Congratulations! Tonight, God Will Surprise You with Divine Gifts | God Message | I LOVE JESUS |

listen carefully God wants you to know something important if you stop reading

now you might miss out on wonderful blessings please don’t ignore this God says your family

is about to have a fresh start no more worries for struggles instead there will be happiness

success and even Miracles if you believe this show your support by liking the video amazing

things are coming your way someone might give you a new home your heavenly father wants to guide you

to a calm and peaceful place watch the video Until the End to see these Miracles happening

God wants you to know something one wonderful you’re about to enter a Time filled with lots

of good things imagine feeling very loved and getting many good things in your life everything

will happen just right when it should you’ll have good health feel happy succeed a lot have

great friendships make special bonds with others feel calm inside grow in your heart and mind and

have enough money for what you need you’ll see many good things happening and feel like God is

really helping you even if something seems bad it’s just helping you get ready for something

better remember everything’s going to turn out well for you just like it says in the Bible

some people might not see this yet but it’s like you’re getting a second chance to make your life

really amazing just like you dream about don’t let this chance pass you by believe it and say

, to show you’re ready to accept all this good stuff Jesus once said I’m here to guide you show

you what’s true and give you a wonderful life you can only reach the big boss God through me this

week something amazing is going to happen in your life the whole universe is secretly working to

surprise you in really nice ways when it’s tonight something that’s been bothering you for

a long time will disappear and things will start getting better believe in faith and positivity if

you agree type and if you believe in God’s love love type I love you Heavenly Father for

those who hold God close to their hearts express your love with the words I really love you God

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from $ to $ as a sign of your faith and dedication Angel tells you that the best days

of your life haven’t arrived yet keep believing and don’t let tough times bring you down God has

big plans to make you successful sometimes God Waits until it’s safe for you to move forward

be thankful for what you have whatever is meant to happen will happen and God is turning things

around for you he’ll give you and your family good things heal your hurts and change your problems

into victories watch this video it’s important if you believe in God here’s what you should know God

will make things right again for you you’ll get back what you lost things will get better good

things are coming your way the job you want and the good things you’ve asked for are coming to

you God is helping you right now God is giving you strength when you feel weak answers when you have

questions peace when you’re confused and help when you’re hurting don’t give up you’re about

to win God has a plan for you if you believe in Jesus say amen God has a speci special plan

just for you and it’s even better than what you imagine You’ll Go amazing places meet wonderful

people and Achieve great things remember to be calm and know that God is in charge good news is

on the way soon it could be a job offer good health news or something else God’s goodness

and favor will surprise you so keep smiling money is coming your way very soon within hours just

type yes if you want to attract wealth happiness and freedom your upgrade is coming because you’ve

been faithful in small things your hard work will pay off soon stay strong and never give

up up Heaven has a special gift for you that will help you achieve your dreams unel believes you’ll

bring health wealth and happiness to your family if you’re reading this get ready for a big amount

of money in to days watch the video Until the End to claim it say with me I am getting

more money every day money comes to me easily there’s always more than enough I am open kind

and thankful new good things are coming soon I feel happy and full of ideas just be ready to get

them God wants us to be really happy and will do a lot to help get ready for good things to happen

quickly if you’re ready type God says there’s a lot to be thankful for be glad you’re not where

you were before you’ve beaten hard things before your best times are coming don’t give up it’s

okay to feel sad sometimes but don’t say you’re beaten you’re not you’re go winning relax because

everything you need is coming to you everything is going as it should everything is okay God is

here to protect you and your family from anything bad if someone is bothering you God will deal with

them he’ll fix any bad things that have happened to you and make you feel better even if your sad

Secret ly if you believe in Jesus say yes in the next days amazing things will happen to you like

getting special gifts or solving problems and in the next days you’ll feel super happy and loved

if you’re ready for really good things to happen type don’t worry be brave because because God

is always with you just like a good friend who never leaves you soon God will give you lots of

Happiness fun and money he’s already working on making your life better so you can relax

he’ll fix all the bad stuff and make you and your family feel better let’s say thank you to God for

being so nice to us today remember that God wants you to feel happy again he can change any tough

times you’re facing just trust him and let go of worries he’ll give good things to you and your

family and make things better where they’re hard something really nice is coming your way expect

good things to happen you’ll see wonderful changes in your health Love and Money everything’s getting

better for you believe it good things like healing blessings and miracles are coming to your home

believe in them and get ready to receive them with faith let’s pray together dear God thank you for

this new day and all the good things you’ve given us you’re always kind kind and forgiving we’re

grateful for our family and friends bless them all please if we’ve done wrong forgive us help us make

good choices in jesus’ name amen listen closely my dear friend something wonderful is happening

