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dear listener one thing that can lead

you away from your potential and seeing

the awesome plan God has for your life

is your emotions emotions are god-given

but too often people allow their

circumstances to dictate their emotions

and thoughts instead of the word of God

when we allow our circumstances to

dictate our emotions when we are moved

by what we see and experience it opens

the door for doubt and fear to come in

when we doubt and fear in we become

unstable understand this key the way you

feel today has little to do with what

God is actually doing in your life he’s

working behind the scenes whether you

realize it or not don’t allow yourself

to be tossed around by your emotions any

longer instead choose to be staem minded

by focusing your thoughts on the word of

God stand strong in him so you can

confidently embrace the good plan he has

for you a prayer for today father thank

you for your word which is a lamp to my

feet and a light to my path I choose to

meditate on your truth which is my

source of strength and faith help me to

be steadfast and strong as I set my

focus on you in jesus’ name amen like if

you believe in


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