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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son I want you to

understand that my coming to you

transcends m physical presence it is the

manifestation of my love Grace and power

in your life I am arriving to bring

Solace to your soul restoration to your

heart and direction to your path amid

life’s vicissitudes feeling lost or

disoriented is

understandable however know that I am

always by your side ready to guide and

love you

unconditionally trust in me and together

we will overcome all challenges that

come your way fear not for for I am here

for you now and forever allow me to be

your light in the darkness your safe

haven in the storm always remember that

you are never alone for my love for you

is eternal and

unwavering receive my loving Embrace and

know that I am always present eager to

envelop you with my care and protection

even in Moments When Hope seems distant

and circumstances suggest I am far away

know that I am always present though it

may seem like my ears are deaf to your

cries and my hands distant from your

needs understand that I am never absent

never indifferent to your struggles and

concerns as it is written in Isaiah chap

fear not for I am with you be not

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

when I say I am coming to you I am

speaking of the promise of my constant

presence that I will never leave you nor

forsake you even in moments when you

feel alone lost or helpless I am there

infolding you with my unwavering love

and sustaining you with my mighty hand I

want you to understand that my coming to

you is not a one-time event but a

continuous process of Revelation and

Discovery each New Day brings an

opportunity to experience a deeper

dimension of my love to know more about

who I am and who you are in me as you

open yourself to me and allow me into

every area of your life you will

experience the transformation that can

only be accomplished by my power as it

is written in Corinthians and we

all with unveiled face beholding the

glory of the Lord are being transformed

into the same image from one degree of

Glory to another for this comes from the

Lord who is the spirit I am coming to

restore the broken heal the wounded and

set the captive free I am coming to

bring light to your Darkness hope to

your Despair and joy to your sorrow

perhaps you wonder how God can be

present amidst your

difficulties but know that even in the

darkest moments I am working on your

behalf weaving the threads of your story

into a beautiful tapestry of Love

purpose and Redemption as it is written

in Romans

and we know that for those who love

God all things work together for good

for those who are called according to

his purpose therefore fear not for I am

always with you guiding and upholding

you every step of the way under

understand that the practice of

gratitude is more than merely observing

the good things it is a fundamental

transformation of the mind and heart

when you allow yourself to find

gratitude even in the most challenging

circumstances you are consciously

choosing to see the world in a brighter

light each Act of gratitude is like a

small flame igniting within you

Illuminating the dark corners of your

soul and as that light grows you begin

to see life in an entirely new way the

problems and obstacles that once seemed

insurmountable are now seen as

opportunities to grow and learn you

realize that each challenge is a

disguised gift a chance to become

stronger wiser and more

compassionate so let gratitude be your

compass guiding you through life storms

and Illuminating the path to a future

full of Hope and Endless

Possibilities it is with immense love

and compassion that I address you in

these words allow me to envelop you in

my eternal love and guidance for you are

a Precious part of my creation shaped

with Care by my Divine hands know that

Joy will overflow in your heart when you

enter my presence with a spirit of

gratitude this is the key to unlocking

the Wonders I have reserved for you as

you begin each day today be grateful for

all the blessings you have received big

and small for gratitude opens the doors

to abundance and joy my dear son seek

strength and guidance in my word for

therein you will find the comfort and

wisdom necessary to face life’s

challenges listen to these messages with

a heart in prayer allowing my truth to

penetrate your soul and guide your steps

engrave them in your heart and share

them with love for the light shining

within you is meant to illuminate the

path of others who are also seeking

truth know that my promises are firm and

true unfolding into reality for those

who wait with faith and patience I am

aware of your deepest needs and the

plans I have for you are powerful and

full of purpose do not be intimidated by

the challenges you currently face for

each obstacle is an opp opportunity to

grow and strengthen in me fear not for I

am always by your side ready to lift you

up when you fall and guide you through

life storms open yourself to the words I

impart to you and resist the urge to

respond with anger or negativity to the

challenges you encounter allow me to

graciously Adorn your face with a smile

and anoint your head with the sacred oil

of my Holy Spirit do not miss interpret

my actions for I am not a vengeful or

cruel God I love you unconditionally and

am always ready to forgive your

transgressions when you turn to me in

Repentance do not blame me for your

trials but find comfort in my presence

and trust that I am working all things

for your good fear not the temporary

obstacles or conflicts for I Am with You

strengthening you and empowering you to

overcome them seek the truth in me for I

am the god of light truth and eternal

love my divine presence surrounds you

and soon your spiritual eyes may catch a

glimpse of the Heavenly hosts guarding

you against the world’s malice promise

me that you will not forget this when

you turn off the light before sleeping

recite these words I dwell in the

shelter of the most high and abide in

the shadow of the almighty remember

remember though the world may mock you

my gaze upon you is filled with love I

love and accept you as you are I am

aware of your dreams and

aspirations there will come a time when

you will seek significant changes in

your life leaving behind the harmful

habits that consumed you there will be a

day a moment when you will learn to

Value love and care for yourself this is

not selfishness it is my command

commandment remember love your neighbor

as yourself you must recognize and

embrace your true worth this

understanding will not lead you to

arrogance on the contrary I will endow

you with a Compassionate Heart to

sympathize with those who suffer however

you will also be fully aware of your own

worth and potential you will joyfully

accept the gifts and blessings I bestow

upon you I bless you You Out of Love and

Desire not for your Perfection I see

your mistakes and weaknesses but I also

see your strengths and talents my

blessings come to you through grace and

mercy this is the essence of my heart in

these words I wish for you to feel the

presence of my eternal and unconditional

love in your life may each biblical

passage be like a ray of light

illuminating your path and filling your

heart with hope

trust in me for I am with you in every

moment guiding and sustaining you in

your challenges and joys may your

journey be permeated by the certainty

that you are loved beyond measure and

that my love for you is deeper than any

adversity you may face may you learn to

love as I love to forgive as I forgive

and to serve as I serve spreading light

and hope wherever you go finally I

entrust to you all your fear fears

worries and longings trusting that I am

in control of all things may my will be

done in your life and may you live each

day in my presence seeking to know me

more and to become more like me with

love God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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