my cherished

one when life feels overwhelming always

keep in mind the depth of my love and

protection for

you when stress weighs you down come to

me for comfort and

safety rely on my strength when troubles

arise and openly share your worries with

me entrust your fears and anxieties to

my care for my grace and mercy know no

bounds my love for you is unconditional


unwavering you are my beloved child and

there is no doubt about it you have

opened your heart to me inviting me in

and loving me with all your

being this brings me great joy because

of your devotion you can approach me

with confidence speaking freely and


fear I formed you chose you before your

first breath and I understand your

struggles strengths dreams and weakness

is when you stumble I don’t condemn

you in moments of guilt don’t flee from

my presence where else can you

turn Others May claim to care but

ultimately betray both you and me true

love resides with me

alone I am fully aware of your

flaws and I don’t seek to catch you in

wrongdoing I don’t wait for your

failures to turn my back on you in fact

when you try to distance yourself I draw


nearer when you wander I pursue you

guiding you back to a place of

Tranquility where your spirit can be

refreshed and

renewed always remember especially in

your darkest hours that my love for you

is profound trust that my love and power

are ready to lift you from the depths of

Despair infusing your life with purpose

joy and renewed courage believe in the

permanence of my life love and

protection it has always existed exists

now and will continue to exist

forever let calmness peace and security

fill your

being I am pouring my love into your

heart so that worry fear and thoughts of

giving up

dissipate when challenges arise don’t

let fear or dread consume you if

emotions Cloud your judgment mistakes

may happen but I will transform those

negative situations into blessings for

you the answers you seek are within

reach I will soon speak to your soul

revealing my plans and offering

solutions to your

problems come and kneel before me for I

Delight in your prayers listen to my

words seek me earnestly pray fervently

and find comfort in my

teachings when bills pile up

obligations overwhelm you and the way

forward seems unclear remember that my

promise brings peace and Assurance to

overcome you will triumph over every

challenge because I have declared it

so I possess the power and authority and

when I speak your Miracle take shape I

ask for your hope surrender love loyalty

and devotion tell me do you believe I

can accomplish

this I am your sour of hope your safe

haven your protector in every situation

write it down for yourself trusting in

me is always the best and only correct

solution to any problem declare it now I

believe and trust I will not succumb to

fear or

falter now tell me with all your heart

do you love me your prayers are heard

and each time you pray you bring

spiritual blessings to your family your

home and all those you love I will lift

you out of this deep pit of despair I am

extending my hand to you ready for you

to grasp it do not doubt or hesitate I

am here to help you now your great need

and profound sadness touch me deeply

even from my heavenly Throne prepare to

overcome all the challenges you

currently face pay no attention to those

who say it’s impossible let your dreams

be revived disregard anyone who tries to

bring you down or hinder your

growth embrace the plan I have for your

life tune your ears to listen solely to

my voice your sincere prayer born from a

faith that patiently Waits and expects

is the key to Miracles and blessings

many times you felt defeated by a

challenge but immediately after praying

that overwhelming situation vanished and

you experienced a great Victory instead

you chose to pray rather than despair

fighting with all your

faith how often have you felt powerless

but after praying you found renewed

strength and

courage remember this is evidence that I

always hear your prayers my child listen

attentively to the words I am speaking

to you right now even when everything

seems dark when you look up and see no

light in your current situation even

when you feel weak and unable to

overcome this challenge know that you

will receive your Victory because I hear


prayers when you call out for help

feeling weak today is the day I will

lift you so high that problems cannot

touch you take my hand now and rise with

faith step by step up the ladder that

leads to your

Victory your prayers have been heard

despite all the pressure fear anguish

and despair surrounding you

because of your trust in me you receive

my help today and your life will be

forever changed today you will Ascend to

Heights where no adversity can reach you

I have witnessed your suffering and

tears and I have been by your side I

embraced you sincerely holding you in my

arms like a child comforting you with my

love and

affection I consoled you through

countless tears and in your deepest

sorrow you felt my inexplicable peace

peace your crying ceased and Tranquility

filled your

soul in the Stillness of Dawn I spoke to

you placing my hand upon you

demonstrating my

faithfulness when you awoke in the

morning everything had changed you were

filled with joy overflowing with hope

and confidence strengthened in your

faith and more determined than ever hear

me to the end my dear one for I too

desire to relieve your anguish and

transform your life never cease praying

never stop

believing Victory is already yours you

will overcome any obstacle as you seek

more of my power a power that may seem

inexplicable but is capable of

instilling Faith and Hope giving you a

reason to live and filling your soul

with praise do you know why I believe in

you it’s because even when you stop

believing in yourself I continue to

believe in you I know you are a Victor

who can achieve great things even if

your faith feels small it is sufficient

to face and defeat any challenge I see

your heart and know you deeply I look

Beyond appearances and the opinions of

others many people will try to sway you

daily with their words but you will

stand strong because you know my

thoughts about you don’t Focus too much

on those who act out of arrogance trying

to win you over with insincere your

smiles don’t waste your time on them