God has sent us a message a message of Hope and blessings he’s saying don’t worry I’m here for

you in the Bible in Psalm it says that God has special plans for each of us plans to make us

happy so get ready pack your bags and put on your running shoes because God’s blessings are coming

and they’re bigger than we can imagine remember in Malachi God promises to open the windows

of heaven and pour out so many blessings that we won’t have room for them all can you imagine that

everything you’ve been asking for every prayer you’ve whispered God has heard he seen your tears

and he’s ready to bring healing and joy just like in Kings five so please don’t lose

hope God is working on something amazing something just for you keep believing keep praying and soon

you’ll see the wonderful things God has in store don’t give up my friend God’s got this and he’s

got you your Soul’s main focus is to let go of the past and and look forward to what’s coming

next today’s message is like getting ready to move to a new home because good things are on

the way God knows everything you’re going through and is opening doors for you that no one can close

these doors will lead you to a place where you won’t have to ask for help or struggle anymore

even before you ask God is already answering your prayers he knows what you need even before you

talk about it something you’ve been hoping for is almost here and it won’t take long expect things

to change suddenly for the better don’t worry if things haven’t gone as planned in the past God

has a way of turning tough times into something good even if you’ve lost something important like

a tree or a friendship God has a plan to bring something even better into your life when God

decides to do something nothing can stop it don’t worry about who doesn’t like you how big your

problems seem or if you’ll reach your dreams everything is already happening as it should

you’re right on track what God has planned for you can’t be stopped by anyone or anything just keep

being good and doing your best and what’s meant for you will come to you on its own you don’t have

to chase after it God will always be there for you taking care of you no matter what even when you’re

old he made you he’s with you and he’ll save you just trust and believe today God wants you to know

that he sees how tired and worn out you feel both in your body and your heart but don’t lose hope

keep going even when it’s hard God promises to give you strength and to be on your side he’s

telling you that he’s going to bring help and good things into your life in ways you never imagined

things are going to get better for you soon soon every tough night you’ve had will bring something

good your way the hurt you’re feeling won’t last forever God will make it better give you back what

you’ve lost and provide what you need to get through good things are coming your way trust

in that I’m changing your sadness into strength your worries into focus and your problems into

determination ation what bad things were planned against you I’ll turn them into good stop fretting

everything is already sorted out I’ll come to your place today with Solutions healing amazing

things and a reminder that God is always with you no matter what troubles come your way and when

God opens the next door for you you’ll understand understand why you faced such tough battles just

step back and let God handle it stay calm I’ll lead you through this tough time God will give

you the power to overcome don’t worry I’ll Stand By You God who loves us like a caring parent I

give you all the things that make me sad worried or afraid please help me feel better and stronger

in the name of Jesus Amen if something is meant to happen God will make sure it does when the time is

right you don’t need to push for things that come from God so feel calm knowing that what’s meant

for you will come or maybe something even better if you believe in God God say amen God says you

are like my child and I created you with love I am free from sadness and sickness and you are safe

with me nothing can harm you when you see remember my promises are always enough and I’ll

give you everything you need I’ll come into your life and remove anything that tries to take away

Your Love dreams or happiness I’m giving you back all the good things that Jesus sacrifice offers

you starting right now God tells you my dear child I am giving back to you what time has taken away

life has taught you important lessons and made you feel defensive at times but know this I am

here to protect you so stand tall and keep moving forward until you see good things happening I know

you’re hurting and carrying heavy burdens take a moment to breathe and find peace in me I’m here to

comfort you and lead you to brighter places away from Darkness remember the bad things have already

been defeated in your life God also says I’m not just trying to be good I am goodness itself my

goodness grows inside you making you part of it soak in my kindness and step into favor today I

am giving you favor with the people you need it from and things are turning in your favor

everything is aligning for your benefit just wait and see soon you’ll leave behind into tough times

and step into blessings in my kingdom God wants you to know deep down that you are good in his

eyes you’re not to blame for your mistakes even when you feel guilty God knows everything and

still loves you your heart might remember your past wrongs but God has put them far away from

you like the East is from the West if God looked for your mistakes he wouldn’t find them because

he erased them have you forgiven yourself too it’s okay if some people won’t forgive you or

forget your past it doesn’t change anything for you they’re missing out on love and kindness

Breathe In The Life and power of God it’s changing you right now good things are coming coming your

way you have the power to heal and bring life even if others don’t join in keep spreading love that’s

how much God cares for you his spirit is cleaning you inside out because of his loving words God is

like a loving parent always looking out for you sometimes things around us might seem confusing

or scary but God wants you to know that you’re never alone Just Like a Shepherd takes care of

their sheep God takes care of you when you listen to God’s voice in your heart it’s like following a

map that leads you to safety even when everything feels like a stormy ocean God promises to guide

you through it all until you find peace through Jesus God gives you a special kind of peace that

protects your heart and mind from worries and fears this peace is different from what you find

in the world because it’s deep and Lasting God wants you to know that your life is precious and

meant for happiness and goodness instead of just getting by each day God wants you to live fully

and enjoy every moment with him by your side so whenever you feel scared or unsure remember that

