doors that will significantly transform your circumstances.

Say with confidence Divine action in my life opens doors of blessings and opportunities.

No more sadness, because I will pour out powerful blessings on your life from now on.

You will approach my presence with growing gratitude as you witness miracles unfolding

before your eyes.

And I will not allow evil to obstruct your path; on the contrary, I will guide you along

paths of righteousness and love, freeing you from worries, doubts and fears.

My love for you and your loved ones is meticulous and unwavering, so open your heart to receive

the love I am offering.

Affirm with joy I am surrounded by divine love, freeing me from all fear and worry.

I invite you to spend more time with Me, in communion and tranquillity, so that I can

feed your soul and invigorate your spirit.

My power will be at work throughout your journey, creating opportunities, dispelling negativity

and correcting mistakes.

Even when situations seem to fall apart, do not fear; I am with you, defending and fighting

by your side.

Those who try to undermine your joy will find their efforts in vain, because your bravery

allows you to face any adversity.

Proclaim with faith My journey is guided by divine strength, transforming challenges

into triumphs.

Finally, remember, true strength comes when you humble yourself before Me, recognizing

your dependence on My guidance and wisdom.

When you face battles, know that I am in front of you, preparing the way to victory.

I am transforming your perceived weaknesses into your greatest strengths, removing any

feelings of inadequacy, depression or anxiety that have clouded your mind.

This is your time of well-being, your moment to experience true joy.

comment i am a masterpiece of the creator!

Today, I am here, hand in hand with you, to demonstrate the immense power that resides

within you, a monumental force that enables you to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Go forward with conviction, knowing that even if you can’t see or feel me directly, my presence

walks by your side.

Declare yourself powerful and victorious in the face of adversity, for my divine breath

will revitalize your being, flooding you with renewed strength, patience, wisdom, peace

and a clear vision, while I recall in your mind the glorious promises inscribed in your

heart, chasing away spiritual obstacles.

As my precious child, you will always be wrapped in love and welcomed into the comfort of my


I engage in conversation with you not only as a divine guide, but I also see you as a

combative, resolute flower.

To conquer, you don’t need to postpone your awakening in faith and in the search for happiness;

the time is now.

I am holding out my hand, encouraging you to accompany me firmly and walk through the

doors that I will gladly open for you, guiding you into a new chapter full of happiness,

peace, abundance and prosperity, prepared especially for you.

This is my promise, and it will come true, because I am always by your side.

However, it is essential to take the initiative without wasting time, because my help is not

limited to moments of turmoil; I am also present in tranquillity.

Affirm with faith I am guided by the certainty of God’s eternal presence in my life.

my child!

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If you feel stuck, try to relax, get away from the compulsion to analyze and give yourself

moments of peace.

When the answers seem distant, despite your efforts to understand the struggles, trust

that I am still with you.

Give me a little time and avoid looking for solutions in the wrong directions.

Don’t depend on other people’s opinions or personal conjectures, but rather give me your

thoughts and concerns.

Even when circumstances challenge your faith, it illuminates your path, and my Spirit acts

like a vigorous breeze, leading you to a state of greater freedom and blessings.

Proclaim with hope My faith and trust guide me to freedom and unexpected blessings.

My dear child, the depth of your feelings reflects the grandeur of your dreams and the

softness of your heart.

Surrender yourself completely to my care and trust in the plan I have for your life.

Let no shadow of doubt cloud your mind, but let an unshakeable trust prevail, knowing

and believing that I will be by your side, today and always, without ever abandoning


In your heart, cherish this conviction, because you have the resilience to overcome any obstacles.

You want a harmonious home, full of peace and health for your family.

Moving forward, shift your focus away from your problems and pray with a humble and hopeful

heart, because I recognize your faith and trust.

And be prepared to be enchanted by the imminent miracles; great blessings will surround your

life and any conflict will dissipate, leaving your dwelling flooded with serenity.

Affirm with gratitude Divine blessings surround my life, bringing peace to my home.

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of the Most High, don’t hesitate!

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The true safeguard in your life comes only from my presence, the defense against the

tactics and snares that the world tries to impose on you and your family, whom I hold

in high esteem.

Persist in prayer for them, watching over them carefully.

Dedicate time every day to gather together, hand in hand, strengthening your faith in

my presence.

Even in the face of challenges and hardships, I have blessed you abundantly and have never

forsaken you.

This is an essential reminder, especially in prosperity, when the memory of the origin

of blessings can be clouded by pride or arrogance.

Be vigilant so that such feelings never invade your home.

Remind yourself daily of the source of all the graces that have enriched your lives,

who is unwavering in his love and provision.

I ask only that you keep a heart of faith, placing me above all else and constantly seeking

my face.

Sustained by persistent prayers and a robust faith, prepare to witness miracles.

The unbelievable is about to materialize.

My spirit finds a strong welcome in homes marked by humility and gratitude.

My presence is a constant in your life, fulfilling a promise that I will never break.

I have endowed you with my Holy Spirit and divine gifts, and I promise to surround you

with love to bless your family and your life.

This day is a milestone on your journey to freedom, the ideal moment to give me your

heart in its entirety.