share your secrets with them or trust

them I have given you a life of

abundance you will overcome your

challenges and experience true Joy But

first you must stop seeking approval

from others only then can you finally

free yourself from the influence of

false friends and if you ever need a

true friend to talk to remember I am

always here ready to listen with love I

will listen patiently as you speak

remaining by your side as your pain

subsides tell me you

believe listen to my words and stay with

me until the end listen and allow these

wonderful things I want to share to take

root in your heart I have everything

under control and not a single detail

escapes my notice when troubles come and

your emotions stir leading your mind to

worry almost instinctively remember from

now now on not to be disturbed it is

unnecessary even if situations seem to

worsen understand that my plan is

unfolding perfectly Peace by piece with

everything falling into place everything

will be all right my blessing is on its

way and will not be delayed do not be

misled by what you see instead renew

your way of

thinking my dearly cherished child don’t

let potenti challenges unsettle you I

have already given you my Assurance for

those who love me as deeply as you do

everything ultimately contributes to


well-being I will personally guide you

lifting you up and setting you on the


path simply allow me the opportunity to

alleviate your

concerns pay attention to what I’m

telling you reflect on my words as you

prepare for rest let my tranquility my

composure and my other worldly peace

fill your heart always focus on the

wonderful aspects of your life for you

are surrounded by blessings that bring

happiness yet when difficulties arise

your focus can waver to prevent this

keep me in mind and when faced with

challenging news look ahead rather than

back in the future you will see a

different reality where blessings come

to you gently and

peacefully this is how now I wish to see

you my beloved be courageous my grace is

sufficient for you accept my love for

you I will repeat it endlessly absorb my

words feel their excitement as they

touch your

soul only in my presence can you

experience this Divine emotion from here

you will rise and as you go about your

day my words will remain in Your Heart

Like A Burning

Flame erasing unhappiness insec it

nervousness and anxiety you and your

loved ones are safe in my care nothing

can harm you listen attentively I will

not abandon you to face this alone you

will Triumph today I grant you victory

for you are my cherished child I am

actively working in your life your

health your work and your family I am

opening great doors that will transform

your current

circumstances my hands are at work in

these areas of your life olving them

hold your head high weep no more for I

bring you my powerful

blessings from this day forward come

before my altar to thank me for the

Wonders that are about to unfold in your

life Welcome me into your home let

everyone in your family respect and seek

me I am transforming Hearts dispelling

Sadness and Sorrow those who are

sorrowful will smile again I am

cleansing your home of all sickness and


filling every dark corner with my light


salvation only I can provide infinite

love and peace I am safeguarding your

life and the lives of those you cherish

with my shield of

protection they are secure Beneath My

Wings safe from harm I will lead you on

Paths of goodness and love freeing you

from worries doubts and

fears I love you I look after you and

your loved ones with tenderness and


open your heart to all the love I have

for you I encourage you to spend more

time in my presence in quiet places and

surrounded by

Nature there I will nourish your soul

and refresh your spirit my power

surrounds your journey opening doors

clearing negativity and correcting what

has gone wrong I have cleansed you of

your sins and removed all weariness and

timidity empowering you to grow stronger


day trust that everything will work out

for your good good as my angels

tirelessly work to bless you profoundly

under my

command strengthen your faith and praise

my name passionately for you are and

will always be dearly loved by me stand

firm wherever you are confident in your

prosperous future filled with tasks to

complete and dreams to pursue show your

faith by trusting my word and firmly


negativity let no discouraging words

pass your lips and prevent anyone from

planting negative thoughts in your

mind I am the god who gave you life your

future is in my hands and my will shall

be done this is my command I want you to

live from now on wake up each morning

thinking like a winner I am planting

within you the desire to overcome

obstacles to make changes in your life

and to restore your spirit and health I

hold all those you love in my hand even

when you hesitate you are the leader of

your home you have not taken anyone

else’s place others may have tried to do

so but they chose

irresponsibility they did not realize

the incredible blessing of devoting

their lives to such a wonderful family

out of love your children may often

frustrate you disobeying and ignoring

your guidance yet trust me deep down

they feel remorse they are aware of

their mistakes and as you have asked I

am actively working in their lives the

tears they secretly shed over their

misbehavior are nurturing a small seed

when this seed finally Sprouts it will

break through the hardened soil of their

Rebellion they will recognize their

errors and come back to you in tears

asking for

forgiveness you will cry too but these

tears will be of Joy seeing the results

of your steadfastness and

dedication that’s that’s why I want you

to live there are countless moments of

joy ahead of you you will see your loved

ones conquer their challenges triumphing

over all difficulties I have never

abandoned you I have always been by your

side and I have good reasons to stay

with you despite your past actions if I

continue to support you it’s because I

love you think about everything you’ve

been through yes you’ve suffered it’s

true that you’ve cried and you might

still feel the deep pain of past trials

but here you are reading these

words even though there are times when

you feel like you’re at the end you’re

still here because my loyalty and my