God is there ready to fill your life with hope and love instead of looking elsewhere accept all

of who I am everything I bring into your life when you love me and follow what I say I love

you back and make my home within you I show myself through you letting you share in the goodness that

comes from following my teachings Living Like Me brings happiness and peace and I believe in your

bright future I don’t worry about what the enemy does they’re the ones worried about my actions any

commotion you see is just a reaction to what I’m up to I’m making a move stand up and remember who

you are and the special gifts I gave you long ago welcome these blessings grab hold of them bravely

and confidently because they’re meant for you even if you were all alone in the world I’d still send

my son for you because you’re precious to me you’re important to me my dear child and I want

you to live fully in all that’s already yours God is like a superhero who doesn’t just barely make

it through the day but has more than enough power to make everything awesome today he’s giving you

a taste of how amazing life can be with his help at he’s ready to guide you away from all the

things distracting you and make you strong like a rock you’ll do great in everything you do so grab

on to all the good stuff he’s offering you today God wants to know how you live so he can trust

you he wants your heart to be all in so you can respect him fully that’s what it says in Psalm

God’s talking directly to you I know things have been tough lately and you might feel like

you’re not strong enough to chase your dreams but remember with Jesus by your side you can do

anything don’t let fear stop you I’m here with you and you’re going to make it keep going and you’ll

see all your hard work pay off trust in God’s plan for you remember God’s still in control Jesus is

still the boss and the spirit still inside you and the church well it’s still standing strong

there are important things to remember first bad things might try to trick us but good things can

still help us second the good news is always there to help us when we need it third wonderful things

are coming our way and remember with God’s help anything is possible if you believe this say Amen

let’s ask God to keep watching over us and our families thank you God for all the good things you

give us please forgive us when we make mistakes and help us when we feel lost stay with us show

us the way and keep us safe we ask this in jesus’ name amen if if you want to keep your heart pure

follow what God’s word say that’s what Psalm verse tells us and remember Jesus was born to

save us from our mistakes that’s what Matthew says if you agree say amen God says that life

will bring you many different challenges these challenges might make you feel sad or hurt but

they won’t ever completely destroy you I am always with you and I promise that nothing will ever be

able to destroy you you are like my own child and I love you very much God tells us that in

the year big changes are on the way for you your life is going to take a turn for the better

you’ll see improvements in your money situation and you’ll also find true love remember God has

the power to fix things that are broken and make them beautiful again all you need is to believe

even if your belief is as small as a tiny Mustard Seed so don’t spend any more time worrying God

has already taken care of everything for you the devil wants you to be scared about what’s

going to happen in the future so you can’t enjoy the good things in your life right now but don’t

listen to him because he’s a liar instead focus on God and enjoy every single day that he gives you

when you find happiness in God nobody can ever break you I’m I’m grateful to God for all the

times he didn’t give me what I asked for because he had something even better planned for me if

you agree say amen God wants you to know that the next year will be wonderful for you he’s making

your story full of Happiness healing and success he cares about you a lot God is asking you to give

him all your worries fears and stress he promises to give you his amazing peace and turn bad things

into good ones he really loves you God says life will bring tough times but they won’t break you

he’s always by your side and will protect you you’re special to him and he loves you so much

if you believe it too say Amen remember to be brave and do what’s right even if others don’t

good things are on the way better than what’s passed keep your mind peaceful no matter what

happens keep going until you’re proud of yourself you don’t need much to be happy it’s fine to take

a break until you feel better don’t lose hope even if things seem tough Miracles can happen

when you least expect them sent by God click like if you believe in God opportunities will come your

way debts will go away bills will be paid your money situation will improve believe it and it

will happen type if you have faith God wants you to know that his love is endless even if you

mess up he still loves you he’ll guide and heal you nothing can stop the good things coming to

you they’re already on their way God is changing things for for the better he’ll bless you and your

family he’ll heal all your hurts click like if you agree let’s be thankful for the things we didn’t

get because sometimes what we want might not be the best for us we should trust that there’s

always something good waiting for us when we try to rush things or make decisions out of confusion

it can make everything fall apart but what’s truly meant for us will always find its way we should

believe that good things are already coming our way sometimes what we think we want is actually

too small compared to what we really deserve we should trust that there’s plenty of good

things waiting for us and we’re worthy of them a simple prayer for peace and rest God sometimes I

worry about what’s happening in my life but I know you’re in charge today I’m trusting that

you’ll take care of me and everything I need help me to relax and find Peace by giving control over

to you in jesus’ name amen remember don’t rush things God has the perfect timing for everything

including answering our prayers if you’re waiting for something keep trusting in God and spending

time with him you’ll not only be waiting but also growing in faith feeling fulfilled in his

presence surrender to his plan and everything will fall into place if you needed this type yes God

is telling you that something wonderful is coming your way soon maybe even in the next day I believe

in you so much and I’m always cheering you on I love you more than you know keep being amazing

you know what you’re your name is being talked about in places you haven’t even been to yet I’m

making something incredible happen in your life the good things that are coming will show that

God has been by your side all along next year is going to be fantastic for you I’m rewriting your

story to be full of Happiness healing and success I’m I’m always here for you and I know that the

good things coming your way will prove that God has been with you through it all everything will

come together for your benefit just believe that things can change for the better even if you’re

not sure how or when keep hope alive because your future can be different from what you’re

experiencing now remember nothing is ever set in stone and that can bring you peace and hope

believe in faith and positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love type I love

you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to their hearts express your love with the words

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