Proclaim with joy I am walking towards freedom, under divine blessings.

Let go of heavy burdens and watch heavenly blessings overflow.

Despite the adversities you face, your dedication to Almighty God remains resilient.

This year is full of new opportunities waiting to be explored.

Embrace them with courage, look ahead with determination and finally achieve the peace

and joy you so desire.

Your being will be revitalized and totally restored, so that you feel how deeply you

are loved.

Throughout the day, remember my love and that I am always by your side.

And when night comes, even after a challenging day, find tranquillity in the certainty that

I am watching over your rest, ensuring your peace.

Affirm with hope I find peace and restoration in the knowledge that I am deeply loved by


Let me stress I have never been distant, I have not abandoned you, especially not in

times of crisis, and even less now, at the gates of triumph.

My love for you is eternal, and I want you to live peacefully in the knowledge that your

present and future are under my careful watch.

Don’t start your day with negative thoughts, but with the expectation of positive changes.

Trust that I will answer your prayers.

Allow light into your home; open your windows to the sunlight and call out to me, and I

will illuminate your soul with my presence.

Keep my teachings in mind and ward off any despair, and also avoid bitterness or resentment.

Comment with faith My home and heart are open to God’s light and love.

my beloved child!

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Nurturing negative feelings in your heart is not what I wish for you.

They shouldn’t find a home in your soul; avoid clinging to them.

Even when you seem to be surrounded by adversity, know that I have sent an army of angels to

protect you.

Stick firmly to what I tell you, ignoring dissenting voices around you.

Today, allow yourself to be completely filled with my strength, love and peace.

I love you deeply; let my will be the beacon that guides your steps as you move forward,

set goals that are in harmony with my designs.

My plans for you are filled with peace, health and prosperity, and I give you the wisdom

you need to overcome difficult times and adversity.

Remove fear from your heart, because for every problem there is a solution in my keeping.

Think of me as the captain of your ship, taking you safely to the port of blessings, even

in the midst of threatening storms.

Do not fear the tumultuous waves or the challenging winds; keep the faith, remain resilient, and

you will not be overwhelmed by the turbulent waters.

Alarming news has no power over you; see yourself as a child under my divine protection.

My decision to bless you reflects my deepest desire, for you are my precious child, and

I will never abandon you.

Affirm with confidence I am protected and blessed, for I am a beloved child of God.

Be under my constant watch, knowing how deeply I care for you.

In times of chaos, when seemingly insurmountable challenges surround your life, it is wise

to entrust your burdens to me.

Stay calm, avoid hasty decisions and, in the face of discouragement, remember that many

things can be put aside.

I encourage you not to give in to frustration or anger, but to maintain your peace and serenity.

See how immeasurable my love is for you and how attentively I watch over your well-being,

especially in these times of trial.

Affirm with hope In the midst of chaos, my peace and serenity are preserved by divine


When I bring tranquillity to your heart, filling it with peace, it is essential that you recognize

and welcome this gift.

But what is even more crucial is to know that you are never alone; you will not face life

and its battles unaccompanied.

Although the day of absolute victory is yet to come, I invite you now to seek me in prayer.

Proclaim with gratitude Even in times of anguish, I feel God’s comforting presence,

guiding me to victory.

O valiant warriors of God, lift up your faces and comment on the victory you have been promised!

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the echo of divine blessings may resound throughout eternity.

Wait for my signal before letting worry take over.

Accept the peace I offer and remain serene, amen.

Seek my help with the confidence that you are precious in my eyes and that my promises

to you are unshakeable.

Surely, I am by your side to ensure that you find rest and face life with the steadfastness,

peace and joy that can only come from knowing that your Heavenly Father is always by your


Even in moments of fragility, when you feel like you’re tottering, remember that the promises

I’ve made to you remain intact.

In the midst of adversity, don’t succumb to despair.

When problems arise, remember your courage and my constant presence.

If you face contempt, believe with all your heart in the truth that comes from me.

This year holds special meaning for you, from the lessons learned will emerge abundant spiritual

and eternal wealth.

I intend to bless you and make you prosper, for you have been chosen with love.

Affirm with gratitude I am blessed and chosen, guided by the loving hand of God.

Seek me in prayer, humble your heart and make your requests sincerely every day.

When life gets difficult, when you face unexpected challenges or when you feel the pain of contempt,

remember I have always loved you, I love you now and I will continue to love you, whatever

the cost.

This truth is essential to your life, and I will make a point of reminding you of it,

whispering my love throughout the day and offering calm at night while you rest.

Every morning when you wake up, you will notice the change.

Your years of hard work and dedication, often unrecognized by others, have not been in vain.

There is a splendid reward waiting for you at my side.

As you kneel in prayer and humble yourself before me, you are enveloped in strength,

courage and joy.

Your effort resonates with the incredible strength that dwells in your heart, augmented

by my love, invigorating you every day.

Declare with hope I will find strength, courage and joy in the presence of God.

my dear child!

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Take the time to be still and pray sincerely; I am listening.

I love you, calm your soul and restore your heart, amen.

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