hold I’m always here to help and support

you I am the one who lifts you up when

you feel tired when you walk through the

darkest valleys filled with shadows and

tears I was right there beside you in

the desert when you thought you would

die of thirst I made water flow from the


ground I’ve saved you from death many

times don’t be misled by situations that

confuse you and remember to be thankful

recognize that you have changed a lot

your challenges have made you wiser and

helped you grow if the years haven’t

brought what you hoped for or what you

asked of me it’s because I always

provided what was best for your

progress I never allowed out or gave you

things that could harm you later I kept

away those who wanted to destroy you I

took care of you like a dearly loved

child not as one being

punished I know you understand this my

sole aim has always been your success

because my thoughts are not your

thoughts nor are your ways my

ways my plans for you are higher and

better than what you could imagine for

yourself today I want you to recognize

and understand this

tell me with your words write it down

and think about it with joy and Faith

accept my will and stop yearning for the

things I took away that will not come

back do this and new doors of blessings

will open a fresh start that you did not

ask for or expect the desires in your

heart are not just whims or figments of


imagination those Forgotten Dreams will

revive and turn into tangible plans

I will hold them in my hands and they

will become real

blessings with all my love I want to

reveal myself to you to amaze you tell

me that you believe in me I love you and

cherish you

deeply I look forward to the moments

when you listen to me carefully when you

approach me on your knees offering your

heart and tears I accept your faith here

in my hands and from my mouth comes the

word that heals

you call out to me

and I will

respond come to me in the morning at

night whenever you need

me I will always be ready to help

protecting you with my power and peace

like a solid

Shield let the outside world continue in

chaos do not accept its

invitations close your doors to its

curses avoid those who lie who promise

wonderful things but plan to Rob you and

take your

life if you listen to the world and open

your heart to anger and fear your

enemies will come back furiously to harm

your family never lose your faith I want

my word to dominate in your home and for

you to take time every day to reflect to

recall to remember the days when you saw

my power in action and witnessed many

miracles Focus your faith and attention

on all the wonderful things I promise


my beloved child I want you to know that

I am here for you always my love for you

is endless and

unconditional it doesn’t matter what

you’ve done or where you’ve been my arms

are open wide ready to embrace you I

have so many wonderful things in store

for your life peace healing provision

Redemption these are all gifts I long to

give you but to receive them

you must trust me completely let go of

your doubts and fears and believe in the

depth of my love for you I know you’ve

been through struggles and hardships but

even in your darkest moments I was there

sustaining you with my strength my

angels watched over your every step and

my spirit guided you along the right

paths I have protected you from evil and

close the doors to anything that could

bring harm into your life all I ask is

that you give your heart fully to

me don’t look back longingly at your old

ways you have a father now who deeply

desires your happiness and well-being

not just for this life but for

eternity can you sense how much I care

for you I will keep reminding you

because I want you to wake up each

morning filled with joy and peace I’ve

heard every prayer every Cry of your

heart I understand the worries that

weigh you down here’s what I want you to

do find a quiet place wherever you are

and close your tired eyes let my peace

wash over you as I speak to your heart

and reveal my plans for you stop

carrying the burden of trying to change

your loved ones they have their own

Journeys to walk their own choices to

make trust that I have a plan for their

lives too a plan for good and not for

harm keep loving them patiently

but rest in the assurance that their

Destinies are in my capable

hands don’t despair over what you think


lack I am your provider and protector I

will bring peace to your family and make

sure you have everything you

need just keep believing keep praying

and keep sowing seeds of

Faith at just the right time you will

reap a harvest of

blessing and that secret pain you’ve

been carrying

the one you’ve tried to hide even from

yourself I know all about it and I’m

asking you to release it to me holding

on to it will only cause you more damage

I want to set you free from its weight

but you have to be willing to hand it

over make the decision today to walk

away from anything or anyone that pulls

you away from

me even if they claim to care about you

their influence will only lead you to


break free from their lies and

manipulations I gave my life to forgive

your sins and give you a fresh start

hiding sin will rob you of peace and

blessing but if you come to me with a

repentant heart I will cleanse you

completely I will remove your shame and

clothe you in

righteousness you have never been closer

to me than you are right now so take off

your shoes you are on Holy

Ground boldly enter into my presence

holding nothing

back there is no place you can go where

I won’t be right there with you

reminding you of my

promises as you turn from wrongdoing and

seek me wholeheartedly I Break Every

curse over your life depression

confusion anger these have no more power

over you instead I fill you with my joy

My Clarity and my perfect

peace today is your day of blessing and

freedom I am healing your wounds easing

your pain and setting You On A New Path

trust me and follow my leading I have

amazing things planned for you more than

you can ask or

imagine walk closely with me my precious

child listen for my voice and Let My

Words take root in your heart I will

never abandon you my love for you is

Everlasting and my good plans for you

will never fail all you need to do is

believe amen

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